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Vintage: Embroidered Coats For Fall and Winter Outfit

Embroidery used to be a thing of the past; something that our grannies wear all the time. But this upcoming fall and winter season, stylish embroidered coats are making a huge comeback! If you think embroidery is too old school, think again. The runways have proven that stylish embroidered coats are the new “IT Girl” fashion. Those intricate details and complex patterns make embroidery quite fascinating to look atContinue reading

How to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks are not ordinary fashion accessories. A step above the utilitarian button, a cufflink evokes a more elegant era, a time when beauty rather than convenience was the prevailing rule of attire. This anachronistic quality makes cufflinks a bold fashion statement by modern wearers. Continue reading

Trend Alert: Velvet

It’s soft; it’s warm, colorful and definitely the fabric of this season. Can you guess? Yes, we are talking about velvet and it’s back for sure! Once it was 90’s and thanks to designers it’s so 2016’s too these days. It’s in every shape and everywhere this fall and promises to make you stylish and warm. Continue reading

8 Designer Brands for Wedding Shoes: Walk the Aisle in Style

Your very own wedding day is definitely a once in a lifetime moment that will definitely live in people’s memories to treasure for a long time. This is why weddings require immense and very detailed preparations! One of which is the exciting yet daunting hunt for the bride’s wedding attire. From the perfect headpiece, the best wedding gown and the most magical pair of shoes – it is undoubtedly essential to give your big day only the best. Continue reading

Flaunting Floral Dresses in Kate Bosworth Fashion

When you start searching the web for Kate Bosworth’s style, may it be red carpet or street wear, we are pretty sure that you would come across at least five 5 style snaps of Kate wearing gorgeous floral prints. With Kate Bosworth’s lean, model-like physique and irresistible beauty, it does not really come as a surprise that she perfectly flaunts any kind of prints and fabric on her. Continue reading

How To Shop For Ankle Boots?

“These boots were meant for walking,” and they are walking right on up as they always have. Ankle boots and booties are what you should covet and purpose to add to your shoe collection. Question is, what can you pair them with and will they look good on you? Continue reading

12 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Scarf Like a Celebrity

For a fashion aficionado like you, putting all the pieces from your wardrobe is easy as pie. The color blocking and matching of plains and prints are definitely your fascinating ways to style yourself! And as the winter season draws nearer, you’ve got to take out the clothing essentials you need to warm yourself up and match them all with your everyday outfit. Your scarf, for example. You may not have tons of scarves you can wear (or have the oldest ones!) but you absolutely can style them in many different ways. Just like these celebrities!  Continue reading

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