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Emma Watson: A Walkthrough in her Career and Fashion Timeline

Today’s vast entertainment industry is filled with countless amazing actresses who perfectly excel in their craft. But while there are just so many huge names that echo in Hollywood today, we can only spot a few who really explored things beyond acting. In this article, we would like to celebrate an actress’ dramatic transition in terms of her life and career. More than acting and modeling, she is an activist who fights side by side with billions of women around the world. She battles for the rights of women suffering from inequality and discrimination all across the globe. Continue reading

Celebrities Known For their Hourglass Bodies

If you think skinny is sexy, bet you haven’t met these individuals with the best hourglass figures. From the classical Marilyn Monroe to the iconic Jennifer Lopez, these personas got a body to drool for. Well, it’s either they have natural curves or they worked hard for it. Before you head on to the gym, make these curvaceous icons your ultimate #bodygoals! Continue reading

The Glam and Luxury of 50s: Eva Gabor

The 1950s high society scene is all about luxury, glam and lavish lifestyle. Alongside prominent public figures and famous celebrities come glamorous socialites like Eva Gabor. Eva Gabor is a well-respected public figure and is a common face in high society meetings back then. In addition to having such a high profile background, Eva is also a successful businesswoman, an actress, comedienne and singer. Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston:The loveliest Hollywood Heroine

Jennifer Aniston, one of the most beautiful actresses there is, was born on 11th February 1969. She is the daughter of actors Nancy Dow and John Aniston.  Her father is known for his role of Victor Kiriakis on the then popular daytime show “Days Of Our Lives”. She lived for a year in Greece and then in New York where her family located. She was nine years old when her parents got divorced. Continue reading

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