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DIY Ideas to Light Up your Home

In a home, lighting is one of the most important aspects that a family should consider. However, such essential factor can be quite pricey and might bring a big slash to your budget. Forego the expensive items and go for a more personalized piece which you can create in your home. There’s seriously a lot of creative ideas to light up all the corners of your home, from your bedroom to your kitchen and even to your garden. It’s just about resourcefulness and creativity combined together.To help you save money and achieve the sufficient amount of light in your home, delve into these DIY ideas. For sure, your home will never looked as bright and fabulous with these fascinating additions.

Mason Jars

Source: Boot N Guts

Source: Boot N Guts

As always, mason jars are definite items in your household that can be used in so many ways. You can use them as containers for kitchen spices or utilize them as urns for extra light bulbs. If you want to bright up your home in the most creative way, make use of some old mason jars.

Start off by choosing a style of your own. You can use plain or colorful jars to create a very fascinating and vivid look. Then, bring a hole on the lid using a nibbler tool or a hole saw. Once done, carefully set the bulb and any wirings into the jar. You can hang these visually  pleasant jars on your bedroom or on your garden.

If you want to save heaps of money but still want some personal touch to your project, then choose candles instead of light bulbs. The dramatic lights are perfect in your patio or over the dining area.These pieces will surely give an impressive effect to your entire home without the need for some big home improvements.

Designing your home can be challenging. You might experience a lot of challenges before you perfectly achieve the ultimate design you always wanted for your home. To make it easier for you, here are some Biggest Room Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them.

Wine Bottles

Feel the holiday vibe all year round with this adorable lighting project. Instead of using mason jars, try wine bottles for your DIY lighting activity. Wine bottles with colorful lights are spectacular centerpieces. So the next time you finish a tasty bottle of wine, don’t throw it away and use them to illuminate brightness within your home.

Source: OCMHZ

Source: OCMHZ

If you love this DIY project, might as well check out these Creative Christmas Decorations For Your Home that you can try even if it’s not Christmas.

Polaroid Wall

Memories are best collected in photos and your photos can be featured, not just in some online platforms, but also in your home. Elevate the wall of your bedroom or your living room by adding your favorite snaps. And to glam up the collection of Polaroid photos in your wall, add some fascinating lights.

You need these materials to totally achieve this DIY project: thin ropes or strings, self-adhesive hooks, clothespins, series lights and your photos. Start by placing the adhesive hooks on your wall and tie each end of the strings to the hooks. Make sure the strings are tight enough to hold the photos. Consequently, put the pictures on the strings using the clothespins. Lastly, hang the series lights to the strings and there you have it, your own Polaroid wall with some fancy lights! This project is very simple and money-saving.


Since lighting is a significant factor in a home’s interior design, you should think of ways to create a more striking home look.  One of the most effortless and efficient ways in transforming your bedroom is to do some light decorating projects.

Source: Digywigdy

Source: Digywigdy

To begin with, you need to have a wood to be used as the headboard of your bed. Then, trace the statement you would like to be set on your headboard using a projector. Once the words are properly projected in the board, drill evenly and paint the words with a black paint. After the paint is dried up, install the series lights through the drilled word. If there are any lights coming loose, use a tape to secure the cords.


DIY projects involving lights will surely spice things up in your home sweet home. It will beautifully change the atmosphere and eventually transform your home into a wonderland.

Aside from the shimmering headboard, you can also decorate your bedroom curtains with some festive lights. You don’t have to wait for Christmas for the heavy bright lights game. Make your bedroom more cozy and charming with these DIY curtain lights.

Source: Trendir

Source: Trendir

Creating the curtain lights is as simple as one, two, three. You just set the series lights at the back of the curtains using pins or adhesive tapes. With such simple step your bedroom is way brighter than your future. The lights truly add a bit of whimsy to a dull room and reveal a more appealing look.


Source: Blooming Boo

Source: Blooming Boo

Spruce up your home with some lighted yarn balls This DIY project is very simple as you will only use these materials: yarn, glue, balloon and series lights. You can use different colors of  yarn for a more vivid outcome.

Source: Quecasita

Source: Quecasita

First, inflate the balloons and once done, wrap each balloon with yarns. To secure that the yarn will not loosen up, equally add glue to the yarn balls. Let it dry for a couple of hours, then pop up the balloon inside the yarn. To complete the project, add some series lights to each yarn ball. This project is ideal in your living room or garden because it animates a very captivating scene.

Most DIY ideas are very simple and would not take forever to complete. Apart from transforming your typical home into a more charming place to live in, these ideas will let you hone your artistic side. If you are serious fanatic of home improvements, take a look at some of the Trending Home Decoration Ideas in 2016 that you might want to try this year.

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