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Cameltoe: How to Prevent it & The Celebrities Who Face it

So if you know what a cameltoe means, you would know that out of all the wardrobe malfunctioning that can happen, this one is the worst. Cameltoe takes place when a cleavage is created in your public region because of your clothing. No one would ever want to get caught or experience cameltoe. Basically, it can happen to anyone and in any outfit. It is very common when wearing swimsuits, leggings, shorts or tight jeans. Super tight clothes cause this disaster in normal scenarios. There are ways to prevent this situation. Continue reading

8 Thanksgiving Outfits to Dress Best

Everyone looks forward to having a festive Thanksgiving Dinner every year. From the dining pieces you would want to decorate your dinner with to the scrumptious food you’re about to prepare, everything should be clearly polished to perfection! Whether you are invited to be a part of someone else’s Thanksgiving Dinner or you’ll be the one hosting it for your friends and relatives, one thing is for sure – you have to look good! Continue reading

7 Fall Outfit Formulas: Be Stylish 7 Days a Week!

Have you ever experienced the struggle of staring in front your entire wardrobe for half an hour, thinking of what stylish matching ensembles should you wear just for the day?! True enough, it’s almost every woman’s struggle and memes all over the internet have even made a joke about it. Even if our wardrobe is full of clothes, it can still be a bit extra difficult to think which matches what. As the cold winter weather is just around the corner, mix and matching your fashion pieces for layering them over will definitely take extra time. If summer and spring only requires you to put up a top and a pair of trousers, winter would need you to wear a top, sweater, outerwear, trousers, scarf and the list goes on and on! Continue reading

8 Tips for Planning & Styling for a Great Housewarming Party

Starting a fresh, exciting life begins in a new home. So you have finally unlocked the achievement of getting yourself a gorgeously furnished dream house and you can’t wait to show it off to everyone! Well, you deserve a bit of showing off since that house is the fruit of your hard labor, isn’t it? If you are willing to take a generous amount of time, effort and money for your dream house, then why not do the same thing for your housewarming party? Your housewarming guests deserve a well-prepared party that will let them relax and enjoy in your new home. Continue reading

Swimwear for Women Over 40

Swimwear is an essential fashion piece that only bold and confident women can carry. Well, for women over 40, it can be tougher to choose as you do not hold that young beautiful body of your 20s and must be having age lines. So, you cannot say ‘yes’ to each one of the beautiful pieces that attracts you in the store. There are so many available options for swimwear for women over 40 like plus size swimwear for women, slimming swimwear for women, tummy control bathing suits for women and so on. You can find them on Amazon or any other online shop as well. Continue reading

What to Wear to a Funeral

One must be conscious about outfit for a funeral and he/she should wear something that is not so attractive or revealing. As it is a funeral, nobody wants another accident or dressing disaster. In our world, nothing lasts long. We want to show our heartiest feelings to the deceased and the only way to do it is through our condolence and dresses. We also decide what to say at a funeral wisely so that nobody get hurt any of our action. There are different funeral wear for women and men. Continue reading

Elegant Fall Fashion for Women Over 50

Fashion comes with no age. A lot of people might disagree with this statement as most people see fashion as something that one wears according to her age. True enough, there are fashion ensembles that may look gorgeous on a 50 year old but not on a woman in her 20s. Despite this fact, fashion is timeless and it’s a lifestyle to live by. It’s a part of individualism and self-expression of one’s personal art. Age should not hinder one from dressing up according to her preferred style! If you think being 50 limits you from choosing great wardrobe pieces, think again. The possibilities are endless and there are amazing styling tips for women over 50 that will truly change your fashion game! Continue reading

10 Affordable Versions of Celebrity-Inspired Winter Outfits

Now that winter is approaching, dressing up in style can truly rip our wallets open! Most of our favorite A-listers wear winter outfits from Gucci or Balenciaga on a daily basis and with that being mentioned in Fall Outfit Ideas to Steal From the Stars. However, if you think there’s no way for you to dress up like your favorite celebrity, think again. We researched some of the best winter outfit ensembles from your favorite celebrities and found some great affordable alternatives to let you steal their style. Continue reading

How to Dress Like a Hippie

The hippie style is extremely popular these days among both men and women. Hippie style has several advantages related to looks and most importantly comfort. The naturalist element of hippie clothing can really help you portray yourself with confidence. Continue reading

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