How to Do a Relaxing DIY Spa Treatment at Home?

Nothing feels more invigorating than a superbly relaxing time spend in a luxurious spa. Imagine getting a soothing massage after a very long week of hard work! Well, while it is true that getting spa treatments every now and then is a great way to rejuvenate yourself from a whole day’s work, it can be quite out of the budget too. Not every one of us can actually afford going to the spa every single day – may it be a result of not having enough budget or time. Well, there’s good news for all of us and we are all going to tell it all in this blog post!


A DIY spa treatment at home is definitely one way to do it. After all, a whole day spent at home is quite a relaxing activity on its own. You don’t have to spend so much money buying spa equipment or a hundred dollar worth of massage oils! Did you know that most of the natural spa essentials you need is just sitting there in your very own kitchen!

Here are 9 things you can do if you want  to  DIY  spa treatment at home:

1.Set up some aroma therapeutic candles in your bathroom.

Lighting up candles give a very relaxing and cozy feeling to a room. You can either choose to set up some aroma therapy candles in your bedroom or in the bathroom. If you are planning to give yourself a soothing bath, then place some candles around the tub to make the bathroom smell invigorating. Adding candles also contributes to the ambiance, making it much easier for you to relax your mind. make sure you only switch your dim lights for the candles to go along with it. It is recommended that you pick up lavender, vanilla, green tea and chamomile scented candles for they are proven to be very effective stress relievers.

2. Prepare a healthy cocktail drink.

How to Do a Relaxing DIY Spa Treatment at Home?

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What’s a soothing spa treatment without an extra kick of alcohol? Well, don’ worry because we are not talking about heavy alcoholic beverages here since our goal is not to get you drunk. A bit of alcohol soothes the mind and blending it with your favorite fruits makes it more refreshing. Check out some of our refreshing spring recipes here: 10 Easy Spring Cocktails You Should Definitely Try at Home

3. Take a hot shower.

Before you proceed to your DIY body treatments, start off with a hot shower first. The hot temperature of the water plus the mist it creates help soften dead skin cells. This makes dead skin much easier to scrub off. In addition, taking a hot shower slightly opens the pores of your skin. This way, your skin will be able to absorb more nutrients from the natural body products you are about to apply.

4. Exfoliate using your DIY Coffee Scrub.

How to Do a Relaxing DIY Spa Treatment at Home?

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Coffee is naturally rich in antioxidants which is why it makes a great body scrub. A coffee body scrub not only removes dead skin cells from your skin but also detoxifies your skin to make sure it gets all impurities out. It is also known for having brightening properties that help even out the skin tone. Here’s how to DIY your own Coffee Body Scrub: How to DIY Face and Body Scrub with Coffee?

5. Deep condition your hair with coconut oil.

How to Do a Relaxing DIY Spa Treatment at Home?

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When it comes to your home spa DIY, you shouldn’t only pay attention to your face and body but to your hair too. Your hair gets exposed to harsh radicals everyday too which is why it also deserves some much-needed care. Coconut oil is a very rich natural emollient. To deeply condition your hair and provide intense hydration to it, using coconut oil would be greatly beneficial. Just slather it in your hair and scalp, leave it on while you take a bath for it to work its wonders.

6. Soak your hands and feet in rose water.

You can also prepare your very own rose water for your hands and feet. Rose water also adds to the room’s invigorating aroma so it’s advisable to prepare some too. It will soften your skin effectively and gives you a very soothing feeling. Check out this tutorial on how make your own rose water:

7. Prepare an Oatmeal Mask.

Oatmeal is rich in fiber and antioxidants so we decided to specifically include this in the list. However, you can definitely go for pretty much any type of face mask you want. Whether you DIY it using natural ingredients or by using that face mask sheet you got from the beauty store. It’s really all up to you. As long as you give your skin superior hydration and nourishment – you’re all good. Feel like DIY-ing your very own mask? Check this out: 6 Easy and Safe DIY Face Masks You Should Try at Home

8. Take an invigorating milk bath.

How to Do a Relaxing DIY Spa Treatment at Home?

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A perfect milk bath is a great way for you to treat your skin in the most delicate way possible. After the exfoliation process, your skin will be more sensitive so milk is a very good ingredient to rejuvenate and protect your skin. Milk leaves your skin soft and supple for it contains lactic acid – a kind of property that deeply cleanses and hydrates the skin.

9. Slice up some lemons to freshen up.

After that soothing and moisturizing milk bath, finish up with some lemons. Slice up some lemons and lightly dab it all over your skin. Lemons have exceptional brightening properties so it helps abundantly in making your complexion brighter and younger. This will also speed up your skin’s recovery process for you to be able to achieve that radiant after-spa glow!

Surely, you can get a soothing spa treatment at home without spending more than $50 for every single thing! If you are a DIY kind of person, we are pretty sure you will enjoy pampering yourself at the comfort of your own home.

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