Chic Summer Tees and Undies

Chic Summer Tees and Undies

Summer is finally coming and there seems to be so many things to prepare for even when you are just at home. When you talk about wardrobes, you may find yourselves forgetting about some of the most essential pieces. You usually own too many work clothes or too much home wearable and not thinking about the most used but less bought – underwear! This time of the year provides you with so many outfit ideas that allow you to look fashionable. However, these are usually in thin fabrics and limited clothing. Thus, making your undergarments noticeable and a bit revealing.

But don’t fret as there are so many kinds of underwear for women. Be it the sexy ones or the most conservative styles. Whatever you choose to wear, you obviously don’t want to be feeling uncomfortable or awkward when going out under the rising temperature.  And of course, let’s not forget about the cute and cool summer tees too. The best thing about wearing tees in the summer is that they are usually made of cotton or linen or a combination of both. So, here are some of the chic summer tees and undies that will surely keep up with the hot and humid climate.



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Definitely, one of the most widely worn style among women all over the world and total must-have. Bikini or bikini-style underwear is similar in size and form to a regular bikini and can provide comfort at its best due to its form. No wonder bikini types have become a significant part in various women sports like beach volleyball and bodybuilding. This type of undies have come out from the traditional designs too and now have different styles and forms.



Source: Calvin Klein

Somewhat a combination of the boyshort and the bikini, the great thing about wearing a hipster is that it can help minimize panty lines due to its low rise and straighter cut. In addition to that, this underwear flatters the figure of the user making it comfortable to the body as well as pleasing to the eyes. You could choose from a wide range of variety and it’s definitely great for summer dresses and rompers too.



Source: Ali Express

Anyone else having a trouble sleeping in the summer heat? A cheeky and smaller version of the boxer briefs that features a cool side are the boyshorts. You can now stay comfortable all throughout the summer nights with the good amount of coverage in the back. This is probably one of the most homey selection among underwears. These comfy panties relieve chafing and sweating since most of it comes in breathable materials.

Ringer T-shirt

Ringer tee

Source: Rip Curl

Ringer shirts tend to take along a sense of happiness and cheerfulness every time it is worn. It must be due to its unique design, wherein the fabric is one color, and the collar and armbands are of another color. This type of t-shirt is a staple for men and women. Hence, you should stack at least one or two pieces of ringer t-shirt in your wardrobe. The charming thing about this tee is you would not have much trouble trying to match this style with other clothes. Combine it with your skinny jeans or a denim skirt. Undeniably, this shirt is a summer classic.

V-neck Tee


Source: Threadbird

A combination of a v-neck with a neck choker or a short silk scarf always look  fabulous, especially during the hot season. They are lengthening, making the appearance sleek and slender, wherein most girls would probably love. This type of shirt complements a pair of jeans or khakis, and could go well in casual or even on business situations. A high quality V-neck shirt paired with a suit can never go wrong in a business meeting. They usually give some breathing room for the body so you wouldn’t have to deal with an awkward tight collar around the neck anymore.

Graphic Tee

Graphic Tee

Source: Ali Express

Many women often feel that simple colors and styles are the best when selecting among different t-shirts. This isn’t true all the time though. Plain colored t-shirts do symbolize subtle and fine designs. However, choosing tees with something bold and complicated or dramatic designs can show off uniqueness and coolness to the wearer, as well as promoting style. This is a great shirt for girls who want to show the world who they really are. After all, summer is a great time for big patterns and bright colors. Just make sure to choose the not-so-overly-designed tees as this can be quite confusing and not very enjoyable to the eye.

Soft Tee

Soft tee

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Although women always tend to think about style and fashion, if it is not comfortable then it is just not wort- wearing. When girls consider buying t-shirts, comfort is always taken as an essential quality. The softness of a shirt comes from its fabric type, and a simple soft tee would always be a great companion in beating the summer night’s heat. Keep in mind though that when choosing a soft tee, super lightweight kinds can display every curve of your body.

Crop Tee

Source: Blank Style

Crop tees are a huge trend for summer not only because it means less clothes for the heat but also because of its versatility. Every girl can sport one in a way that’s comfortable for her. You could wear it with shorts or pants or even with skirts! Crop tees are not just limited for ladies with smaller frames. Unleash your distinct fashion sense in any ways possible. Pair your white crop tee with a pastel shorts and a pair of sneakers. This OOTD would surely rock as a cool summer outfit.

Summer is all about being happy-go-lucky, having fun with your friends, and setting aside some time to relax. Our undergarments, along with our upper clothing should be the least of our problems, and we could do that if we choose the right yet still chic panties and tees for summer. With this list, you can always stay cool even on the warmest days! And if you want to know about lingerie, here are some frequently asked questions about this type of undergarment.

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