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6 Gorgeous Spring Hairstyles that You Can Do in Just 5 Minutes!

A change in hairstyle can fully transform your look, but not all of us have the luxury of time to truly give our hair a dramatic makeover. Most of us can only afford to take less than an hour to prepare before heading to work! Well, if you are wondering if it is actually quite possible to give your hair a few tweaks and tricks to give you a change in your look from time to time; all without spending so much time and money, then YES, it is very possible! You do not have to go to the salon nor spend an hour and a half blow drying and ironing your hair to perfection. This article has got you covered! Give your hair a gorgeous style transformation in just 5 minutes! Continue reading

Complete Your Look with Trendiest Hairstyles for Spring 2017

A classy outfit, trendy makeup and fashionable accessories, even all of it together, can’t complete your look unless you have a heavenly hairstyle. A hairstyle helps define your look. Hairstyles keep on changing. Each season, we are introduced to latest and trendy hairdos. Fashion runways and celebrity styles are the biggest inspirations for fashion forward women. Winter will soon be gone and we’ll be welcoming the colorful spring. Which hairstyles would go the best with our spring 2017 look? No worries. Following are the most sought after and recommended hairstyles to wear in spring 2017. Continue reading

Favorite Products for Dry and Damaged Hair with Reviews

For your hair to be vibrant and glossy, it has to contain the right moisture so that it remains healthy, healthy, shiny and vigorous. There are a several ways in which your hair gets damaged and dries up ranging from your regular, the effect of the sun as you tan your body to the use of inappropriate hair care products. Good news is that there are over a million products to rejuvenate your hair back to its bright, healthy state. At times, you may require using a combination of the hair care products to achieve the desired texture and appearance. Here is an overview some of the top hair care products you can turn to whenever necessary. Continue reading

Hair Color Transformations of Celebrities

If you’re dead tired with your dull hair, get your keys and head on the nearest salon! Darling, don’t be afraid with change because it is the only permanent thing in the world, literally.Play with colors and embrace uniqueness, just like these celebrities who proved that a new hair color can drastically and positively change your get-up, and even your outlook in life. Today is the best time to turn those boring hair color into a gorgeous shade. Continue reading

Tips For Long Hair:Beach Waves Hair

So you’ve decided that you want to grow your hair long. Good for you – I once read somewhere, and agree wholeheartedly, that long hair is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. You’ll need a lot of patience to get there, and this is part of the reason why long hair is so highly prized. So what are the necessary steps you need to take in order to get that long, luscious mane you desire? Continue reading

How to Make Hair Bows

Wearing bows for many of us is like going back to those school days. We used to make two braids and wear bows to look like a pretty school girl. But, did you know that it is possible to look stylish with bows and not look like a teenager? You just need to know the right way to wear a bow. There are so many hair bow style or tutorials in Cosmopolitan or Brit+Co on how to wear hair bows and easy hair bow styles. These tricks are to make you look chic and stylish, at the same time, not immature. Let’s have a look at some hair bow styles or how to make hair bows: Continue reading

How to Cut Bangs Hairstyle

Getting a new hairstyle with a bang is fun. If you know how to cut bangs, it will be easy to bring a change without wasting your money. But, have you ever thought how much you are paying to your stylist? Cutting a bang can be a little tough for the beginner. Also, nobody should try it for any special occasion for the first time. Once you get used to it, this is just as easy as you may never have thought. So, today we are going to discuss about some of the easy techniques of cutting bangs. Continue reading

5 Gorgeous Gray Hairstyles in Style

Are you tired of your boring black hair? Fret no more! Black is out, gray is in. If you are having your first gray hairs, don’t worry about it. You can still look awesome even with such unconventional color. Gray hairs have become very attractive. It is now one of the most interesting hair trends in the current generation. We’ve listed some gorgeous gray hairstyles that might just be the reason for you to color your hair in a heartbeat. Get out of the norms and try a unique hair color, even for once! Continue reading

8 Gorgeous Trendy Hairstyles for Long Hair this 2016

In our previous blog post, we talked about the 8 Trendy Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair, today, we are going to show some love with our gorgeous long tresses with this list of trendy hairstyles that you can go try out this season. In fact, having long locks gives you endless possibilities in styling your hair! Do not settle for just trying your hair up in a bun or going for sleek straight hair all the time because we have gathered all these beautiful celebrities for you to get inspired from. If you have beautiful long locks and have always wondered what kinds of hairstyles would look good on you, here’s an article for you to read. Continue reading

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