Learn from Celebrities: 15 Trendy Ways to Wear Center-Part Hairstyles

We have to admit, center-part hairstyles are not always very flattering. This hairstyle is pretty much a make or break situation as it can either create an edgy look or an outdated comedian-inspired look. But then again, once you get to master how to style a center-part hairdo in a way that truly suits your features, you are definitely going to own it! There are numerous center-part hairstyles than can truly make your prominent features stand out. After all, a symmetrically divided hairdo is one of the easiest ones to pull off. Are you wondering how can you flaunt such easy hairdo the best and chicest way possible? Take a look at these celebrities who have been flaunting center-part hairstyles in front of the cameras!

Center-Part Hairstyles — Alicia Keys

Trendy Center-Part Celebrity Hairstyles

Source: ELLE

Alicia Keys have taught us how to embrace our natural beauty and with her naturally gorgeous hair, she let it do its own thing. We can’t stop obsessing over her voluminous tight curls that go symmetrically divided in the middle – how perfect is that! Since Alicia Keys has a round face, having voluminous curls that graze equally on both sides will create the illusion of a smaller face. Don’t we love how her curly center-part hairstyle draws attention to her face more?

Center-Part Hairstyles — Ciara

Trendy Center-Part Celebrity Hairstyles

Source: ELLE

If you really want to flaunt those lavishly golden highlights, then take it from Ciara! With her beautiful brown skin, smoky eye makeup and bold brows, Ciara knew how to balance everything out with her hairstyle. True enough, the hairstyle is nothing too fancy as it only features softly loose waves. But here’s the thing, she knew how to work her highlights out. By parting her in the center, she made her highlights stand out. Her golden blonde highlights look quite stunning against her beautiful brown skin! Loving brunette? Read: Trendiest Brunette Hair Colors to Try this 2017

Center-Part Hairstyles — Dita Von Teese

Trendy Center-Part Celebrity Hairstyles

Source: ELLE

Who doesn’t love Diata Von Teese’s iconic retro look?! We usually see Dita in her side-part vintage curls but this time, she donned another vintage hairstyle while embracing a natural center part. We are pretty sure you can’t help but wonder how does Dita Von Teese pull off such old hairstyle! Well, have it blend with your makeup and go for a total retro look – just go for it!

Center-Part Hairstyles — Sofia Richie

Youngsters are also great candidates for center-part hairstyles! They are young and adventurous so we usually see this generation of teens with superbly unique hairstyles. However, some teens know how to stick with the classics to and that is what Lionel Richie’s daughter showed us all. Of course, while it’s the classic sleek center part, she still managed to add uniqueness to it by sporting a center weave!

Center-Part Hairstyles — Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid truly had her prominent facial features stand out in a very subtle manner. With her low ponytail and grown out layered fringe, she managed to have the layers graze the sides of her face slightly. By dividing it in the middle, she balanced the look out without making the hairstyle overly dramatic. It’s simple and easy to do!

Center-Part Hairstyles — Jourdan Dunn

Here’s another classic example of how you work with your fringe. This look is very easy to achieve and if you have a diamond-shaped face like Jourdan Dunn, flaunting your soft tendrils won’t ever go out of style for you. Work with your side fringes a bit and make the center-part more noticeable for it adds depth to your whole look.

Center-Part Hairstyles — Karlie Kloss

Million dollar baby, anyone? These badass boxer braids are totally winning especially to those who love being sporty and active. This looks is very neat and it’s quite a stylish way to give yourself a more convenient, mess-free hairdo. Did we also mention that it’s perfect for the summer season?

Center-Part Hairstyles — Karolina Kurkova

Here’s another take on center-part braids. If you double braids is not your thing, here’s something you can try. Plus, this simple classic braid is much easier to do. It cuts your styling time in half so you can definitely manage looking trendy while in a hurry.

Center-Part Hairstyles — Kendall Jenner

Let’s talk about a center-part hairstyle that most women dread about. This sleek, neat and gelled center-part bun may seem like it’s about to expose 101% of your face but hey – it’s how supermodels do it. If you think your makeup is on point and you have prominent facial features to really brag about, this sleek and simple hairstyle is definitely your go-to.

Center-Part Hairstyles — Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie never fails to pull off very romantic springtime looks. We love how her messy, rumpled waves work so well with her center part. The waves fall perfectly on the sides of her face which visibly slims out her square facial features.

Center-Part Hairstyles — Natasha Poly

Another supermodel hairdo is this look worn by Natasha Poly. There’s nothing to argue here and we have to say it’s our most favorite center-part hairstyle. Look at how effortlessly edgy it is! Natasha flaunted her silky straight, parted it in the center and have both sides tucked behind her ears – how edgy!

Center-Part Hairstyles — Olivia Palermo

If you feel like edding a bit of volume on the sides, then try doing a subtle tucked in faux bob. It’s pretty easy and it’s quite a good hairstyle choice to those with medium to long hair. It’s a simple hairstyle that enhances your features while also letting you flaunt your favorite pair of earrings!

Center-Part Hairstyles — Rihanna

One of Rihanna’s most popular hairdos of all time is this sleek, center-part bob she once donned. Her black hair looks quite ravishing with her blunt cut bob. In addition, the hairstyle brings out dimension to her lustrous shiny hair.

Center-Part Hairstyles — Jaime King

Trendy Center-Part Celebrity Hairstyles

Source: ELLE

Let’s show some lovin’ to those girls who flaunt short hair! Jaime King totally nailed her center-part hairstyle with her 20’s inspired look ala Daisy Buchanan. With some shine serum, Jaime’s hairstyle took a gorgeous turn on making her short locks look simply lustrous.

Center-Part Hairstyles — Jennifer Lopez

Trendy Center-Part Celebrity Hairstyles

Source: ELLE

Last but not the least, we’ve got J. Lo! Her feathered out, Farrah Fawcett inspired hairstyle is just too sexy for her own good! It made her look truly stand out and it drew more emphasis on her shiny and voluminous long locks.

What do you think of these celebrities owning their center-part hairstyles? Well, it’s true that you can definitely go for many different versions of center-part hairstyles according to your face shape. If you want a more balanced and simple look, then you should go try some of these center-part hairstyles. Prepping yourself this summer season? Check out more hairstyles right here: 15 Summer Hairstyles You Should Try 2017

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