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5 Outrageously Expensive Designer Handbags in the World

When we talk about designer handbags, purses, or whatever you call them, you just can’t deny the fact that these fashion pieces could be worth more than the normal monthly salary range. Despite the very costly value, these timeless or trendy items have become a staple in every woman’s fashion ensemble. And since most of these pieces are downright expensive, you can’t find them on local shops or online platforms. Some are limited collections that should be to ordered directly from the manufacturer. You may have to go through the not-so-normal purchasing processes, and may even have to go an extra mile just to acquire these exceptional items. Continue reading

Fashion Tips: How to look taller When You are Short or Petite

Being short or having a petite body is not a big deal. Problem is the clothing that elevates that short look. A term ‘optical illusion’ is what experts normally suggest for the girls under 5’4. It’s a special technique of wearing clothes that tend to add an elongated feel to your personality. Being a petite girl, there is a lot that you should know about dressing up. Let’s find out. Continue reading

How to Wear a White Dress in a Trendsetting Style

A white dress is timelessly stylish. It was first immortalized by Marylin Monroe in her famous white dress scene from her movie, The Seven Years Itch. All through the years even today, a white dress is in style. Especially, our spring/summer wardrobe is incomplete without a white dress outfit. But most women don’t opt for one, mainly because they believe an all white dress to be the trickiest piece to pull off. If you are running out of ideas and styling tips for a white dress outfit, no worries, here we have enlisted the best suggestions for giving your monochromatic dress, a stylish (not boring) look. Continue reading

10 Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Couples

Whether it’s about remembering the day or your marriage or merely celebrating your togetherness – anniversaries are pretty essential to many couples all around the globe. It’s not like any ordinary event for celebrating anniversary with your loved one explains so much about the both of you going strong through the years. While celebrating your anniversary with a special someone is quite an exciting moment in a relationship, it can also be a challenge to think of a great way to celebrate each year uniquely. Continue reading

Tips on Wearing Wide-Leg Pants for Mature Women

It’s true that nothing is permanent in this world except change. And as you age, sometimes your fashion choices go to an ultimate transformation— from crop tees to baggy sweats or super-skinny jeans to wide-leg pants. That’s inevitable, but you should always be on top of your style. For mature women, it’s not yet over to achieve a chic and fascinating fashion. The fashion world is limitless, and whatever your age, you still have the right to create an exceptional and striking OOTD.

Continue reading

Gorgeous Swimsuit Ideas for Spring Break

It’s that time of the year again and spring break is just around the corner! Our lineup of activities during this season may be very long, but it sure is filled with some exciting events. We all love the sunny, warm weather that spring gives especially when it reaches the hot summer transition. It is also the perfect time to freshen up and take a dip in the pool or in the beach. Continue reading

Best Ways to Wear Jean for Big Thighs

Skinny jeans have been dominating the fashion world from past few years. And these are here to stay. No doubt, girls pull off a sassy and stylish look in skinny jeans but that’s not possible for all body shapes and sizes. Finding the best fitting jeans for the girls with petite body and big thighs (or for athletic ladies with muscular legs) can be quite a demoralizing experience, as sometimes even after strolling into all the stores near you, you barely find some suitable jeans for big thighs. Even if you find one, the next question would be how to wear skinny jeans with big thighs? When you opt for a pair of skinny jeans, it is very important to look and feel comfortable in it. Read on to find the best ways to pull off any type of jeans in the best-looking manner. Continue reading

All the Bra Types You Should Know

There are seriously a lot of bra types. And when we say a lot, it’s something that will really caught you off guard. Technically, there are over 10 different types of bra, ideal for different bust sizes. With this on hand, the right size isn’t just the significant aspect to consider when looking for a bra. You also need to realize the perfect bra type for a particular situation, whether you’re up for a date night or you’re burning your fats on the gym. The best bra will cover and support your breasts, as well as attractively shape your figure. Continue reading

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