Summer Wedding Guest Outfit

Dos & Don’ts of Summer Wedding Guest Outfit You Would Like to Know

Wedding, it need not be your special day always to give a though about the dressing. Conversely, it also does not mean you must not look gorgeous and make few heads turn. What to wear as summer wedding dress is a bit tricky. This is because even if it is not your wedding, your focus is that with the summer wedding wear, you should not get stressed out. Only then you can find a right groomsman to dance.


  • Wear summer colors such as melon, turquoise, Kelly green and strawberry
  • For an evening wedding, wear something in black.
  • definitely wear something tasteful and sexy, such as linen pants suit


  • White color dresses. Wear it only on the bride’s request.
  • Heels to an outside reception/wedding it may get stuck outside in the wet grass
  • Short or low cut dresses

Beautiful guideline to wear for a summer wedding

Afternoon ceremonies are more casual, consider the time of the event. For a summer wedding at noon, wear a pastel skirt or summer sundress. However, for anything at six, wear fitting to a chiffon or satin cocktail dress. You determine how much to dress according to the time.

HelpFul Tips:

  • Choose a summer wedding gown in a lighter breathable fabric such as chiffon, cotton organdy, and voile over silk or crepe. Of course, no body wishes to have sweat stains at armpits and spine base.
  • Men can opt for tuxedo fabric and combine it with open-backed vests to ensure comfort.
  • Women choose appropriate shoes. Go for thicker heels as it is comfortable and does not sink into the soft grass.
  • Say No to any dresses having long train, if the reception is outdoors.
  • Go for sleeker hairstyles, a low ponytail or even a pulled- back style or a beautiful hair-cut.
  • Carry some emergency kit in your purse such as powder and blotting papers. This will help you to give your skin some shine and also to appear perfect during the photo session, without looking oil-dipped.

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