Early Christmas Eve Outfit Inspiration Guide

Hello everyone! We hope all of you have a lovely day today! Since November is pretty much ending soon and Christmas is already slowly coming, we prepared for you a new Early Christmas Fashion Inspiration Guide. We will not only be presenting you a few fashion pieces that you can be inspired with, but you can also take it as an inspiration for Christmas gifts and presents. If you still do not have all of the Christmas presents you have been looking for, you can also browse our StyleWe shop to get some new and fresh ideas! But without any further do, let´s start with the Christmas Eve Outfit Inspiration, shall we?

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Misslook Christmas Snowman Long Sleeve Casual Sweatshirt

Can you imagine Christmas without the warm funny sweaters? It would be quite odd, right? And we are not talking about the ugly Christmas sweaters – not at all. This Christmas Snowman Long Sleeve Sweatershirt can be also used as a loungewear or even festive pyjamas which you would be opening Christmas presents in. It is available in a snowy white colour so it really does not matter what it will be paired with. It can be also a nice gift for your mum or your bestie – matching Christmas sweatshirts.

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SWChic Crew Neck Knitted Christmas Sweater

Second Christmas Sweater is a knitted one by the brand called SWChic. It is available in a lovely peachy pink colour and there are many Santa Clauses on itself. It looks wonderfully adorable, do not you think? This one would look amazing worn outside as well – for example, paired with denim jeans or a long black skirt. With the black bottom, it will create a lovely colour contrast. Gosh, isn´t this sweater just super-duper cute?!

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A-THENA V Neck A-Line Date Elegant Mini Dress

This one is more suitable for those living in a warmer climate or with something on top. For example, some luxurious-looking long coat and warm tights, since you do not want to get sick during Christmas time, right? This lovely colour looks very feminine, innocent and romantic too. We also like the enhancement of the shoulders. It looks a bit like a trenchcoat dress, don´t you think so? Pearl accessories will enhance the elegant feel of the whole outfit.

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A-THENA V Neck Formal Elegant Maxi Dress

If you are about to attend a high-class Christmas party, you need to prepare to look your best! For this purpose, we even chose some luxurious-looking evening gowns, such as this one above. Royal blue colour is truly feminine and elegant and it flatters a lot of women, especially those with a cool undertone of the skin. Long sleeves can be pulled up a bit and the neckline is deep just enough. Not too vulgar either.

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FHQcollection Wine Red Daily Casual Mini Dress

Red or burgundy colours are just the Christmas ones. Can you even imagine Christmas being Christmas without them? They are something like the base component of this precious and lovely fete. That is also why we could have not omitted a piece of clothing made in precisely this shade of the colour. The length of the dress is midi so it is not too long yet not too short either. A-line type of skirt will enhance your body and the fine belt in the middle will refresh your look. Also, if you are thinking of the accessory and jewellery, the best choice for red and burgundy clothes is definitely warm golden ones! 🙂

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Misslook Wine Red Sweet Shift Turtleneck Knitted Sweater

Yes, this is a sweater indeed, yet if you order it in a bigger size, you can also wear it as a mini dress, as you can see on the model above. As we mentioned sooner in the previous paragraph, we just can´t really imagine Christmas without burgundy colour either. A nice accessory for this type of dress is the belt tied in the middle for enhancing the waist and making your figure look more slender and proportional.

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A-THENA Color-block Bodycon Elegant Mini Dress

This one looks more like a dress you would like to wear on a first date, but why so? Maybe because of the warm scenery it does not look very “Christmasy” but we assure you, that even this one is a great choice to go for. It looks very sophisticated, fashionable and very feminine and delicate as well. Colour-block is surely an interesting element here too together with the big golden buttons on different parts of the dress. If you will feel cold because of the short sleeves, you can still wear a coat or an elegant blazer across.

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A-THENA Lapel Red Bodycon 3/4 Sleeve Date Midi Dress

And another red piece of clothing is here again. With this dress on you will not only look fashionable, but respectable as well. It also looks like a great day for the business lunch or for the office meeting at work. Like many other items mentioned in this article, even this one can be worn on other different occasions as well.

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FHQcollection Plain Shift Long Sleeve Casual Dress

If you like both turtlenecks and dresses, this combination is the right one for you. Especially if you do not like to wear very eye-catching clothes and you prefer the minimalistic style and basic pieces which are neutral and easy to be matched with pretty much anything. Long sleeves and turtleneck will surely keep you warm during the cold days that are coming ahead.


What do you think of our picks? Do you like anything in particular? Do you already know what will you be wearing during this year´s Christmas Eve? Let us know in the comment section down below. We love reading your thought and opinion. See you soon in the next article, bye ~ If you would like to read more of our article, we do recommend you to take a look at – Black Friday | Autumn Wardrobe Essentials and 6 Essentials Every 2020 Minimalist Needs.

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