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10 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings that Look Immensely Fancy

When it comes to weddings, a lot of us usually stick with what’s traditional. White bridal gown, three-layer ivory cake and plain gold wedding rings – you name it! This also involves engagement traditions when a man proposes down on one knee with the solitaire diamond engagement ring for his love. Of course, sticking to the traditions is always a safe option for everybody but, let’s just admit that not all couples are down to what’s common. Some like it unique and one of a kind, particularly with their engagement ring choices. If you think your woman is someone who likes thinking out of the box, then you might probably want to give her something really special and unique. (Read more about jewelries here: 9 Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces Worn in the Red Carpet) Continue reading

The Wedding Mistakes to Watch Out For

Wedding is a walk that changes your life. Every couple dreams to have a perfect marrige. Is it that easy to arrange an exceptional and fairytale-like wedding? That does not seem easy and can let any one to the end of his wit. But with proper planning and time management, you can dodge a lot of miskaes on your big day. Here we have rounded up a list of most common wedding mistakes. We hope after reading it, you can have a flawless wedding. [Read here: Most Beautiful Weddings of 2016.] Continue reading

30 Ways to Wear ‘Something Blue’ on Your Wedding Day

If you are thinking about a fancy and whimsical motif for your wedding day, the color blue should have probably crossed your mind. Blue is such a serene hue, which most couples find very fitting when it comes to their big day. In addition to that, it is quite sophisticated and magical; making it a versatile color of its own. If you are all set to paint your wedding day a tinge of blue, then you are going to love these unique 30 Ways  to Wear “Something Blue” on your Wedding Day. Continue reading

The Hottest Bridal Trends of 2017

Another year, 2017 has its set of trends bound to kick off as early as January! In terms of fashion and beauty trends, we usually go with the flow as it happens. But, as for those who are planning to tie the knot this year, grand (and very advanced) preparations need to done as early as possible! With this being mentioned, we thank reputable bridal magazines and online wedding portals which have already tapped us on what the latest trends are going to be this year. It’s quite exciting for there are a lot of new trends bound to raise its flags this year! From traditional all-white wedding ensembles to something that embraces a pop of color – we all know it’s going to be much fun this year! Need a bit of trend throwback last year? Here’s something to read: Most Beautiful Weddings of 2016. Continue reading

Wedding Planning 101: Gorgeous Bohemian Theme Ideas

Wedding planning is something most of us find thrilling yet nerve-wracking to do. Of course, your wedding is a once in a lifetime moment since you are going to share it with the love of your life, it is only natural that you want everything to be perfect. Well, first off, you might be thinking of a motif to go with. If you are a couple that embraces such carefree and nature-loving personality, we have a feeling that a Bohemian Wedding is the perfect theme for you! Continue reading

5 Gorgeously Stunning Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Your Wedding Day is one of the most meaningful days in your life. We do believe that this day requires only the best of the best! From the venue, the dress and to its most minute details, everything should be perfect. If you are voluptuous plus-size woman, you should not be discouraged on finding the perfect wedding dress. For every type of body, we are pretty sure that there’s a perfect fit out there. Thinking of a sweet summer wedding? Read here. Continue reading

A Dramatic Evolution Of Wedding Dresses In 100 Years

Every year has its own signature fashion and these wedding dresses went along and did share its own trend. Years have passed but these wedding dresses have outlived those decades of generations without getting out of style. Millions of women have walked down the aisle wearing their gorgeous bridal gowns and not one glance has been stolen away from these beautiful brides. We’ve seen vintage styles but we might not have seen much more. So, have you ever thought how these wedding dresses looked like over the years? 10 years, 20 years, 50 years? Maybe we should go back a little more. 100 years, perhaps? Continue reading

Dos & Don’ts of Summer Wedding Guest Outfit You Would Like to Know

Wedding, it need not be your special day always to give a though about the dressing. Conversely, it also does not mean you must not look gorgeous and make few heads turn. What to wear as summer wedding dress is a bit tricky. This is because even if it is not your wedding, your focus is that with the summer wedding wear, you should not get stressed out. Only then you can find a right groomsman to dance. Continue reading

Most Beautiful Weddings of 2016

Wedding is the celebration of love and friendship. So, everyone wants it to be as memorable as possible. Not just your dresses but each and every detail of the wedding makes the difference. Be it your wedding invitation or the wedding venue, everything counts for a beautiful beginning of ever after. Like every year, 2016 has also seen some of the most beautiful weddings where each and every detail and décor left the spectators in awe. Here we have enlisted the most inspirational wedding ceremonies of 2016. Continue reading

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