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Embrace the Wild West: 10 Cowgirl Style Inspirations for a Springtime Adventure


As heads into spring, there is a definite yeehaw in the air. It’s thanks to some of the biggest female musicians. Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter is her first country album, while Lana Del Rey’s Lasso will be released this fall. There’s also a viral dance video to Dasha’s Austin, which is currently sweeping and Instagram. If “alternative” line dancing appeals to you. As we prepare to embrace a new season, and plan festival and concert looks, now is the time to pull out your cowboy boots, and hats from previous seasons. Learn 10 outfits for cowgirl spring. They range from country-inspired looks to rodeo-ready twists on other trends.

Cherry Red Cowgirl

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@beyonce / Instagram

Cherry Red remains a popular color in clothing, beauty products, and accessories. Giving the vibrant hue a Western twist–as Beyonce did here–couldn’t be more fun to cowgirl spring. Monochromatic looks are great because they look put together. Play with the material, silhouette, and a cowboy’s hat to complete your outfit.

Deeper Well Pastels

@spaceykacey / Instagram

Kacey’s deeper well period is a softer version of the cowgirl look, but it could be just what you need to feel refreshed and centered. You can wear a lightweight midi dress with a versatile scarf and cowboy boots if you want to touch the grass or ask to speak to an architect in the spring.

Coquette Cowgirl

@maisoncleo / Instagram

Musgraves’, Beyonce’s, and Lana Del Rey’s new projects all inspired a country twist to all the current feminine aesthetics. We couldn’t have been more excited about the coquette cowgirl era. Coquettes are known for their sweet, decadent style. Add a Western accessory, such as cowboy boots, or a rustic leather belt, to make your Lasso dream come true.

Western Party

@oliviarodrigo / Instagram

Cowgirl Spring will amplify the energy of cowboy hats if recent concerts by Taylor Swift and Harry Styles haven’t convinced you yet. Olivia Rodrigo, who celebrated her birthday in 2022 with a hot-pink silky slip, a sheer bolero, and a sparkling Western hat created a sweet, yet party-ready look.

Palm Tree Country

@simonebiles / Instagram

A wide-brimmed hat can be worn with any vacation look to provide easy and on-trend sun protection. Simone Biles wore a straw Western hat with her pastel bikini, which was a perfect match for the tropical location.

Romantic Horse Girl

@bellahadid / Instagram

You can wear a western style for your casual riding days or whenever you’d like to show that you prefer being with your horse friends. Bella Hadid chose a pink button-down shirt to wear with a pair of bootcut jeans and a black cropped top for a photoshoot. We love how relaxed it looks.

Cowgirl Y2K

@ashleygraham / Instagram

Ashley Graham mastered that art with this racing day look (arguably a rodeo for cars), taking a ribbed white tank to the next level with a cross necklace, a data-component=”link” data-ordinal=”1″ data source=”inlineLink” and hat. Ashley Graham has mastered this art with her racing day look, which is a rodeo of cars. She paired a white tank with a cross pendant, a space siren shoulder bag, purple cowboy hat, and silver sunglasses.

Festival Western

@bellaagolden / Instagram

What should you wear to Coachella, or to any other music festival? Accessorize a favorite LBD in cowgirl style with a boho studded leather belt, layers of jewelry, and a woven black cowboy hat.

Coastal Cowgirl

@kendalljenner / Instagram

coastal Cowgirl Trend is a trend that has been around for several seasons. We expect it to grow even more this spring and summer due to the growing interest of all things Western. Add a cowboy cap to your favorite summer outfit – we love Kendall Jenner’s bright maxi dress with gold earrings – for a dramatic rodeo effect.

Disco Cowgirl

@mileycyrus / Instagram

Miley Cyrus, a Tennessee native and Dolly Parton’s goddaughter, is an expert in modernized Western aesthetics. Miley Cyrus’s bedazzled denim top, turquoise cowboy cap, and sparkling eye makeup are perfect for a “Hoedown Throwdown”, or a midnight rave.

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