List of Creative Party Theme Ideas You Can Steal

Hosting a party can be quite an interestingly exciting thing to do. True enough, parties are meant to be a superbly fun gathering but then, for it to be a success, the host should exert a bit of extra effort. Planning a party isn’t always easy for it takes time, effort and a lot of creative mind for you to really come up with a good one. Without a theme, the party can be truly boring and the guests won’t even know what to expect! To have your guests really excited, have them anticipate a certain theme that will really make them not miss the party. If you are planning to host a party anytime soon, then here are some very creative themes you can take inspiration from. From simple to extravagant party theme ideas, we truly have you covered!


1.Outdoor BBQ Grill Party

Creative Party Theme Ideas

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Nothing beats the classic outdoor BBQ grill party. Now that summer is just around the corner, hosting an outdoor party is truly your best option. It lets you enjoy the sunny weather and tropical breeze while you cook meat and veggies down the grill! In addition, it’s also the best time for you to go experimental with your cocktail mixes. Why not go for a summer-inspired setup and if you are having only adults as your guests, then set up a bar wherein your guests can mix their own cocktails. Line your spirits up, add a basket of sliced fruits and put a recipe board for your guests to see. Check out these refreshing cocktails: 10 Easy Spring Cocktails You Should Definitely Try at Home

Thinking of a great menu for your outdoor BBQ grill party? Check this video out!

2. Downton Abbey Tea Party

Who watches Downton Abbey? If you are a fan of the old English culture, you probably know about the hit series Downton Abbey. If you want a more vintage touch to your theme, then this is a really fancy theme for you. It’s fancy in a way that you are about to incorporate classic slash historical pieces in it, but actually, this is a very simple theme you can try out. If you are planning a party just after lunch time, a tea party would sound perfect! Wondering what to wear for a Downton Abbey-inspired tea party? Check this blog post out: Fashion Flashback: Classic European Fashion from Downton Abbey

3. French-inspired Dessert Party

Creative Party Theme Ideas

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If you think you are a Parisian at heart, then there’s no better way for you to celebrate other than a French-inspired dessert party. You don’t have to think so thoroughly about main course meals! You can either choose to make or buy your dessert platter and have your guests come over. The key to a fun French inspired party is decoration. Take a look at our post – Party Planning: Style For an Elegant French Dessert Party

4. The Great Gatsby Party

The Great Gatsby perfectly defines Old Hollywood glamour back in the early 30s. This is another fun way for you to dress up in glitter and wrap yourself up in pearls like Daisy Buchanan! Make sure you tell all your guests that you’ll be hosting a Gatsby-inspired party. And just in case some of your friends are clueless about what The Great Gatsby is, try to put stills from the film particularly showing how the characters dress up. This theme calls for fancy chandeliers and a bottle of luxurious champagne!

5. DIY Home Spa Party

Creative Party Theme Ideas

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Who does not want a bit of pampering? Spa parties are always amazing especially for busy women trying to sneak in some me-time. But then again, spa treatments are pretty expensive – what more when you plan to host spa parties! Well, you can definitely do so at the comfort of your very own humble abode. Set up some rose water soaks, decorate your house with aroma therapy candles and line up a great selection of nail polishes for your guests to try! Here are some tips for your DIY home spa: How to Do a Relaxing DIY Spa Treatment at Home?

6. Night Karaoke Party

Creative Party Theme Ideas

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Sing your heart out and dance the night away with your friends! Whether you choose to host a karaoke party at home or in a venue, you should still plan things quite carefully. Rent a karaoke machine and prepare a tray of ice cold beer for you and your guests to enjoy. With this, you won’t have a hard time trying to entertain them because the karaoke machine does all the entertaining for you!

7. Las Vegas Casino Party Theme

Creative Party Theme Ideas

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Bring Las Vegas home and do a fancy Bellagio setup at home! Have casino-inspired drinks and food and set up a poker table for your guests to enjoy. Just have everybody relax and play. Don’t forget to prepare your treasured bottles of wine for this one! There’s no better way to enjoy a card game but to have a glass of good wine in your hand.

8. Masquerade Ball

Creative Party Theme Ideas

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We are pretty sure you have come across this theme already! This is probably the most common yet classiest party theme out there. If you are having a few guests then hosting this at home would be fine, but usually, masquerade balls require a venue. Here are some fancy masquerade decorating ideas you can check out:

9. Back to Prom Party Theme

Creative Party Theme Ideas

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Do you feel like reminiscing your exciting high school life? Then why not host a prom-inspired theme party! Have everyone dress up in prom clothes and prepare simple snacks on a table. Have 80’s music playing and we’re sure that will have everybody dancing in a minute! In addition to this, it’s also a great idea to set up a photo booth for everyone to enjoy.

10. Sophisticated Wine and Cheese Party

If you want a very cozy and elegant party theme, then a bunch of wine and cheese is a classy way to do it. Most adults enjoy wine and cheese and it’s a kind of night party that lets you socialize more. Go search for the best wines out there and have them chilled in an ice bucket. Grab different kind of cheese for your guests to enjoy and if it’s possible for you to grab really special ones, go for it!

Whether you want to go for something simple or extravagant, there surely are many ways for you to amplify your party. It’s always wise to plan everything in advance for you to have enough time setting everything up. Choose a theme that you feel like you and your guests will love! Consider their lifestyle and age bracket to make sure you choose a theme suitable and enjoyable for every single person you invited. Which among these party themes do you fancy the most?

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