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How to Dress Like a Hippie

The hippie style is extremely popular these days among both men and women. Hippie style has several advantages related to looks and most importantly comfort. The naturalist element of hippie clothing can really help you portray yourself with confidence. Continue reading

How to Dress Like a Skater

Aside from the fact that skateboarding has grown in popularity over the years. Its rise to prominence has vastly influenced the fashion world. The skater style is pretty distinct with particular shoes, tees and pants. Aside from all these characteristics and looking modern, skater clothing is just plain and simple cool. You can often use cool as a synonym for skater wear. Continue reading

8 Classic Female Movie Characters for Your Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of the year again when everybody can dress up fancy to be who they want to be! November is just around the corner, which means Halloween parties are going to be a thing that you have to attend from here to there. We have already listed the cutest Halloween Costumes for kids. However do you already have a character for yourself in mind? Or have you already prepared your costume for that star you are trying to go for? Well if not yet, there is no need for your to worry.  Continue reading

Light Up Your Office Wear

If you work home office or you can wear your jeans and regular sweats in the office, than you have less to worry about. But for the rest, “what to wear” is a big player in Monday syndrome we are having every week. That stress is not only limited by Monday, than we have to decide for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It takes so much time and energy. Continue reading

Best Winter Designer Brands for 2016-2017

Fall and winter season can already be felt through its chilly breeze; but apart from the cool winds it brings us, the fall and winter season can definitely be felt through fashion. Fashion week have already showcased amazing brands with their 2016/2017 fall and winter collections just recently and as anticipated, it left a lot of fashion critics in deep awe. Continue reading

Dress to Impress:Petite Body Type

Being petite has its own advantages and disadvantages. While most supermodels are super tall and skinny, Hollywood is also filled with a lot of gorgeous petite celebrities that greatly influence today’s fashion. It is about time to shun the perception that only tall girls can look extremely good in clothes. Continue reading

Step Up Your Fashion Shopping Game for Fall 2016

Picturesque orange leaves fall from the trees and a slight cool breeze blows you away as you walk the streets downtown – it’s that time of the year again and fall season has finally arrived! In terms of fashion, a lot of us love the fall season because it is the time that lets us experiment with clothing layers, scarf knots, floppy hats and leather boots. Although the autumn season isn’t as lengthy as summer or winter, it still requires some decent seasonal shopping. Continue reading

Style Up Like a Chic French Girl!

French women’s fashion is a collection of minimalist pieces and vintage apparel. They know how to stick with the basics and pull it off in an extensive amount of looks. Although Paris is the home of many high fashion brands such as Chanel, Balmain, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, a downright French wardrobe can contain a couple of prêt-à-porter pieces to start with. Dressing like a French woman is an absolute fashion goal and achieving it is not as hard as you think it is! Continue reading

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