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Embrace the Shacket: Your New Go-To for Spring Layering


It’s officially that time of the year when heavy layers can be put away (at least until winter). There’s a specific item that has become a springtime wardrobe must-have: the shacket. This piece, which is a cross between a jacket and a shirt, is also known as an overshirt. This piece is meant to be worn when the weather is not warm enough for short sleeves but also not cold enough for winter wear. The shacket, in all seriousness, is the stylish and practical solution to changing seasons.

You can find shackets made of lighter materials, such as leather and cotton. It’s versatility is what makes the shacket so appealing. Wear it over a tee or tucked in as a shirt. You can choose. The shacket features a collar (but is not limited to), buttons, zippers, and utility pockets. It’s a great choice for those days when you are on the go.

I can’t wait to wear my black leather shacket, styled like a cardigan and open, with white denim, a black waist belt, a tank top in white, and ballet slippers this spring. If I were to be myself, then I would complete the look by adding matching black accessories such as cat-eye sunglasses or a headband. There are many ways to wear the shacket.

We’ve gathered nine foolproof styles to wear your shacket in the new season.

Denim on Denim

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Hello to your favorite version of a Canadian Tuxedo. The combination of a blue denim shacket with high-waisted, same-wash jeans makes a very sharp outfit. If you want to achieve a sophisticated look, I recommend adding caramel brown accessories. These include a handbag, belt, and loafers.

Leather Weather

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An oversized leather shacket will add warmth and style to your outfit on those days when the weather is in between. Wear this boxy top with loose-fitting jeans and embellished flats to avoid freezing in the wind. Add a colorful sweatshirt to your shoulders if you want a standout look.

The Everyday Look

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Do you need to do a quick errand or run an errand quickly? You can easily create a comfortable, everyday look with a baggy shacket in contrasting neutral tones and ribbed pants. The baggy trend has returned with the revival of the ’90s fashion and Y2K. A nod to these eras would not be complete without a retro sneaker in this year’s most popular color: red.

Evening Wear

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Think again if you thought that shackets were only worn for casual outfits. A plaid overshirt looks great with full-length skirts and boots. Under a shacket, a cropped satin bandeau looks chic. Once you reach your destination, you can remove the bandeau. But I think you’ll keep it on.

Soft and Elevated

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A pastel shacket with a soft, structured shape can be the focal point for a relaxed look. Leggings, black knee-high boots, and a classic bag can elevate a casual look. This is a stylish and comfortable option that will work for any occasion, from a business meeting to a night out with friends.

Add Some Color

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It’s okay to keep your outfits muted. But once the flowers have bloomed, it wouldn’t be right not to add a little color. You can achieve this by selecting a scarf in a color that is unexpected, such as moody orange. The rest of your look should be kept simple, with boyfriend jeans and a white shirt. You can show that you are not afraid to try new things by choosing a bag with contrasting colors.

Subtly Chic

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You can wear your favorite crop top and black jeans all year round. If you are not ready to show off your shoulders, an earthy shacket is a great alternative. Combine a ridiculously large bag with simple loafers to create a modern and minimalist take on the classic white top and dark denim formula. This formula is hard to go wrong.

A Shoe You Wouldn’t Expect

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The fun of matching has just gotten better with coordinated oversized sockets. The pointed-toe pumps will give your outfit a little extra pep. A simple shoe choice, from classic pumps to high-heeled platforms, can completely change the look of an outfit without sacrificing comfort.

A Longing for Plaid

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A long plaid shacket will make a great alternative to a traditional jacket. Under a turtleneck, leggings and a colorful midi length shacket will keep you warm. But the button-down shacket that ties it all together is a colorful midi length shacket. You’ll look great in spring with an accent clutch.

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