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All You Want to know about Naked Cake for Wedding

Our weddings are incomplete without wedding cakes. It’s a tradition that is being followed since ages. Even today weddings seem impossible without cakes. In the past few years, we have noticed some evident changes in cakes’ style. The traditional outer layer of icing and buttercream is replaced by round and exposed sides. Bare cake trend is quite in, these days. From celebrities to common people everyone who wants something untraditional, opts for a naked wedding cake. Continue reading

Healthy Living: 10 Amazing Foods Good for Digestion

We are all quite guilty of not having to watch our food intake on a regular basis. With this very busy generation we currently live in, most of us tend to rely on unhealthy dishes as they are the ones easiest to get a hold of. Little do we notice that piling our system with greasy, unhealthy fast foods greatly contribute to our digestion process. Apart from this, medical reasons and lack of exercise may be some of the culprits on why we experience indigestion. Our digestive system involves a very intricate process for our body to break down food in order for us to get the nutrients we need. If you think you’ve been experiencing indigestion or constipation more often, then it goes to show that you probably need a change in your diet. Continue reading

20 Foods to De-stress yourself

Eating more than your normal diet, when stressed, is a common practice. Many people feel better when they eat during a stressed phase of life. While trying to de-stress their minds, they tend to stuff their mouths with unhealthy (junk) foods. All they gain is a timely relief and a lot of extra calories. This whole situation seems quite hilarious. In spite of that we cannot deny the fact that there are certain anti-stress food items that come with calming properties. And if taken properly, they can actually make you feel better. Here we have rounded up 20 stress-busting foods, let’s read on more about them. Continue reading

10 Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes You Must Try

Even though the greens make our meals extra nutritional, we do not prefer to have it because of the difference in taste. It is the common habit of human being to sneak in greens to make the meals healthy. And we are no stranger to making our smoothies any different either. But it is rarely likely that we enjoy our greens in our smoothies. Yes, we do take a sip or a few just cause of the nutrient factor, but it is not on a usual basis, and we always shy away from it whenever we get a chance. So, here are a few ways to make your smoothie both healthy and tasty at the same time, some recipes you can always try out. Continue reading

Best Chocolate Martini Recipe Ever

Parties are a great way to socialize. It helps us celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, weddings and much more. These parties help us to get to know more people who arrive, share a good time with them and have a lot of fun. But what is fun in a party without drinks? Well, nothing. That is why almost all the parties involve a counter for drinks, mostly cocktails. One of the cocktails that stand out above the rest during most of the parties is Chocolate Martini. With the small addition of chocolate over James Bond’s favorite drink, Chocolate Martini has proven to be a crowd pleaser. So here, let us take a look at some of the Chocolate Martini recipes you can use while hosting a party. Continue reading

Low-Carb Holiday Recipes

The holiday season and that means to be with your friends and family to celebrate the simple joys of life. What are celebrations without food? The holidays would end up being blunt without the great cuisines prepared by our grandmothers or mothers. But everything that we eat during this period shows up at our waists, making it a very guilty experience. So to spare everyone from the guilt trip, let us take a look at some of the low-carb recipes you can serve this holiday. Continue reading

10 Best Foods that Benefit Your Skin and Recipes

We fill our diet with food that is good for our daily functioning and prevents our major organs such as heart, kidney, from any diseases and make it work at its peak. But most of the time we forget about our skin and it is usually really late that we realize we are not taking care of it properly. We forget that skin is an important part of our personality and requires proper attention. So here are ten wonderful foods that will give you a great skin. Continue reading

Limoncello Recipe that is Just Simple

A limoncello recipe is something that is extremely simple. The cooking time and preparation needed isn’t much… A person will barely spend 15 to 20 minutes on each process. As you will see a bit later on, it’s the ageing process that takes a lot of time. If you are planning to through a party in about 3 weeks then it’s probably best you begin preparing your limoncello now. A delicious limoncello recipe much like other recipes that involve liquor need to be aged correctly. Any rush in the ageing process can leave the end product severely lacking in taste. For more drinks and cookies, please check the best food ideas. Continue reading

6 Aperol Spritz recipes to Have in Your Repertoire

If you are pretty tired of the usual cocktails you get in a bar then we have some amazing cocktail recipes for you. If you are the type to not drink much when you go out then we’ve got you covered as well with our delicious Aperol Spritz recipe. If you are like most folks then 90% of the time you are going to order a mojito when you head into a cocktail bar. If you are feeling adventurous at some point, we have some amazing recipes for you to try out at home. If you are a bartender yourself then these are a must have in your repertoire to succeed and provide your customers with a special experience.  Continue reading

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