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We do not know how you, our readers, do feel about, but we just can´t wait until Christmas will finally come. We have been slowly and precisely counting down every single day how many days are still left. The Christmas atmosphere itself, the lovely scents of the food, needles, candles etc., a beautiful and sparkling tree, shiny and colourful ornaments, garlands and the other kinds of decoration, delicious Christmasy food, relaxing days spent with your beloved ones, unboxing the given presents, watching the holiday movies and the other stuff which we just can´t imagine our Christmas without. We are already really looking forward to it. And what about you? Are you already excited that much as we are? Have you already bought some decoration and presents?

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White, Pearls and Fur

And since the half of December is slowly coming too, we decided to publish a new outfit inspiration guide for all of you, who still do not know what they will have been wearing during the Christmas Eve 2018. We really hope that at least some of these tips will help you with your decision and that they would inspire you at least a bit. The first outfit which we are presenting you is composed of the Long Sleeve Cotton Casual Statement Sweater, which can be also worn as a shorter dress. As you may see, there are also pearls and furry applications attached on the sleeves which make this piece of clothing a bit more special and outstanding. There are completely four colours available – white, black, grey and light pink.

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Dark Green Long Statement Dress

If you are a more elegant person and prefer dresses which look more sophisticated and cultivated, Spaghetti Party Elegant Green Statement Midi Dress is definitely a choice for you. As you may see, it is a long dress with an interesting tied up bow in the front. Its colour is dark green which is also one of that which just belong to Christmas. Another tip, how to wear this dress, is to wear a top or a turtleneck underwear. You will not only feel warm, but you will also look stylish! The green jewellery and accessories are great, but the gold or silver jewellery will look more elegant and luxurious.

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Burgundy Slit Wedding Dress

Who said that a wedding dress can´t be worn during the Christmas Eve evening, huh? Especially when it looks like the one on the picture above. Personally, we fell in love with it the second we saw it! Just look at it! With this dress put on, no one will be able to take off their eyes of you. And you can not only wear it during the holiday season but during the New Years Eve or the other parties as well. This colour is just a perfect match for the gold one – golden earrings, necklace, heels or even the clutch bag! Everything will work together very well!

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Christmas A-Line Tartan Pattern Plaid Dress

Another thing, or better-said pattern, which is just typical for Christmas, is definitely the tartan one. Especially when it is combined with a bright red or green colour, it can create a very nice Christmas feel. This kind of pattern is easily matched with neutral things, such as those in the dark brown or black colour. Wearing the tartan headband to it will be just on fleek!

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Red-Black A-Line Jacquard

Jacquard dresses are somehow interesting. They almost look like they would from the other world. This one is in a nice and lovely red-black combination which also is very characteristic for this holiday season. Since the top of the dress looks a bit plain, you can freshen it by a significant necklace or with a sparkling visible brooch. Since it is an A-Line dress too, it will make a pretty body silhouette.

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Matching a blouse & skirt together

An immortal combination of various chiffon blouse and a mini skirt is definitely one of the last options which you can hold onto if you have totally run out of the possible options what to wear. There are two ways to do it – you can choose the eye-catching blouse and a plain skirt, or the eye-catching skirt and the plain blouse. Creating a contrast between these two pieces of clothing is very important. Personally, we highly recommend choosing the eye-catching, visible blouse since it is easier to match.

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Velvet Blouse and Black Trousers

Well, not every single woman feels comfortable while wearing the dresses or skirts, or just do not want to wear it a particular day. If this is your case too, you can exchange the dress or skirt for a plain black elegant trousers and match them together with a velvet blouse. On the picture above, you can see a Work Long Sleeve Shift Cutout Stand Collar Blouse, which is available in three colours – apricot, red and green.

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Velvet Mini Dress

Since we already mentioned the velvet material, let´s stick to it for a while again. Velvet mini dresses are still pretty favourite among the women and since this material looks just elegant and luxurious, it is ideal to be worn during the special occasions such as Christmas Eve is. There is also a black variant available and as you may see, on the collar and on the ends of the sleeves, there are the rhinestones applications too.

In case you still are not prepared and still do not know what to buy for your family members or best friends under the Christmas tree, you can browse our Christmas Gift Guide collection, where you can find a lot of different various styles of clothing, shoes, bags or the other accessories to choose from. Good luck with picking the right items for your beloved ones and have fun!

And if you look for the personal inspiration of what to buy to freshen your wardrobe a bit more, we recommend you to read the article about  What Should You Wear this Winter 2018/2019 where we are talking about the most stylish and trendy things of this year´s winter.

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