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How To Shop For Ankle Boots?

“These boots were meant for walking,” and they are walking right on up as they always have. Ankle boots and booties are what you should covet and purpose to add to your shoe collection. Question is, what can you pair them with and will they look good on you? Continue reading

12 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Scarf Like a Celebrity

For a fashion aficionado like you, putting all the pieces from your wardrobe is easy as pie. The color blocking and matching of plains and prints are definitely your fascinating ways to style yourself! And as the winter season draws nearer, you’ve got to take out the clothing essentials you need to warm yourself up and match them all with your everyday outfit. Your scarf, for example. You may not have tons of scarves you can wear (or have the oldest ones!) but you absolutely can style them in many different ways. Just like these celebrities!  Continue reading

How to Pick the Right High Heels

High heels are simply fascinating. No matter how most people see these gorgeous fashion creations as something “uncomfortable”, women of all ages still find them extremely irresistible. If you have read our blog post about the 100 years of Fashion: High Heels, you will see how high heels have influenced and evolved all throughout the years. Continue reading

Little Black Dress: The Ford Model T in the Fashion Industry

For a long time women were dedicated to corsetry and tight dresses that didn’t let them move properly. It was all about making the women silhouette recognizable, despite it being really uncomfortable. Today, women cannot even imagine the past times when other women could barely bend because of the corset dresses. Today, everything is oriented towards comfort, and women nowadays look both classy, beautiful and they are really comfortable, compared to their women ancestors. Continue reading

Season’s Fashion Choice: Velvet Pieces For the Fall

Velvet is one of the most popular types of fabric in the fashion realm. It’s a very delicate type of fabric that requires careful and detailed tailoring. Most commonly, velvet pieces are considered classy and elegant which explains why it is a usual material in many formalwears. Over time, velvet has become a highly-used material not only in formal clothing but also in many other different fashion pieces such as, bags, shoes, hats and scarves. Continue reading

Step Up Your Fashion Shopping Game for Fall 2016

Picturesque orange leaves fall from the trees and a slight cool breeze blows you away as you walk the streets downtown – it’s that time of the year again and fall season has finally arrived! In terms of fashion, a lot of us love the fall season because it is the time that lets us experiment with clothing layers, scarf knots, floppy hats and leather boots. Although the autumn season isn’t as lengthy as summer or winter, it still requires some decent seasonal shopping. Continue reading

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