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9 Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces Worn in the Red Carpet

Jewelry will always be one of the most well-loved accessories donned by every woman. These fancy ornaments are the best way to complete a striking statement, but sometimes these accessories come with a hefty price. Despite of the posh value, many women are still enticed to buy these costly items. And we’re talking about millions here, and some celebrities have proven that a million dollar (or even more) is not a problem as long as they look glamorous on the red carpet. So, we give you some of the world’s most expensive jewelry pieces worn in the red carpet. Let’s check who top the rank and if your fave artist made the cut. Continue reading

Legging Outfits: Stylish Tips on Wearing Leggings

If you don’t want to show some skin but you think there’s a need to accentuate your toned legs, then the best outfit for you is the leggings. Leggings have definitely become a prime in creating a remarkable fashion without the need to bare your body. Ranging from the classical monochromes to the printed structures, you’ll certainly have a lot of choices. These fashion necessities are very functional, not just as your workout essential, but also as your trusted fashion ensemble. Continue reading

Skater Dress for Plus Size

With its comfortable fit and womanly flare, skater dresses are definitely the wardrobe essential for plus size women. If you’re a newbie to the fashion world, a skater dress is a dress that features a fitting upper and a flared hemline. Skater dresses are great for all types of women— skinny, petite, toned and plus size. Every girl could wear this dress because of its flattering touch, perfect to reveal your stylish fashion sense. Continue reading

Granny Glasses: The Vintage Eyewear Trend is Back

The vintage ambiance has always been a part of fashion industry. From dresses, shoes, jewelry to other fashion accessories, each new fashion season introduces some retro elements. The granny glasses trend has always been there and it’s still going strong. Granny glasses come in different shapes and styles. These may be in turtle-shell shape, round or rectangle shape. Granny glasses were emerged as a strong style statement in 1960’s, especially after the hippie movement. We all have seen John Lennon (the Beatles) and his partners wearing granny glasses in the hippie era. Continue reading

Trendy Editorial Style Fashion Ideas to Flaunt the Classic Plaid Prints

The forever famous plaid print has always been a constant fashion staple in every person’s wardrobe. Plaid fashion pieces have been around for quite a long time and there is no doubt that plaid pieces are still deemed very fashionable until today. While they can be worn all year round, plaid pieces are usually a personal favorite for many during the fall and winter season. No wonder why we can see almost every person wearing one as the cold season is already here! Continue reading

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