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10 Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couples

Whether it’s about remembering the day or your marriage or merely celebrating your togetherness – anniversaries are pretty essential to many couples all around the globe. It’s not like any ordinary event for celebrating anniversary with your loved one explains so much about the both of you going strong through the years. While celebrating your anniversary with a special someone is quite an exciting moment in a relationship, it can also be a challenge to think of a great way to celebrate each year uniquely. Continue reading

Tips For Mature Women: Simple Ways To Be Romantic

Red roses, chocolates and late night movie dates are usual activities done by couples every Valentine’s day. While spending time with the love of your life is quite enough for you to enjoy already, we have to admit that the usual set of V-day activities can take you into a bore sometimes. This goes out especially for couples who have been together for a long time, married or not. If you’re a women over 30, the usual cutie-patootie date nights might not work for you as how it worked for you ten years ago. If you want something new and exciting for your man this coming Valentine’s day, then we’ve got you covered. Continue reading

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re having a romantic date or you’re spending your time with your girlfriends, you should look good and feel good on the 14th of February. Valentine’s day is almost around the corner and the town will soon be painted with red. Be ready with the typical Valentines’ culprits— bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates and human-sized teddy bears. Well, lucky enough if you have a special someone.

Continue reading

The Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas You Can Give Him

Chocolates and flowers are traditional Valentine’s gifts that most women find really romantic. Well, truly enough, Valentine’s gifts for women come in so many forms and types that the options are quite limitless! However, when it comes to men, buying them something for Valentine’s day can be a bit of a struggle. The traditional chocolates and flowers combo that works for you may not appeal quite nicely your man! Well, February is going to to greet us in just a few weeks so if you are currently thinking about what to give your man, we’ve got you covered as early as now! Continue reading

Best Wedding Guest Dresses in Spring That Stand Out From the Crowd

A lot of people would definitely agree when we say that spring is the best season to get married. 80% of couples would want to have their dream wedding during spring season and the reason is pretty obvious. Beautiful flowers in its most wonderful blossom and warm weather with less chances of rain are pretty much ideal for an exceptional wedding setup. Since spring season brings us a lot of weddings to attend on our list, you might be wondering about what to wear. Continue reading

Update your Spring Look with These Spring Outfit Formulas

Winter is going to be over soon. Spring will soon be here with all the colors and rejuvenation. It’s a time when every object around us seems to come to life. With the first sign of spring, all the fashion forward girls start to operate their minds in designing their spring wardrobes.  In spring, those additional layers of winter are replaced by short, sassy and vibrant outfits. Before we proceed with some of the best spring outfit formulas, here are some basic rules to follow for dressing up in spring. Continue reading

Figure Flattering Ways to Wear a Bodycon Dress on a Plus Size Body

Body hugging dresses are normally worn by the women with perfect figure. But that does not mean that a plus size should not wear them. This is the time when society should stop judging others from their appearances. No one has the right to tell someone what to wear and what not to wear. A girl should wear what she wants, irrespective of her size. There is no rule in fashion world that says that only a slim and smart girl can wear a bodycon dress. A plus size woman can also rock this sizzling trend. All you need is a body positive attitude. Continue reading

What to Wear to an Office Holiday Party?

Holiday season is all about cheers and celebration. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to wind up all the work before holidays. With all other holiday preparations, sharing this festive feel with others including your colleagues is equally important. Most of the offices are preparing to go for a memorable holiday bash with all the coworkers. When it comes to holiday office party, things do not remain so easy. Especially for women. Finalizing a look for office party is not that easy. Continue reading

Outfits under $150 For a Stylish Look in Holiday

Holiday season is the time for you to catch up with things you have not for a while. Be it family, friends or the special someone, it is the time to spend quality time with them and rekindle the relationship. It is also the time for shopping, especially clothing. With some great sales available from most of the stores during the holiday season, it will be a crime not to shop. So let us take a look at some of the outfits under $150 for the holiday season available at StyleWe. Continue reading

Perfectly styled Two-Piece Winter Outfits for Office

While working in an office, we normally wear a slack or a shirt, some prefer trousers while some opt for leggings. These are the most recommended clothing staples for a casual business look. You have to be more careful while working in a corporate.  Some offices declare a specific dress code. And all the employees are forced to follow that dress code for office. But things can become hard if your office attire does not match your corporate identity. Seasons too, have a very significant role in stocking up your working wardrobe. Continue reading

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