Colors that Ruled the 2016 Fashion Week

Fashion Week features a plethora of fascinating colors that foretell the current year’s fashion trends. Usually, we would indulge our eyes on bright, vivid colors for the spring but this year’s pantone color chart is all about gentle flush of hues. Soft pinks, skylight blues – these trending colors sure know how to make our eyes swoon! With all these majestic faint pastels running the fashion race, it was quite a challenge to trim the list down to come up with the best colors that ruled Fashion Week this year. For sure, black and white are colors that will forever stay in the runway but for the 2016 Fashion Week, we spotted a few trending colors that the fashion design gods have predicted to take over in the fashion world this year.

1. Rose Quartz (PANTONE 13-1520)

Carolina Herrera, Delpozo SSFW2016

Carolina Herrera, Delpozo SSFW2016

Carolina Herrera and Delpozo graced their collection with this soft flush of rose to complete their spring designs. Rose Quartz is a shade too gentle for the eyes, don’t you think? This color is a more vintage and romantic take on last year’s version of warm pinks. Flowy chiffon ensembles, silk dresses and pleated skirts would look extra fabulous with Rose Quartz on!

2. Buttercup (PANTONE – 12-0752)

Parab Gurung & Edung NYFW 2016

Parab Gurung & Edung NYFW 2016

Another breathtaking color that took the 2016 Fashion Week runway by storm is this pastel yellow shade called Buttercup. The bright, blinding yellow most of us know is taking a slight break in 2016 by sporting a light feathered tone embracing designer clothes such as Prada, Prabal Gurung and Edun.

3. Serenity (PANTONE 15-3919)

Ralph Lauren, Thakoon, Tory Burch NYFW SS16

Ralph Lauren, Thakoon, Tory Burch NYFW SS16

Serenity, just like its shade name, is a very calming shade of blue that resembles clear blue skies. This is an absolute pastel hue that can look stunning in either a casual jacket or a sophisticated evening gown. Among the hues in the 2016 pantone palette, Serenity is the most wearable one for it gorgeously suits all types of body shape. Ralph Lauren, Thakoon and Tory Burch defined Serenity in forms of putting the color on lightweight fabrics and breezy boho wear.

4. Peach Echo (PANTONE 16-1548)

Jason Wu & Edun NYFW SS16

Jason Wu & Edun NYFW SS16

Just like the color Yellow, Orange is usually quirky and mega energetic. But this year’s Peach Echo is a smoother version of our favorite bright orange. As a color that perfectly mimics the beautiful sunset, Peach Echo is an excellent color to give off a zephyr of warmth to every fashion coordinate.


These stunningly beautiful colors are the most common shades that conquered the 2016 Fashion Week. True enough, these magical colors shouldn’t just stay on the runway alone but should also find its way to our own personal fashion collection as well! Have you checked your wardrobe if you own any of these colors? We know that these colors might come off as a bit risky to wear (just like many other colors!). Well, if you end up matching a certain color with something that does not even compliment, things can end up messy! Here’s a quick set of tips for you to easily match these whimsical colors up. Check out our holiday color inspirations: Why Red is The Best Color For Festive HolidayPainting the Holiday Season with Green StylePurple Color: Get a Sizzling New Look this Holiday SeasonThink Pink: Spice Up Your Holidays with Fashionable Pink Pieces.

Color Styling Tips

  • Tip #1. Play Safe: Pair them up with Black or White.

You can never go wrong with these universal colors! These four trendy shades would absolutely look fantastic with either black or white.

  • Tip #2. Match Made in Heaven: Rose Quartz x Serenity and Buttercup x Peach Echo

If you have been scrolling through Instagram, you’ll probably end up seeing a ton of fashion bloggers flaunting these divine combinations. Rose Quartz and Serenity are cool hues that perfectly complement each other in terms of giving your attire a soft, luminescent aura. On the other hand, Buttercup and Peach Echo share a much warmer note of color. These warm tones bring a bit of retro spring vibe to your overall outfit.

  • Tip #3. Layer them up!

These four trendy Fashion Week colors share the same color classification – they are all in soft pastels. Pastels are a little bit less complicated because unlike with bright vivid colors, color blocking is not much of an issue with pastels. They all look good in one palette because they have soft notes. This is why layering these colors, considering that you are choosing the right style of garments, won’t be too harsh on the eyes. Want to know the mix & match rules about color? Check out The Ultimate Fashion Guide: Mix & Match.

The 2016 Fashion Week showcased too many beautiful designs that come in a pool of playful colors. Regardless of individual fashion sense, the way these colors conquer the runway truly blew many of us away! Of all these trending colors from the 2016 Fashion Week, which one do you think is your new to-go color?

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