How to Dazzle Up Your Outfit with Jewelry

Jewelry is a part of every woman’s life. Flashing back to the ancient times, jewelries have become pieces of precious gems that define a woman’s fashion taste and lifestyle. Jewelry has a long history in fashion – from Cleopatra to Audrey Hepburn to Jennifer Lawrence – every jewel speaks for itself! Today, jewelries come in countless designs, which get most of us thinking: How am I supposed to know which jewelry to wear?

In this post, we are going set some simple guidelines to help you dazzle up your outfit with the perfect set of jewelry. Accessorizing with jewelry is not as complicated as most people think, but a single mix and match mistake could lead to breaking your entire outfit. Of course, we don’t want that to happen! So in order to make sure we flaunt our jewelries the right way, keep on reading.

Basic Types of Jewelry Pieces

Before we move on to the Do’s and Don’ts of accessorizing with jewelry, let’s go through its basic types briefly. It also quite significant to know its different types and designs for us to have an idea on how are they properly worn. A specific type of jewelry may look unflattering on a certain type of outfit and hairstyle. Say, a choker necklace on a full turtleneck top – not really the best option.

Bib Necklace & Fine-chained Pendant Necklace

Source: Jackie Tara

Source: Jackie Tara

Bib Necklaces are very dramatic. They can either be made from pearls, diamonds or even polished gold and silver sheets. The style usually comes in a cascading pattern that goes over your collarbones. Bib necklaces are quite dramatic and eye-catching which makes it a single piece of fashion statement by itself. Most of the time, this particular style of necklace is worn during formal events for it matches perfectly with classic, monochromatic gowns. But nowadays, bib necklaces come in an extensive number of designs and many of them can even be worn in casual attires.

Source: Brit + Co

Source: Brit + Co

Fine-chained Pendant Necklaces are the most timeless and classic piece of jewelry. The necklace chain can sometimes be embellished with other types of stones, but still, the most common and most popular ones come in delicate chains. Pendants come in countless forms of sizes and styles. The ones considered the trendiest this year are small, bejeweled pendants. They come in different shapes but they are oftentimes only as big as the thumbnail. These classic and vogue pendants are usually embellished with pearls, Swarovski crystals or diamonds. If you would like to more the the most trending Jewelry, check out Complete Your Look with The Most Trending Jewelry.

Stud & Dangling Earrings

Stud Earrings are living proof that define the saying “Simplicity is Beauty”. A pair of stud earrings can transform your whole look without overwhelming details and interrupting drapes. Stud earrings look fabulous with any type of hairstyle, too! If you’re into a lazy ponytail updo or an elegant half-up hairstyle, stud earrings won’t ever fail you.

Source: iconery

Source: iconery

Dangling earrings are very much common is the jewelry family as well. Dangling earrings bring an elegant amount of substance to the entire formalwear. Who can even resist ultra sparkly dangling crystals?! A pair of dangling earrings isn’t something you can wear everyday (though some toned-down designs may work), but it’s truly a piece of jewelry that can glamorize your sophisticated evening look in an instant.

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Pearl Accessories

Pearls have been a constant adornment to many kinds of jewelries all across the globe. Though in the 1920s, its popularity skyrocketed and almost every woman is wearing pearl pieces everywhere they go. Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn are some of the most notable public figures that popularized an extensive collection of pearl jewelry. These pearls can be long necklaces, stud earrings, bracelets and even hair barrettes!

Fashion Rings

Source: MRK Style

Source: MRK Style

Fashion Rings have already crossed the border of just being a “promise ring”. Rings used to be limited as an accessory to signify a particular sentimental event in one’s life. Today, rings come in millions of designs and women wear rings of their choice without any restrictions. Beaded, cluster, birthstone or even cocktail rings are considered trendy today and women wear them regardless of the occasion. Rings can be worn in solitary or you can be a bit more adventurous by stacking them up!

Source: Fashionjazz

Source: Fashionjazz

Fashion Jewelry Do’s & Don’ts

Source: Trends4us

Source: Trends4us

Now that we’re done with the basics, here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts when you are accessorizing with your favorite jewels.

  • Do’s #1: Choose one asset that you want to stand out.

Do you think your collarbones are the bomb? Go ahead and flaunt it! Choose a simple but eye-catching pendant necklace that lightly grazes along the center of your collarbones. This will draw attention to your shoulders and your clavicle as well. If you wear a heavily-chained bib necklace, this will surely cover your beautiful collarbones. Jewelry is meant to enhance a certain asset, not cover it.

  • Do’s #2: Review your outfit and assess if it flatters additional jewelry over it.

Heavy prints and patterns on clothes require minimal accessories – or sometimes, it’s not even needed. There are clothes that draw too much attention by itself. In cases like this, stack bracelets and long draping chains would be too overpowering. Of course, you can still choose to wear jewelry over these eye-catching dresses, but make sure you choose something that is simple enough to balance the entire look.

  • Do’s #3: Consider your body and facial frames as well as your skin tone.

Some types of jewelries can be very unflattering to certain features. Huge hoop earrings may look good on those who have defined jaw lines but would make small faces look too disproportionate for their body. If you’re shopping for jewelries, it is best that you physically try them on so you can see if it suits your features.

  • Dont’s #1: Avoid wearing too much at once.

We know you love all your jewelries but you can’t wear them all at once. A piece of jewelry has its own moments and if you wear all of your sparkles together, these jewelry “moments” would steal all eyes on them and definitely create chaos to your whole outfit.

  • Don’ts #2: Don’t be scared to mix and match

Mix and matching jewelry is very much like mix and matching clothes. It’s a lot of trial and error but the perfect match can transform your look in a whole new level. Think of stack bracelets. The idea of putting pearls, chains and Swarovski crystals altogether may seem to be a bit scary, but if you pair them all up, plus your favorite watch – it’s like magic!

  • Don’ts #3: Over layering necklaces is a big no-no!

Don’t get us wrong! Layers do work for necklaces but not all the time. Over layering means putting so much in one place without considering how they would complement each other. Layered chokers and pearls would look fantastic, but layered pendant and bib necklaces are quite a disaster. You have to carefully consider the style of jewelry before you actually layer them up.
What’s you favorite piece of jewelry? Now that you have read the Do’s and Don’ts of styling your accessories, you’re ready to flaunt your stunning look anytime, anywhere! Just always remember that the key to accessorizing is that “Less is more”. For the latest jewelry trend, click here.

Source: Pippa & Prue & The Huffington Post

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