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7 Warming Ways to Amplify Your Knitwear Style this Winter Season

We used to think that knitwear is the type of clothing only limited to our lovely grannies. Well, there’s no more truth in that because this season, these warm knits are in pages of Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to that, Hollywood A-listers walk in their most stylish knitwear left and right which only prove that this upcoming cold winter season truly calls for it. Continue reading

6 Ways to Wear and Style Infinity Scarf This Winter

Fashionistas out there who are looking for the hottest fall trends, we have something special to dress up and dress down in many chicest ways. An infinity scarf promises to get you noticed with a perfect style. It’s a closed loop of fabric that works like magic. The best thing about it, are the various unique ways of tying. Here we have rounded up the top 6 trendiest ways to wear it, that are surely going to show off your funky side. Continue reading

Complete Your Look with The Most Trending Jewelry

Every woman wants to look beautiful and elegant irrespective of age. Using fashion accessories can add an eye-catching sparkle to a simple look. Talking of age, mature women should choose sophisticated but top-of the-line jewelry. Above all the selection must be made keeping in view the occasion, you are going to wear it on. As your age suggests, you don’t have to follow each and every trend that we see on the ramp. Sometimes it’s good to wear classy or antique jewelry too. Here is a comprehensive guide about most trending jewelry for elegant women. Continue reading

How to Wear Booties

Booties are the most powerful fashion evolution ever. I guess there’s not a single fashion icon who can deny this fashion piece. It is a daily fashion element for most of the fashion conscious women. There are so many questions that also arise with boots such as How to wear boots with dresses or how to wear skinny jeans with bootie and so on. You will find a lot of ideas on the web about that. So, here’s a combine discussion of how to wear booties. Continue reading

Swimwear for Women Over 40

Swimwear is an essential fashion piece that only bold and confident women can carry. Well, for women over 40, it can be tougher to choose as you do not hold that young beautiful body of your 20s and must be having age lines. So, you cannot say ‘yes’ to each one of the beautiful pieces that attracts you in the store. There are so many available options for swimwear for women over 40 like plus size swimwear for women, slimming swimwear for women, tummy control bathing suits for women and so on. You can find them on Amazon or any other online shop as well. Continue reading

Easy Workout and Healthy Diet Plan for Busy Moms

A solid exercise routine requires time, effort and determination in order to be successfully carried out. Because of the immense time and effort it needs, having a workout plan can be a struggle for everyone, particularly those who are quite busy. As we all know, moms are the busiest people in the entire universe! They work full-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and sometimes, that is even on top of their secular careers. A workout plan can be extra difficult for our beloved mommies, but believe us, it’s not impossible to carry out a healthy workout and diet routine despite your hectic schedule. Continue reading

2016 Most Stylish Ways to Wear Turtleneck this Fall/Winter Season

As fall/winter approaches fast ahead, more and more turtleneck outfits are making a comeback in our very own wardrobes. In addition to that, the comeback of all these turtleneck clothes is immense as they have become so popular among celebrities and models. Designers have constantly revamped the entire trend by having them in new styles and creatively having them mixed and matched. In this article, we are going to cover up the rising turtleneck trend this year and how to style yours as a pro! If you think turtleneck clothing is a thing of the past, well, not anymore. Continue reading

How to Wear Leggings

Leggings are definitely an every occasion wear, not to mention comfortable. Whether you want to go casual or athletic look or dress up elegantly, leggings will work for you. However, you have to be very careful as to what to pair with them. They are an all season wear, and you can experiment as to what suits you the best. Here are few options of what all can you wear with leggings: Continue reading

Vintage: Embroidered Coats For Fall and Winter Outfit

Embroidery used to be a thing of the past; something that our grannies wear all the time. But this upcoming fall and winter season, stylish embroidered coats are making a huge comeback! If you think embroidery is too old school, think again. The runways have proven that stylish embroidered coats are the new “IT Girl” fashion. Those intricate details and complex patterns make embroidery quite fascinating to look atContinue reading

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