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Celebrity Style: Fashionable Eyeglasses

Wearing eyeglasses is most often associated with being geeky and old-fashioned. It’s true that the impression still lives up until today but with fashion taking its rapid turns, eyeglasses have become a fashion statement as well. Specs are now considered chic, edgy and just extremely cool! It even reached the point that people regardless of considering real eye prescriptions, wear one for fashion purposes. There’s no need for you to fear eyeglasses anymore because you can definitely manage to pull it off like a star! Take a look at how fashionable these celebrities look with their gorgeously geeky pair of eyeglasses.


Anne Hathaway

Source: InStyle

Source: InStyle

Anne Hathaway has a naturally small oval face. This is why oversized eyeglasses look very flattering on her. In this particular look, we see her channeling a thick-framed round pair of eyeglasses in black. She did take a risk on its oversized shape but still managed to keep it proportionate by going for a monochromatic color. Her chic geeky glasses perfectly matches her warm black and grey coat which made her whole look simply classy.

Emmy Rossum


Source: InStyle

Taking a break from the usual black and brown hues of eyeglasses, Emmy Rossum steps out in her very feminine floral dress and vibrant red pair of specs. Just like Anne Hathaway, Emmy has a small face as well but her features are more prominent. She has an angular face shape and her jaw line is quite noticeable as well. With this being considered, square-shaped eyeglasses perfectly complements her face shape.

Jennifer Lopez


Source: InStyle

We don’t usually spot Jennifer Lopez in geeky attires for we do know her as the hot and sexy Jenny from the Block! Well, she once shunned all misconceptions that say eyeglasses aren’t sexy! J. Lo donned a glitzy cropped top baring her midriff while sporting the sexiest cat-eye eyeglasses ever. It is pretty noticeable how amazing her big cat-eye specs complement her whole look. We also have to mention how she managed to still rock a picturesque eye makeup look behind those large eyeglasses!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Source: Buzzfeed

There’s always this certain appeal that men wearing glasses have. We have seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt without his glasses so many times, specifically in his movies Looper, The Dark Knight and Inception. But when he played the role of Snowden, plus a couple of appearances on the red carpet with his nerdy eyeglasses, we can’t help but swoon! That is one proof that a single fashion tweak such as adding a pair of eyeglasses can transform your look from one to another. From cute to hot!

Karlie Kloss


Source: InStyle

Fashion models have always been so versatile when it comes to donning drastically different types of looks. Supermodel Karlie Kloss managed to wow us with her leopard eyeglasses which gave us all the impression of a sexy supermodel geek. We are pretty sure that a lot of people would find the combination quite attractive! Karlie has very distinct facial features which are why she can wear pretty much whatever shape eyeglasses she wishes to wear. In this particular look, it’s fair to say that the eyeglasses’ edgy animal-print design skyrocketed its trend radar quite a notch high.

Lupita Nyong’o


Source: InStyle

The 33-year-old Kenyan-Mexican address has no doubt mastered the rules of being constantly in the “Best-Dressed” list. Whether she goes all out street style or mesmerizingly glam on the red carpet, her name never fails to go under the best-dressed fashion list. One of our favorite looks from her is when she donned a very elegant-looking business attire paired with classic black round specs. Indeed, Lupita’s fashion taste is always on point! See more of Lupita’s Best-Dressed moments here: 30 Best Red Carpet Moments of 2016

Robert Downey Jr.


Source: Buzzfeed

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most successful and most-sought actors of all time. While we do know him for his countless films, there’s no denying that his role as Tony Stark in Iron Man is one of our favorites. His genius billionaire persona is quite enamoring and that goes perfectly well when he snaps his pair of designer glasses on! Our favorite is his rectangular two-tone eyeglasses paired with his edgy gray suit.

Ryan Gosling


Source: Buzzfeed

Everybody loves Ryan Gosling and that’s a fact. Well, it’s not very difficult to love him, being the most handsome and most loving husband/dad that he is, right? Apart from his very good looks, he’s got great sense of fashion too. We love him looking a bit geeky sometimes, most particularly in this look where he wears an edgy designer suit paired with classic eyeglasses.

Tom Hiddleston


Source: InStyle

We have another Marvel star on the list and that is British hottie, Tom Hiddleston! It’s quite known to the public how smart and geeky Tom is. With his love for literature and remarkable philanthropy, he’s quite someone easy to fall head over heels for. Along with his smart and gentleman image, comes a crisp sense of fashion. He’s one of those celebrities who can pull off nerdy eyeglasses with class and vogue! With a classic pair as simple as that one he wears, he can look like he’s about to go for a GQ photoshoot!

Zoe Saldana


Source: InStyle

We love the classic cat-eye eyeglasses on Zoe Saldana! Cat-eye eyeglasses fall in a vast range of different face shapes. We can actually conclude that it’s universally flattering and that it gives an edgy look to the face. Zoe has naturally expressive eyes in which the edges of the cat-eye eyeglasses perfectly suit the outer corners of her eyes. In addition, we also love how trendy the animal print design is!

Did this article convince you that having four eyes can be pretty hot too? Well, as long as you go for something that truly matches your face shape together with the right design, you can absolutely hit it off like a fashionista! Which among these celebrities do you think look superbly cool with geeky glasses? Let us know in the comments below.

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