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Cool for the Summer: The Metallic Shoe Trend You Need to Try


Did you know Dorothy’s shoes were originally silver in the first Wizard of Oz novel? The original shoes were silver, but they were changed into the familiar ruby-red glittering shoes for the 1939 movie because Technicolor made the color pop more. Reading about Dorothy’s silver shoes as an Oz-obsessed child who had watched the film on repeat for many years was the biggest disappointment in my life. Why wear silver shoes when you can wear sparkly ones?

Since then, I have worn silver shoes exclusively. Metallic shoes are classic, versatile, and feel special. They’re not like black or brown shoes. You can choose to make them feel edgy and futuristic or sweet and delicate. They are more relaxed and chilled than gold, and they feel more modern than Rose Gold. It’s not just me who’s feeling this trend. It’s fast becoming the It Girl Shoe of the Summer.

Here’s everything you need to know about this trend and how to wear them. Why not cool off on a hot summer day by wearing a little icy-cold ice on your feet?

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The Trend

Silver shoes have never completely faded out of the spotlight, even though Dorothy’s red shoes were replaced by silver ones for the big screen. In the 1960s silver was a popular color, with Andy Warhol’s Factory made entirely of silver and Paco Raban’s metal-splattered dresses. The color was a major presence in the Y2K era. It seemed that everyone wore silver, even their eyeshadow.

Silver heels and boots are not the trend. Silver shoes are all about cool casual flats, sneakers (or, as in New Balance’s viral shoe, sneaker loafers), sandals and more. Users are showcasing how they’ve incorporated the metallic color in their warm-weather outfits on TikTok. We’re watching.


How to Get the Look

Silver shoes are a great choice for any outfit, whether it’s a work look (think metallic Mary Janes or sleek sneakers) or weekend fun. Silver shoes are as crisp and cool as a bright summer white. They also look great with bright colors such as red, yellow and turquoise.

Don’t overthink the addition of a silver shoe to your wardrobe. Treat it as you would a black or brown basic shoe. This works with the “wrong shoes theory” that has become popular to add a little variety. For example, a silver sandal is always a good choice with a white sundress and a summer glow, but a chunky loafer or sneaker looks fresh. Silver shoes go with everything: jeans, miniskirts and linen pants.

The metallic silver Onitsuka tigers and Wales Bonner Adidas Sambas are particularly popular with TikTokers, which is why they are often sold out or sold for high prices on resale websites. A square or rounded toe on flats is more modern than a full-on round one. Silver Mary Janes look adorable with a summer dress or skirt and are less expected than gold. Yes, even “gold girls” can fall for silver! Jeffrey Campbell’s Romp Flats (134) in silver are the perfect blend of minimalistic and space age for 2024. Madewell’s Greta ballet flat ($98) has a classic feel. Coach’s Leah Loafer, a chunky platform loafer with a classic look ($112) is a great way to combine two trends.

If you’re still wondering, yes you can mix metals. No longer do you have to wear only gold or silver? Silver shoes aren’t just for everyone. You can experiment with your style and do summer footwear in your own way.

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