Seasonal Cleaning

Best Ways to Declutter Your Closet for Seasonal Cleaning

A tidy and well organized closet is what every woman wants (she tries at least). We don’t know how many of you finally have it. Auditing your closet is one of the most important tasks to perform, especially, at the end of the season. Most of the times women feel confused where to start from. But not anymore. If you follow this step by step guide by our expert organizers, you are surely going to switch your seasonal clothing in the most organized way.

  1. Take out Everything

Find some empty space and take out each and every item from your closet. After spending the whole season, it is highly recommended to vacuum your closet first. Look for any signs of insects, dust or bugs. [Read here: 5 Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartments.]

  1. Categorize your off-Season Cloths

There would be many pieces that you don’t want anymore. So, it’s good to pare down your seasonal wardrobe. Put all such pieces aside for the sake of donation. Separately store the ones, you are going to keep for next year.

  1. Care for your Cloths

Whether it’s your clothes that you are about to store somewhere or the clothes you are about to wear in the new season. They all must be treated carefully. Here is what you need to do;

  • Wash, dry clean or launder every outfit
  • Don’t store your cloths in dry cleaning bags. The moisture in the bag not only damages the cloths but it can result in permanent stains on them.
  • There should be no stain (stains attract insects)
  • The clothes you are about to store must not be processed with bleach, starch or fabric softeners (only if you hate insects).
  1. Store your off-season items

Before you fill your closet with all the new seasonal cloths, find a perfect place to store your off-season clothes. Avoid using cardboard boxes for longer use (cardboard boxes are suitable for a temporary storing of cloths). For a longer use, large sized plastic containers are the best choice. They keep your clothes safe. Make sure these plastic containers are not air tight. Air passing is essential for the better care of your garments. The easiest way is to drill some holes in both sides of the box. Fill the stack in an order, heavier clothes in the bottom and lighter on the top. Because lighter fabrics get damaged easily. Secondly, its better to store your cloths by their types, like (silk, woolen, knitted).

  1. Where to Store these Boxes

Where to Store these Boxes


You are storing these clothes because you love them and want to utilize them in the next season too. So, it is important to find a place that is safe and harmless for the stored collection. People tend to store their clothes and other such items in the dark and secluded areas like a basement or an attic. That may affect the fineness of the clothes. Make sure you store your clothes in a climate controlled atmosphere. According to our organizers, the areas like the space under the staircase, under your bed or in some empty corner of your closet, can make the best choice for it. And lastly, don’ forget to label each container with the type of stuff it is holding. This is the easiest way to find any particular piece, in case you need it.

  1. How to Avoid a Messy Look of Closet

When it comes to the in-season clothing, you simply hang (don’t use wired hangers) or stack your clothes according to your preferences. What actually determines the overall look and tidiness of your closet is the fashion accessories you own. Be a bit technical and you would have plenty of ideas to manage things. Simply use bathroom hooks in your closet, and here you can hang your handbags, belts and scarves. If you don’t have enough space in the bottom of the closet, you can utilize the inside space of the closet’s door (with hang rails) to hang your high heel shoes.

  1. Follow the Rule of Two Years

Many times, we own a few pieces that we don’t wear at all. But these are still a part of our closet. It’s time to get rid of such outfits. Following the rule of two years is a good solution. If you have not worn any piece since last two years, believe that you are not going to pull it off in the next few years as well. So, just forward it to the stack of the cloths, you have piled up for donation. It’s the best way to avoid an over-stuffed and messy closet.

  1. Right Placement of Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important fashion accessories and they cover a large part of our closet. The best way is to place your shoes in the opposite directions, one shoe with toe in front and the other with heel. Shoes tend to cover less space this way.

  1. Hanging Makes the Difference

It’s highly recommended to invest a few bucks in buying some high quality (not wired) hangers. Hanging clothes save a lot of space.

  1. Don’t forget to Keep some around the year Items

Weather is an unpredictable phenomenon. You never know when you need something to use as a layer. Now spring is approaching. And spring weather is all about showers and cool breeze, especially in the evening. To face such sudden weather conditions, don’t forget to stock a few around-the-year piece of clothing. If you don’t do that, you’d have to buy something new or you would have to go down the stairs to open those cartons and find something trendy to use as a layer.

  1. Get Some Help!

I know it’s a boring task and once you are into it, you can’t run away without getting rid of the things, scattered all around the room. To add a flavor of fun, I would suggest you to call some close friend to come and help you in this whole cleaning-up task. With a friend, things will be a lot easier and you will have a good time. [Read here: Top 10 Tips to Organize your Room.]

Note: If your friend comes and spends good time in helping you out, we recommend you to not to forget to gift her something (maybe a piece of clothing that you don’t wear any more) as a gesture of thankfulness.

Conclusion: Seasonal cleaning is not something impossible. With a little bit of effort, you can manage the things perfectly. I hope our guide would be helpful in managing things while seasonal cleaning.

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