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Best Mojito Recipe: 6 Steps to Make the Perfect Mojito

The Mojito is a very traditional recipe of making a cocktail that has been popular among people for a very long time. With time, there have been changes in the flavor and ingredients. The history of mojito is quite debating as there are many statements, which are different from each other. It is mainly originated in Havana, although there are many evidences that origin can differ related to many places. Let’s have a quick glimpse on the best mojito recipe.  Continue reading

The 10 Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings of All Time

Getting married is such a golden occasion for every person’s life. A wedding to celebrate the love of two people is quite a life-changing moment for everyone. But other than your very own wedding, there are several weddings that made a huge impact to society and even labeled them as the most iconic weddings of all time. Well, some of these celebrities and high profile public figures took their weddings into a whole new majestic level. In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings of all time. Continue reading

Creative DIY Decorations to Make this Fall Season

Fall is just around the corner and its gentle chilly breeze can already be felt. A lot of us find this season very exciting and just beautifully enticing to the eyes! If your wardrobe is all set for the fall season, it is also the right time to amp up your home decorations and give it that orange warmth that complements the autumn season. Continue reading

Trending Home Decoration Ideas in 2016

A lot of artistic and avant-garde home decorations have made their way into a lot of people’s homes this year. From oversized metallic accents to granny florals – these particular home decoration ideas couldn’t stop invading social media that is why we couldn’t help but really get our hands on them! It is quite true that picking the best pieces of modern accents to decorate your humble abode is one great way to express your lifestyle through the walls of your home. Continue reading

8 Designer Brands for Wedding Shoes: Walk the Aisle in Style

Your very own wedding day is definitely a once in a lifetime moment that will definitely live in people’s memories to treasure for a long time. This is why weddings require immense and very detailed preparations! One of which is the exciting yet daunting hunt for the bride’s wedding attire. From the perfect headpiece, the best wedding gown and the most magical pair of shoes – it is undoubtedly essential to give your big day only the best. Continue reading

7 Popular Holiday Destinations of 2016

#1 Spain

There’s a reason has Spain has regularly man the top of destination lists for several years. Nestled on the Mediterranean and easily accessible through its extensive travel network, Spain has a lot to offer those that venture into its borders including beautiful islands, enchanting villages, and the beaches and immense culture of Barcelona, [Read about Travel and Styling Tips in Barcelona.] to name a few. With so many places worth visiting in this southern European country, it is possible to travel here several times and not have the same experience twice.



#2 France

France is known for its widespread beauty, cultural landmarks, and deep sense of history that has affected other cultures. As a tourist attraction, it can boast The City of Lights – Paris – which is the top destination for all travelers. You can spend an entire vacation in Paris alone, or venture out to the country’s beaches, or travel to cities like Burgundy, Gascony, and Marseilles to take in the fine cuisine. Plan a skiing vacation in the French Alps or photograph the landscapes of Nice. Wherever you go in Paris, it is sure to be an unforgettable time.



#3 Greece

Greece is a country that has maintained a respect for ancient history while embracing the marvels cultural change and diversity. Known for its extensive chain of islands along the Mediterranean, Greece offers several that are excellent for relaxing the day away and getting off the beaten path. Fans of watersports can jet ski in their many lakes or even island hop at their leisure.



#4 Great Britain

The United Kingdom has been a must-see for centuries and the appeal continues to this day. Aside from the ever-popular London, other places that are worth the trip in the country include Scotland, Wales, and Manchester.

Source: & getty image

Source: & getty image

#5 Italy

There are few countries that have such as rich and deep a history as Italy and this Mediterranean country is perfect for a summer destination, offering thousands of beaches, amazing food, and cultural landscapes that are popular to natives and tourists alike. Must-see cities include Venice, Roma, Florence [Things to do in Florence can be found here], and Bologna. With great seaside resorts and picturesque ancient architecture, Italy is a guaranteed favorite for anyone that goes there.



#6 Croatia

Croatia has been regarded as one of the best kept secrets in all of Europe when it comes to tourist destinations, but that is changing as more and more people discover the beauty and rich history that the country has to offer. With a beautiful Mediterranean coastline, historical city Dubrovnik, and the Viennese influenced Zagreb, Croatia is slated to become an even bigger commodity on the international scene in the coming years.



#7 Thailand

Of all possible Asian destinations, Thailand is arguably one of the favorite destinations because of its location, great countryside, and budget prices. The country has even more to offer including an interesting history, stunning architecture, and tropical climate.


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September 29, 2016
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