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Effortless Chic: Master the Vanilla Girl Aesthetic with These Essentials


This post shows you how to dress as a Vanilla Girl, with key wardrobe items and Vanilla Girl outfits.

You’ve probably seen the Vanilla Girl aesthetic on Instagram or TikTok recently.

Do you want to know what this look is and how to achieve it?

This ultimate Vanilla Girl fashion guide will show you the best Vanilla Girl outfits and key pieces of clothing to add to your closet.

What is the Vanilla Girl aesthetic like?

Vanilla Girl is a mix of Clean Girl, Old Money and Scandi with a touch of preppy.

These aesthetics have been extremely popular on social media over the past few years.

Vanilla Girl outfits are all about comfort and simplicity. They feature neutral colors, soft fabrics and silhouettes that don’t go over the top. Vanilla Girl outfits tend to be monochrome, as long as the colors are light and neutral, such as white, cream or heather grey.

The basics are your best friend. From long-sleeved crew neck tops to Yoga pants (yes, they are an essential piece for a Vanilla Girl wardrobe), the basics are always a good choice.

This aesthetic shows that a basic doesn’t have to be boring. You’ll be surprised at how adorable and versatile a basic can be, when styled with the Vanilla Girl aesthetic.

Vanilla Girl has an easygoing vibe, so she tends to wear her hair with simple hairstyles, which don’t take much effort. She uses claw clips and stretchy hairbands.

To be a real Vanilla Girl, your must also smell like… vanilla. Do not forget to apply a vanilla-scented body spray or perfume, as well as a vanilla lip balm.

The Essentials for a Vanilla Girl Wardrobe

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to look like a Vanilla Girl. Here are the items you need to have in your closet to dress like a Vanilla Girl on a budget.

Vanilla Girl Tops

Oversized Sweaters

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Vanilla Girl is all about the oversize sweaters and cardigans. The aesthetic is about equal parts cute and cozy.

Choose knitwear in neutral colors, such as white, beige, or gray, with classic prints, such as stripes or Americana themes.

Button-Down Shirts

Even a Vanilla Girl needs to have a button-down classic shirt in her closet.

Wear it alone or layer with other items to make this timeless piece ultra versatile. Wear it over a tank top, or under a sweater that has the collar sticking out.

You can wear stripes as well as solid white button-downs.

Basic Tops

The basics are important for a good reason. They may not be *the most exciting* fashion option, but they will always be the most versatile and practical.

Vanilla Girl embraces the basics. So, rather than buying a bunch of trendy items you won’t wear more than a few times, buy simple tops you can wear again and again.

They can be camisoles with light solid colors, tank tops in plain white, or crewneck tops.

Choose a top with a subtle print. For example, a delicate, light-colored floral pattern, classic stripes or anything with an Old Money, preppy feel.

Vanilla Girl Bottoms

Fold-Over Waist Flared Pants

Yoga pants are essential for Vanilla Girls. They provide comfort and can be worn every day. Choose styles that have a folded-over waistband, a flared or bootleg shape and are made from soft, stretchy fabrics.

If you want to achieve the Vanilla Girl look, choose a lighter color like heather grey instead of black. These pants look great with Adidas Sambas, Ugg boots or slippers to create a cozy feel.

Light Wash Jeans

Vanilla Girls like light-washed denim in a relaxed fitting. These jeans go with everything. They look great with basic tops or oversized sweaters.

For the summer, you can swap them out for denim shorts.

Beige Wide-Leg Trouser Pants

Beige trousers are a great choice for a more formal look. This item is a classy choice: it has a neutral colour, a classic design, and a loose, relaxed fit.

A Vanilla Girl might pair these with neutral-colored sneakers, like the New Balance 530s, for a casual look (whereas Old Money Girl may choose pumps or loafers).


Trench Coat

The tan trench is a classic outerwear option for spring and fall.

A trench coat is a timeless piece that will last for many years. Its neutral tan colour means that it goes with everything in your wardrobe.

Teddy Sherpa Jacket

If you’re going to be wearing a jacket in colder weather, choose a teddy-sherpa jacket that is light colored. What could be more comfortable? !

This soft, fluffy jacket will keep you warm and add a touch of Vanilla Girl style to your outfits.

Vanilla Girl Shoes

White Low-Top Sneakers

Adidas Sambas, this season’s best pick, are a must-have for any wardrobe. These shoes are simple yet trendy, making them an absolute must-have.

Consider neutral-colored sneakers from Reebok and New Balance. They will go with your Vanilla Girl outfits just as well.

Ugg Ultra Mini Platform Boots

Uggs are a favorite of Vanilla Girls, particularly the Ultra Mini styles and the Tazz slippers. This is because the aesthetic is all about comfort and coziness. These shearling-lined slippers are a perfect example of this!

Vanilla Girl Accessories

Dainty Gold Jewelry

Keep it simple when it comes to accessories. Wear some delicate gold jewelry on a regular basis.

Your Vanilla Girl outfits will look more polished and put together with pieces like gold hoop and layering necklaces.

Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas tote bags are the perfect mix of casual and classic, which makes them the ideal choice for Vanilla Girls. It doesn’t get any more classic than a L.L. Since 1944, L.L.

This timeless bag will complement your Vanilla Girl outfits perfectly. It is also a great bag for school.

Stretchy Headband

Vanilla Girls love to look effortless so complex, time-consuming styles are not their vibe.

Hair accessories such as scrunchies and hair claw clips are easy to use and will make your hair look adorable.

Vanilla Beauty Products

Vanilla Girls are called that for a good reason! Vanilla-scented products such as body mists, hair sprays, perfumes and lip balms can help you *embodie* the look.

Vanilla Girl Outfits

Here are some outfit ideas! Vanilla Girl’s outfits are cozy and cute. They feature light colors, comfortable silhouettes and soft fabrics.

Vanilla Girl Outfit #1

What a cozy and cute outfit! This neutral Vanilla Girl outfit will be perfect for spring, whether you are running errands or heading to class.

Vanilla Girl’s loose-fitting pants have become a Vanilla Girl classic. In the spring and summer, you can’t beat linen pants that are relaxed in fit. These wide-leg linen pants are not only stylish but also comfortable. They have an adjustable draw cord at the waist. Wear them with Birkenstocks, slide sandals, or clogs.

Wear a cable-knit sweater that is oversized, like this American Flag sweater. It has a preppy feel. You can wear it tied around your shoulder on warmer days.

Accessorize your look with a canvas tote, oval sunglasses in tortoise-print and vanilla lip balm.

Vanilla Girl Outfit #2

Vanilla Girls love to be comfortable, so they wear loungewear such as stretchy flared Yoga Pants in heather gray or light colors.

This 2-piece set includes a basic long-sleeved top to create a monochromatic look. Vanilla Girl is known for this.

Wear it with trendy Adidas Sambas and a neutral-colored vest when the weather is chilly.

Add some feminine accessories to this look, such as a heart locket and a hair clip to soften it. Grab your backpack and enjoy this effortless look for a busy day at school or in the library.

Vanilla Girl Outfit #3

Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals! This outfit is casual and perfectly put together. It says “Vanilla girl”!

Wear a white tee underneath a cardigan sweater in oatmeal color. Pair it with loose-fitting jeans of cream colour. Vanilla Girl loves Ugg Tazz slippers because they are comfortable and relaxed.

Add some gold jewelry to the outfit, such as small hoops, metal rectangle sunglasses, a layered neckalce, and matching hair clips.

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