Choosing a Perfume for Your Boyfriend

Selecting a perfume for your boyfriend or any male can sometimes get very tricky. Scent can go a long way in defining a person. Hence getting a fragrance is very important. You often times see fragrance intertwined with cologne when referring to the masculine arena. You will usually come across a lot of concentration levels amongst different styles and brands. Depending upon concentration you have to make your choice for your boyfriend.

Match what you want to buy to his activities on a day to day basis. If he likes going to the gym or do a lot of physical activity on a regular basis then short term concentration effects are better than buying perfumes that last 24 hours. Nonetheless we have listed 5 concentration types which are important for your selection.

Fragrances are known to form deeper emotional connections with different people so make sure you boyfriend smells the best at all times. When it comes to senses remember your sense of smell can tend to dominate over all other smells. Choosing the right one can make sure your man is portrayed as a sharp and confident person with amazing taste.


Infinite Rush Bentley cologne


Santal Royal Guerlain


PI by Givenchy 3.3 oz


Dolce&Gabbana Kolonjska voda


Basil & Neroli Jo Malone

If you have a really active individual then applying fragrance and short intervals is ideal. For a make you really don’t want to be smelling like lavender in the gym so a Eau Fraiche is usually great in these situations as it lasts just over a couple of hours. These can be a bit hard to find but you can most definitely find it at many high end brand stores.

Tip #1 The Perfume which is about 20-30 fragrance which is followed by the Toilette which is 5 to 15%.

Then comes the cologne and the extremely rare fraiche which are 2 to 5 and 1-3% respectively. Whether you decide to go with sandalwood, velvet or musk you need to factor in these concentrations with the amount of time it spends on your skin and the nature of the skin in question.

Tip #2 Remember, you can always wear 3 or 4 on your wrists and elbows.

These distinct smells can stay for a few hours. If this is a surprise then you might have to take one of your other friends along for an opinion. Otherwise you can ask your boyfriend directly which he prefers. If you are bold though you can always choose the fragrance you want your man portraying so that he can be the best.

Tip #3  Smell them one after the other and at regular intervals.

Continue shopping and doing work like it’s a regular day and then smell different scents at different times to gauge which one you like. This can give you a very accurate picture of its effectiveness during a routine day for you.

Source:  Fragrantica


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