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The Ten Best Movies of 2016

In this era of life in the fast lane, people generally give a lot of importance for entertainment. Even though people do not have much time to spare from work or the other activities they involve in, they do find time now and then to sit down and find something they can watch and relax. That is the reason why movies have never lost its charm among humans. With that in mind, let us take a look at the ten best movies of 2016. Continue reading

A Glimpse of Zelda Fitzgerald’s Fashion ‘Z:The Beginning of Everything’

If you are a fan of period drama series that takes place somewhere in the 20s to 40s, then here’s another TV series to watch out for. Amazon Prime just dropped the trailer for a new period drama series titled “Z: The Beginning of Everything”. The drama series focuses on Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald whose character is going to be played by no other than Christina Ricci. The plot of the drama series will run through Zelda’s life prior to meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald, who later became her husband. Continue reading

Classic Christmas Movies of All Time

There’s no stopping as the clock is too close to the most festive season of the year— Christmas. Bright lights, joyous cheers and warm greetings, well, that’s the best thing about Christmas. And every country in the world has its own way of spending this very significant period of the year. Now, let’s take a walk through the greatest classic Christmas movies of all time. It’s time to turn your cold Christmas nights into a warm movie marathon! Continue reading

10 Child Stars Then and Now

Nerdy, clumsy, cute and awkward, kids have different looks. No one can predict what would they look like, when grown up. Some meagre-looking kids grow up to be handsome and stocky men, while some overweight kids turn in to sleek and stylish hunkies. Same is the case with some of our famous celebrity child stars who turned into drop-dead gorgeous A-lister celebrities. Checkout our list of top 10 child stars. Continue reading

Café Society:A Look at Hollywood in 1930s

The glitz and glamour that the old Hollywood brought us have always been quite a fascinating time, most particularly in fashion. If 2013 brought us into a major Hollywood glam time travel with The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo di Caprio, this year has Woody Allen’s Café Society. Continue reading

Fashion Steals from Netflix’s House of Cards

If there’s a really remarkable series to fully describe the ins and outs of today’s politics, it would be no other than House of Cards. House of Cards is a political drama web television series that covers how Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) takes different measures to achieve power in the government. In addition to this, the plot also revolves around his wife who helps him carry out his elaborate political plans. In their classic political journey, they start to meet new people – friends and enemies. Continue reading

8 Classic Female Movie Characters for Your Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of the year again when everybody can dress up fancy to be who they want to be! November is just around the corner, which means Halloween parties are going to be a thing that you have to attend from here to there. We have already listed the cutest Halloween Costumes for kids. However do you already have a character for yourself in mind? Or have you already prepared your costume for that star you are trying to go for? Well if not yet, there is no need for your to worry.  Continue reading

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