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Fashion Tips: Styling Your Best Self at 30

Back in your teens, fashion is a whole new experimentation process. Going through your old pictures or high school yearbook sometimes makes us cringe, right? In your 20s, you spend time looking for the right fit and building a wardrobe complete with the basics. Styling at a young age takes a lot of trial and error, but by the time you reach your 30s, fashion styling becomes a statement; a story of who you are. Continue reading

Comfortable Shoes to Wear in the Office

Dressing up for work isn’t as easy as most of us think. Of course, most of us women would want to prioritize comfort since work clothing is something we wear the entire day. But as we put comfort first, being trendy is mostly left behind. Although there is some truth in this, wearing perfectly fashionable corporate attire while being in your most comfortable self is very possible. Continue reading

How to Dress for a Black Tie Event for Women

Whenever we come across formal invitation to certain events, we usually take a good look at the dress code and actually wonder about it. In all honesty, we all tend to get super excited when a particular event asks you to dress up in a particular way. It’s a pretty good excuse for shopping but it also means getting stressed out on what’s the best possible attire to wear. But then, let’s all admit that there are times that we are totally clueless on what the dress code means! Ever heard of a “Black Tie” event? Men will easily translate that into wearing their tuxedos, but for women – what could it possibly mean?! Continue reading

10 Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couples

Whether it’s about remembering the day or your marriage or merely celebrating your togetherness – anniversaries are pretty essential to many couples all around the globe. It’s not like any ordinary event for celebrating anniversary with your loved one explains so much about the both of you going strong through the years. While celebrating your anniversary with a special someone is quite an exciting moment in a relationship, it can also be a challenge to think of a great way to celebrate each year uniquely. Continue reading

Tips For Mature Women: Simple Ways To Be Romantic

Red roses, chocolates and late night movie dates are usual activities done by couples every Valentine’s day. While spending time with the love of your life is quite enough for you to enjoy already, we have to admit that the usual set of V-day activities can take you into a bore sometimes. This goes out especially for couples who have been together for a long time, married or not. If you’re a women over 30, the usual cutie-patootie date nights might not work for you as how it worked for you ten years ago. If you want something new and exciting for your man this coming Valentine’s day, then we’ve got you covered. Continue reading

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