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Fabulous and Fashionable: See High Fashion Style the Russian Way

Whenever we talk about fashion models and we see them walk the runway, chances are our eyes would come across a couple of models from Russia. Without a doubt, Russia is the home of many beautiful, model-material ladies! Another thing to note about them is that they are more than just good looks; they know how to step up their fashion game too. Apart from Fashion Week runways, these gorgeous Russian girls have been conquering print ads, red carpet appearances, social media and blog sites too! We have browsed all over the web and found so many fashion gems that will surely make you swoon. In this article, we have listed these gorgeous Russian ladies that you should follow right now if you really want to amplify your fashion taste. Continue reading

Celebrities Who Look Gorgeous Even Without Makeup

We have to admit that at this point in time, a lot of us women rely on makeup. With the beauty industry being at its peak the past few years, it’s not surprising to know that a huge percentage of female population wear makeup. A lot of us women have found happiness in buying and wearing cosmetics for it allows us to express ourselves while also giving us a sense of empowerment. Continue reading

Adorable and Stylish Looks of Harper Beckham

As the only daughter of the well-loved couple, Posh and Becks, Harper Beckham is definitely one great treasure in the family. Ever since she opened her eyes to the world way back July 10, 2011, she already captured the snooping eyes of the public. Well, this adorable 5-year old lass got her genes from a SpiceGirl-turned-fashionista mommy and a renowned/ hot footballer daddy. She is also blessed with three equally-handsome older brothers, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Continue reading

Plus Size Styling Tips From Adele

‘I don’t make music for eyes I make music for ears.’

Exactly! Ever since her debut as a singer, Adele has proven her worth as an artist through her exceptional talent, and not her physical appearance. Weight has nothing to do with her success, making her an epitome of an inspirational woman, who conquered the prying eyes of the current generation. Continue reading

The Stylish Life of Sophia Loren

Born as Sofia Villani Scicolone, Sophia Loren is known for her roles in hit movies: Two Women, Yesterday, Marriage Italian Style Sunflower, Today and Tomorrow,  The Voyage and  A Special Day. Her exceptional characters gave her the record of having the most number of David di Donatello Awards for Best Actress. Not only that, she also received a lot of nominations, awards and recognition during the course of her acting stint. Continue reading

Emma Watson: A Walkthrough in her Career and Fashion Timeline

Today’s vast entertainment industry is filled with countless amazing actresses who perfectly excel in their craft. But while there are just so many huge names that echo in Hollywood today, we can only spot a few who really explored things beyond acting. In this article, we would like to celebrate an actress’ dramatic transition in terms of her life and career. More than acting and modeling, she is an activist who fights side by side with billions of women around the world. She battles for the rights of women suffering from inequality and discrimination all across the globe. Continue reading

Celebrities Known For their Hourglass Bodies

If you think skinny is sexy, bet you haven’t met these individuals with the best hourglass figures. From the classical Marilyn Monroe to the iconic Jennifer Lopez, these personas got a body to drool for. Well, it’s either they have natural curves or they worked hard for it. Before you head on to the gym, make these curvaceous icons your ultimate #bodygoals! Continue reading

The Glam and Luxury of 50s: Eva Gabor

The 1950s high society scene is all about luxury, glam and lavish lifestyle. Alongside prominent public figures and famous celebrities come glamorous socialites like Eva Gabor. Eva Gabor is a well-respected public figure and is a common face in high society meetings back then. In addition to having such a high profile background, Eva is also a successful businesswoman, an actress, comedienne and singer. Continue reading

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