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Puffer Jackets Are Stylish, If You Read These Tips

Puffer coats & jackets have been part of the runway essentials. These outfits create a more dramatic and sophisticated look. But sporting this look can be complicated and you either end up with a chic or crappy fashion statement. Well, erase the fashion woes as we will help you on how to style a puffer coats and jacket in a very trendy manner. Continue reading

Types of Waist Belts and How to Wear Them

Deciding what type of belts to invest in can be a huge task especially since there are many types of belts available in the market. There are many types of attractive purchasable waistbelts from which you can choose what will suit you the best. For any woman waistbelts are one of the most needed and important accessories. Continue reading

Tips on Design Your Own Shoes

If you have flat feet you will need to consider your options more carefully than the average runner. Finding the best or designing your own running shoes for flat feet is not a simple matter and you will need to do your research before finding your perfect pair. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Wear Dress in Winter

This winter season requires some extra wardrobe pieces that need to be layered perfectly in order to keep you warm. In all honesty, styling for the winter season can be a more struggling compared to dressing up for the fall season. The reason is, while you can go layer like a fashionista for winter, it limits your freedom to be more daring in showing skin. Go out in a backless knit dress and you’ll freeze to death! But hey, you don’t have to worry about not being in style for the winter season. We have complied really cool winter pieces for you fresh from the runway and the stars to keep you fashionable yet warm. Continue reading

Knee High Boots Outfits

Wanted to try thigh-high boots, but too scared to try them on? Well, they are a little scary as you have to carry them with confidence and you will look like the fashion icon. Especially, when it is winter and we have to protect our feet from extreme cold. There are lots of options for thigh-high boots, such as Plus size thigh boots or leather thigh-high boots or over the knee boots for women. You can choose for your own. Continue reading

How to Wear Ruffles with Big Breast

Well, so many women feel confused with what to do with their big size breasts. Let me congratulate you at first for having them. Most of the women are dying to have them. So, if you are lucky, then time to peek into your cupboard and look for some different fashion. Decide what you like most, whether to expose your bust lines and be a hot chic or you can prefer to stay hidden. Continue reading

Beret: What Makes It So Fashionable For a Whole Century?

During the autumn/winter seasons, the most stylish item is probably the beret. Neruda once wrote it in his poem: “I remember you as you were in the last autumn. You were the grey beret and the still heart.” And talking about berets, many people will think of the French woman’s yuppie style, like this vintage pictorial appearance, wearing a black beret tilted to one side, matched with red lips. Continue reading

7 Warming Ways to Amplify Your Knitwear Style this Winter Season

We used to think that knitwear is the type of clothing only limited to our lovely grannies. Well, there’s no more truth in that because this season, these warm knits are in pages of Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to that, Hollywood A-listers walk in their most stylish knitwear left and right which only prove that this upcoming cold winter season truly calls for it. Continue reading

6 Ways to Wear and Style Infinity Scarf This Winter

Fashionistas out there who are looking for the hottest fall trends, we have something special to dress up and dress down in many chicest ways. An infinity scarf promises to get you noticed with a perfect style. It’s a closed loop of fabric that works like magic. The best thing about it, are the various unique ways of tying. Here we have rounded up the top 6 trendiest ways to wear it, that are surely going to show off your funky side. Continue reading

Complete Your Look with The Most Trending Jewelry

Every woman wants to look beautiful and elegant irrespective of age. Using fashion accessories can add an eye-catching sparkle to a simple look. Talking of age, mature women should choose sophisticated but top-of the-line jewelry. Above all the selection must be made keeping in view the occasion, you are going to wear it on. As your age suggests, you don’t have to follow each and every trend that we see on the ramp. Sometimes it’s good to wear classy or antique jewelry too. Here is a comprehensive guide about most trending jewelry for elegant women. Continue reading

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