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5 Top Ideas on Knowing How to Match Blazer Jackets

When it comes to suits, many people should still stay in the stereotype of serious stereotypes, but now the suits are not the same. It is no longer the coat of white-collar workers, nor synonymous with the sale of insurance, it re-rolled the entire fashion circle in a new and fashionable way, and this autumn and winter even became the existence of the tyrant. Stepping into the fall and winter, Blazer can be said to be a fashion item that is very popular whether it is fashionable or not. The design of most blazers is not very attractive, and nowadays designers prefer to try different prints on blazers, which is why blazers are so popular. Before introducing the blazer style, let us talk about which items are the best companion for blazer!

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List of the Funniest Movies on Netflix

Laughing one’s heart out is what everyone wants in today’s stressful life. What could be a better option to get an escape from the worries and hard-hitting realities of life than watching some really funny comedy flicks. When it comes to comedies, there is a never-ending list of funny movies to watch. The excitement doubles if you choose Netflix for it. We recommend Netflix movies because this medium not just provides a variety of entertainment but most of all, you do not have to watch commercials during any show. So, without further ado, sift through our list of funniest movies picked from Netflix catalog and choose the one (or two, three, four…) you are going to enjoy this weekend night with friends or family (don’t forget to have your bowl of buttery popcorns).

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Sex and the City: Great Friends & Great Fashion Live Forever

How many life theories and pieces of advice have we learnt from this cult TV show? We have to admit: lots of them. But hey, who’s to blame when it was the most popular girl’s TV show for ages (not really sure if there will ever be a similar show, with such an impact).  Nevertheless, let’s forger the life changing love and guy hints, and let’s focus on their style. Whether they were sipping Cosmo’s, or maybe shopping and strolling the beautiful New York streets, Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha were all dressed top notch. Each one had her own touch to the style, adding a bit of a hint of her character actually. Continue reading

15 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Life is incomplete without entertainment. And when we talk of entertainment, cinema comes first. Each year, we are amused with a number of high quality movies. Some are good while others are EXCEPTIONAL (Just like ‘LA LA LAND in 2016). All the cinema goers keenly await the most promising upcoming flicks.

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Fashion Movie: The Wings of the Dove

The classic love story based on the 1902 novel “The Wings of the Dove” by Henry James is truly a captivating story of love that intertwines the lives of three people – Kate, Merton and Millie. It has a very memorable plot, in which it created twists and turns all throughout the usual love story. The movie itself is an exquisite adaptation and if you are into classic films, it is definitely something not to miss. Continue reading

5 Must-Watch Fashion Movies

The fashion world is more than just glamorous dresses and chic runway models. The business itself, despite being immensely huge and successful, is full of complexities and hardships as well. A lot of big names in the industry like Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent started from scratch before being household names – not to mention all the struggles they had to go through. Continue reading

Fascinating Fashion Lessons from La La Land

With over 40 prominent awards and recognition from different prestigious film awarding associations like Golden Globes, SAG Awards, BAFTA Awards and Academy Awards, La La Land is definitely one of the most iconic movies of all time. And when we say iconic, it’s not just about the story line and the characters, but also the fashion lessons you can get from the movie. The La La Land fashion has seriously created abuzz in the fashion world, and you’ll certainly appreciate how the actors and actresses pulled of the charming Hollywood style. Continue reading

Top 15 Romantic Movies of All Time

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, and whether you have a date or not, movie marathon is apparently one of the best things to do on this rather special date. Well, of course, the top-rated movie genre during Valentine’s is anything that is associated with romance, be it a happy-ending or a tragic love story. Continue reading

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