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Embrace the Bold: How Palm Beach Chic is Redefining Spring Style

The moment I saw the Palm Royale trailer, I was struck by a revelation. The new Apple TV+ series, which follows Kristen Wiig in her role as a woman who schemes to enter the high society of Palm Beach Florida, in 1969, is an exciting premise. However, the fashion and aesthetics are also fresh and timely and feel like the next big trend.

It’s only right that we give our spring and summer wardrobes a “Palm Beach Chic” makeover in an age when we are all obsessed with old-money trends such as quiet luxurious, and mobwife style. Learn all about the colorful, warm-weather-ready style, including its key elements and how to replicate it for yourself.


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The quiet luxury aesthetic has become a popular trend in the fashion world. The refined, minimal, and very Succession-appropriate aesthetic quickly caught on as an understated way to look and feel luxe for the every day, whether you’re investing in timeless high-end pieces the way a Roy sibling or Sofia Richie Grainge would or emulating the style with more affordable alternatives. Simultaneously “recession core” trends such as ballet shoes, ” clean girls”, and ” Vanilla girl”, have thrived, offering pared-down yet inspired fashion and beauty styles that are affordable at any price.

As with any trend cycle, we’re bound to see the opposite. We saw this in the mob-wife aesthetic that went viral at the beginning of 2024. This trend is a mix of quiet luxury and moneyed sensibilities, but it is also more maximalist. statement jackets oversize jewelry and lots of Leopard print are key elements. Apres ski makeup cemented retro maximalism as winter’s most dominant mood. Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans, which aired at the same time as Feud: Capote vs. Guest, portrayed by Chloe Sevigny, spent a lot of time at her Palm Beach oceanfront villa in the series).

Palm Beach’s glitzy high-society image has been around for years, but a bevy of old-money fashion trends has helped the signature style of the vacation destination to reach the mainstream. Spring is a time when we embrace color and prints to celebrate the season. So, why not use this opportunity to channel the beachy vibe of our wildest fantasies?

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Class of Palm Beach, which showcases the most stylish visitors and residents in this upscale town, has become a TikTok viral hit. You’d expect that the majority of those featured are wearing eccentric pieces, including coastal staples and luxury brands. Some of their favorites include Zimmermann Lilly Pulitzer Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta. The looks are always colorful and breezy. They combine traditional vacation style with the high-end, global ensembles of fashion capitals. Palm Beach Chic is an outstanding way to enjoy play and leisure while putting on your best face.

Palm Royale’s fictional world pays homage to the same 1969 energy with florals, colorful swimwear, and an abundance of statement accessories. Wiig’s character Maxine Simmons gravitates towards patterned shift dresses and sunny palettes. She also loves summery hair accessories and hats. Kaia Gerber, who plays Mitzi, an aspiring model and manicurist, wears a lot of swingy minidresses in vibrant colors. Laura Dern’s Linda is more hippie-inspired, so this would be a great excuse to buy a caftan. If you want to see a modern take on Palm Beach luxury, then look no further than the White Lotus’ second season. The dresses and accessories Jennifer Coolidge wears as Tanya, as well as Meghann Fahy as Daphne, would look equally at home in Florida or Sicily.

The Palm Beach Chic Outfit Formula

If you’re planning a vacation, or just want to add some glam to your daily style, you can embody Palm Beach chic by embracing a “more-is-more” mentality. This means combining vacation staples with upgrades that feel luxe. The use of color, pattern, and texture is essential. You can choose from dramatic silhouettes, playful accessories, or even statement swimwear. Check out the staples below to get started.

Frankies Bikinis / Autumn Adeigbo / Doen / Farm Rio / Bottega Veneta / Eugenia Kim / Hermes / Brother Vellies / Apercu Eyewear / Byrdie

Showy Swimwear

You can choose a bright one-piece or a stunning bikini to make a statement at the poolside. You can choose a bright one-piece swimsuit or a stunning bikini. Just don’t forget to style it to make a statement at the poolside.

Floral Dress

Palm Beach has a way of making floral dresses, which are a staple for spring, truly innovative. From retro shift styles to dramatic flowing styles. There’s no limit to what you can do here. Find a style that’s unique and exciting.

Flowy Tailoring

Lafayette 148’s $700 white blouse is featured in a recent Class of Palm Beach clip. The subject claims to be wearing an “ordinary shirt,” but it’s actually a gorgeous, stylish piece. Choose vacation-friendly versions of tailored staples, from breezy button-ups and flowing trousers to a casual blazer like the one Harper wore on The White Lotus.

Maximalist caftan

A caftan or similar flowy cover-up for the beach is the answer if Laura Dern (or someone like her) is your queen. If you want to make your Palm Beach look unmistakable, add details like bold prints, asymmetrical cuts, and fun feathers.

Staple It Bag

Palm Beach locals are known for their instantly recognizable Chanel and Bottega Veneta bags. It-bags will be widely available in 2024 at all price points. You can choose a classic designer bag or a style from today’s hottest affordable fashion brands.

Statement Headwear

It’s about creating a playful, fun look from head to toe that best embodies the Palm Beach aesthetic. Palm Royale stars, and many of the real-life residents, are rarely seen without a statement-making hair or hat accessory.

Playful Jewellery

Look for exaggerated shapes, bright colors, and materials that aren’t too serious.

Elevated Summer Shoes

Louboutins is undeniably the most popular shoe brand in Palm Beach. But there are many ways to channel this aesthetic, from comfy platform shoes to colorful and decadent details.

Bold Sunglasses

You’ll have a whole new perspective on life when you finish your Palm Beach chic outfit with a pair of sunnies that are retro chic or with the brightest lenses.

The Palm Beach Chic Agenda

We understand that the Palm Beach staples above are perfect for vacation or when you want to be bold. However, if these items seem too extravagant for everyday wear or your style is completely different, we can still appreciate them. You don’t need to embrace coastal maximalism head-to-toe. Even a hint of its playful decadence will make any spring look feel new. I rarely deviate from my stereotypically New York wardrobe of mostly black, but on days I feel eccentric or the spring sun has me feeling optimistic about the world, I like to play around with Palm Beach’s iconic accessories, such as colorful scarves and bold sunglasses.

The Palm Beach Chic aesthetic is a great way to get away from the minimalist, ultra-regular vibes of quiet luxury and embrace a more showy and lighthearted spring. There are many ways to incorporate it. The joy that this trend brings to your style will be irresistible. We can only hope that the summer weather will bring us more of the creative and maximalist energy 2024 brought. This will allow us to enjoy ourselves in the most luxurious manner possible.

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