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5 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs Share their Secrets to Success

In today’s world, women are playing a critical role in every aspect. Audrey Hepburn made her trip with UNICEF to Ethiopia; many step up in the pave to being a fashion designer;  or like Vanessa Redgrave shooting for Gucci’s latest Campaign at an age of 79. There are some inspirational women choosing to start their own business and making it a success.  In this article, we are going to talk about some of the biggest female entrepreneurs of today and share their own success stories. Continue reading

Toni Ko and her Beautiful Journey to Success

Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics, is definitely one of the richest self-made entrepreneurs in the world, with almost all of her life dedicated to her passion for entrepreneurship.  Though she already sold her company to the world’s most prominent beauty conglomerate, L’Oreal, she never stopped living up to her dream— to create business. Continue reading

Travelling Around the World with Heidi Hetzer

At age 79, Heidi Hetzer is still out and about to venture the unknown. This grandma is not your average senior as she is showing the whole world that it’s never too late to continue your passion— travelling the world with her beloved car, Hudo. The two are downright inseparable and has driven a lot of places— from Europe, down to Middle East, through China, across Asia and Australia. And up to the present time, the two are conquering the roads with vigor and happiness.

Continue reading

Empowering Quotes from the World’s Most Extraordinary Women

Every one of us needs a sense of empowerment. As all of us have certain goals that we absolutely want to achieve, it’s quite a fact that we all need motivation to strive harder. Being motivated to do your best in everything is what drives us to success and it is comprised of the people who inspire us and people we look up to. As women, we have faced so many struggles since the early ages especially when it comes to equal rights and success. But along these difficult hardships are people who dedicated their life’s work to make a change in the world we live in. Continue reading

Iris Apfel: The Woman Who Inspired Generations

Iris Apfel inspired generations with her philosophy of finding your own uniqueness and flaunting it for the world to see. With a daily schedule of a thirty-year old, the lady with the owl-eyed spectacle shows no sign of stopping. At the age of ninety-five, the world knows this fashion icon as the face of Wisewear and also as the co-founder of the Old World Weavers – a company established in 1950 that focuses their expertise in restoration furnishing. Continue reading

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