Charlize Theron’s Fashion Fashion Flings

Charlize Theron’s Fashion Fashion Flings

A superhuman, an evil queen or an infamous serial killer – Charlize Theron bagged several accolades for exceptionally portraying these roles from Hollywood’s renowned films Hancock (2008), Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) and Monster (2003) , respectively. She’s quite a notable figure in the entertainment industry and her sense of fashion has been a constant topic in magazines and online forums. The title “it girl” was even attached to her name in the early 2000s because of her diverse sense of style and model-like physical features.


Charlize Theron is a South African actress of Dutch, French and German descent. This explains her distinct facial features that are unquestionably attractive and alluring. She became one of the faces for huge fashion brands such as Galliano and Christian Dior’s J’adore fragrance line. It is true that apart from being very well-known in her reputable roles in the big screen, Charlize also has her own remarkable fashion moments. In this article, we’ll list some of her greatest fashion scores of all time as well some that didn’t please some fashion critiques.


Charlize Theron stands 177cm tall, a very ideal height for many women. Her model-like physique gets extra glamorous with long, revealing gowns. Since Charlize is a very frequent face on the red carpet, some of her greatest fashion pieces were flaunted right where a huge number of photographers are capturing it. Here are some of the stunning pieces that she has worn all throughout her best red carpet moments.


Her vibrant red gown is overflowing with fearlessness and class. She absolutely broke the unwritten rule of not wearing red on the red carpet by leaving everyone mesmerized with her red hot Dior dress. Her sexy plunging neckline gives a subtle cleavage reveal while beautifully flattering her slim but athletic physique. To highlight the gown’s deep neckline, she accessorized with a long, heavily-studded diamond necklace that matches with her earrings. The beautiful Dior piece also allowed her to show bare back to add more appeal to the overall outfit.

Charlize got everyone blinded with her bright yellow strapless gown in the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. The body-hugging gown beautifully shows her curvy silhouette while also emphasizing her gorgeous broad shoulders. Once again, Charlize showed everyone how to properly wear Christian Dior couture in the most elegant way possible.

Her long black Christian Dior gown is the most perfect black dress to embrace elegance and sophistication. Her grown pixie haircut perfectly translates low-key elegance in which it has led more attention to her beautiful black gown. The plunging gown has transparent straps that gave more emphasis to the exquisite cut of the dress. Want to know the best celebrity red carpet looks of 2016? Check out 30 Best Red Carpet Moments of 2016.


Charlize Theron was a total gender bender in her sleek and sexy trouser suit in the 69th annual Cannes Festival. With the suit’s masculine cut, Charlize showed everyone her androgynous side while giving “sexy” a whole new definition. The matching black blazer and trousers showed evident versatility when it comes to haute couture tailoring. To balance out the masculine appeal of her Dior trouser suit, she sported a provocative V-neck top and a pair of black stilettos with it.


Although Charlize has had her own share of astounding red carpet fashion moments, fashion critics have pinpointed some of her worst fashion choices that she actually wore on the red carpet. Don’t get us wrong! Charlize is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, but just like any other celebrity, she makes fashion mistakes too. Here are some of the outfits that made her earn a slot on different magazines’ Worst Dressed Lists.

Charlize Theron’s entire black see-through has a lot of things going on at once when she attended the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. The Alexander McQueen dress that Charlize wore garnered mixed reviews – some saying that it’s hot and most of them saying it’s not. Although her favorite plunging V-neck is present, the extreme lace details, frills and embellishment didn’t flatter her curvy body shape at all.

Dior never failed Charlize Theron on the red carpet, not until the 2006 Oscars when she was turned into a huge birthday present with her overwhelming side ribbon. The fabric is exceptional but the dissymmetrical cuts made the dress extremely bulky. Charlize missed the chance of showing her naturally beautiful slim physique with this choice of dress.


One very noticeable thing about Charlize Theron’s street style wardrobe is that she often sticks to black and gray colors. Her monochromatic choice of clothes defines her sleek and elegant fashion sense. On the left photo, she shows how to rock a black bodycon turtleneck top without the need of accessories. The style of her dress shows comfort, paired with low-heeled strap sandals. It only proves that you don’t need too much décor to be paparazzi-ready!

Charlize shows a street style fashion that very much suits the cozy autumn weather. Once again, she went on with it with her favorite black pieces; her thick woven scarf, leather jacket, handbag and black and white striped blouse. She chose to simply glam her fall look up by wearing a gray fedora hat to match it all. For a more effortless and casual vibe, she went for conventional skinny denim pants. Check out The 30 Best Celebrity Street Style Looks of 2016.

Like all of us, Charlize had her fashion ups and downs. But despite all of that, she still managed to pull off a number of gorgeous fashion looks that will forever take space in the fashion scene’s “Best Dressed” list. What are you favorite pieces from Charlize Theron’s vast wardrobe?

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