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How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip

Summer is here and it’s that perfect time again to plan a road trip. As the weather becomes a bit friendlier, road trips become more and more ideal especially among friends. It’s a kind of a unique, spontaneous journey that you share with people in order to have fun while strengthening relationships. In addition to that, road trips can leave you footprints of great memories to share and go back to. However, it is true that road trips can either be a fun journey or a disaster. We are pretty sure you have already heard your fair share of road trip horror stories! Well, in this article, we would like to share some tips in order for you and your friends to experience the perfect road trip. No hassle, no stress – only fun, friendship and excitement! If you feel like planning a road trip with your group of friends soon, here’s an article you shouldn’t miss. Continue reading

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip is quite a revitalizing and learning experience not only for kids, but for adults as well. Now that summer is quickly approaching, planning a camping trip easily goes to mind. While going on a camping trip is definitely a journey jampacked with adventures, planning a successful one requires time and effort. It is true that spontaneity is good in terms of trips like camping. However, when you are going on a camping trip with a bigger group, most especially including kids, careful planning is an absolute must. With a well-planned camping trip, you and your family will be able to make the most of every moment – with no hassle and stress included! Here are some easy tips to put on your planning checklist before going on a camping trip. Continue reading

Travelling Around the World with Heidi Hetzer

At age 79, Heidi Hetzer is still out and about to venture the unknown. This grandma is not your average senior as she is showing the whole world that it’s never too late to continue your passion— travelling the world with her beloved car, Hudo. The two are downright inseparable and has driven a lot of places— from Europe, down to Middle East, through China, across Asia and Australia. And up to the present time, the two are conquering the roads with vigor and happiness.

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15 Best Vacation Destinations in Winter

Winter is the time of the year you just cannot get out of bed. It is the time when you want to hibernate your way through. It is also the time when a lot of holidays come through your way, making it the time to meet and spend quality time with your family, friends and your better half. But instead of spending the whole time in your home, you can go to some amazing vacation destination suitable for winter season. So let us take a look at fifteen best destination vacations in winter. Continue reading

10 Biggest Christmas Events All Around the World

Christmas is a huge event celebrated by many countries all across the globe. Many people see it as a religious tradition and some see it as a cultural event. As December approaches, the list of festive events a lot of people are about to attend are becoming endless! Gift-giving, colorful lights, scrumptious Christmas eve meals – all of which are observed whenever Christmas events are commemorated. Whatever part of the world you may be in right now, one thing is for sure – December is the most colorful and festive month of the year! In this article, we have searched for the biggest Christmas events that are observed all over the world. You may want to include some destinations here for your holiday travels! Continue reading

7 Popular Holiday Destinations of 2016

#1 Spain

There’s a reason has Spain has regularly man the top of destination lists for several years. Nestled on the Mediterranean and easily accessible through its extensive travel network, Spain has a lot to offer those that venture into its borders including beautiful islands, enchanting villages, and the beaches and immense culture of Barcelona, [Read about Travel and Styling Tips in Barcelona.] to name a few. With so many places worth visiting in this southern European country, it is possible to travel here several times and not have the same experience twice.



#2 France

France is known for its widespread beauty, cultural landmarks, and deep sense of history that has affected other cultures. As a tourist attraction, it can boast The City of Lights – Paris – which is the top destination for all travelers. You can spend an entire vacation in Paris alone, or venture out to the country’s beaches, or travel to cities like Burgundy, Gascony, and Marseilles to take in the fine cuisine. Plan a skiing vacation in the French Alps or photograph the landscapes of Nice. Wherever you go in Paris, it is sure to be an unforgettable time.



#3 Greece

Greece is a country that has maintained a respect for ancient history while embracing the marvels cultural change and diversity. Known for its extensive chain of islands along the Mediterranean, Greece offers several that are excellent for relaxing the day away and getting off the beaten path. Fans of watersports can jet ski in their many lakes or even island hop at their leisure.



#4 Great Britain

The United Kingdom has been a must-see for centuries and the appeal continues to this day. Aside from the ever-popular London, other places that are worth the trip in the country include Scotland, Wales, and Manchester.

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Source: & getty image

#5 Italy

There are few countries that have such as rich and deep a history as Italy and this Mediterranean country is perfect for a summer destination, offering thousands of beaches, amazing food, and cultural landscapes that are popular to natives and tourists alike. Must-see cities include Venice, Roma, Florence [Things to do in Florence can be found here], and Bologna. With great seaside resorts and picturesque ancient architecture, Italy is a guaranteed favorite for anyone that goes there.



#6 Croatia

Croatia has been regarded as one of the best kept secrets in all of Europe when it comes to tourist destinations, but that is changing as more and more people discover the beauty and rich history that the country has to offer. With a beautiful Mediterranean coastline, historical city Dubrovnik, and the Viennese influenced Zagreb, Croatia is slated to become an even bigger commodity on the international scene in the coming years.



#7 Thailand

Of all possible Asian destinations, Thailand is arguably one of the favorite destinations because of its location, great countryside, and budget prices. The country has even more to offer including an interesting history, stunning architecture, and tropical climate.


Triston Brewer
September 29, 2016
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