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10 Fashionable Braids to Try for Short Hair

The summer heat is here! We are pretty sure you have been itching to chop those long tresses off for a fresh, new short hairdo. Well, cutting your hair short isn’t a very easy decision to make because once you go for it, there’s no turning back. In addition, you are probably thinking about how your choice of hairstyles would be so limited once you go short. One of the most popular hairstyles you are going to most likely miss is doing braids on your hair. It’s easy to braid your hair if you have got long tresses. However, it may seem sort of impossible to do so if you are a short-haired girl. But hey, that’s not true at all! You can definitely try out so many types of fashionable summer braids even if you have short hair. Curious on what these styles are? Then you only have to keep on scrolling down! Continue reading

How Often Should You Cut your Hair?

What should be the time period of a regular haircut, a woman should have? We all have been grown up to a myth that states the period of 6 to 8 weeks is an ideal time for regular haircut (for all hair types). But with all the advancement in the field of health and beauty, these basic concepts too are being changed. How can we apply a single rule for all types of hair with different lengths? The span of haircut should differ with each hair type. To know more about it, read on the info given below.

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15 Low Maintenance Haircuts You Can Try this Summer Season

It’s pretty enticing to copy the hairstyles you see as you flip the pages of Vogue and so you go to your favorite hair salon to have the same haircut copied. It’s easy to get obsessed over your haircut as soon as you step out of the salon and the obsession may go on for a couple of more days. However, as days go by, you may have probably noticed how difficult it is to maintain. It’s not as gorgeous as how it was the first few days and soon enough, you realize you have to chop it all over again just to maintain it! Continue reading

Learn from Celebrities: 15 Trendy Ways to Wear Center-Part Hairstyles

We have to admit, center-part hairstyles are not always very flattering. This hairstyle is pretty much a make or break situation as it can either create an edgy look or an outdated comedian-inspired look. But then again, once you get to master how to style a center-part hairdo in a way that truly suits your features, you are definitely going to own it! There are numerous center-part hairstyles than can truly make your prominent features stand out. After all, a symmetrically divided hairdo is one of the easiest ones to pull off. Are you wondering how can you flaunt such easy hairdo the best and chicest way possible? Take a look at these celebrities who have been flaunting center-part hairstyles in front of the cameras! Continue reading

Best Haircuts for Thick Hair

Do you happen to have thick hair or thin hair? Do you like having thick hair or you’d rather have thinner mane? People have varied preferences when it comes to their hair. While some people love thick locks, others do not count themselves blessed for having thick hair. Why?

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Top 5 Methods to Get Rid of Split Ends

If you notice the tips of your hair cut or split in two, this is what you call a split end. Aside from the hair tips being split, this condition is also characterized by dry and weak hair strands. In short, split ends are sure signs of hair damage and this means trouble.

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Find Out What Hair Color Will Suit You Best Before Your Next Appointment

Isn’t it just amazing how you can change your hair to any color your heart desires without having anyone toss rude remarks and comments your way?  Well, despite all of the freedom people have when it comes to hair color choices, there are still quite a few people that are terrified of changing their hair color.  This hair color phobia is mostly because they are afraid of looking terrible after choosing a wrong color.  They end up stuck with the same dull hair for years even though they desperately long for an improvement.  If you want to change your look a bit but are terrified of choosing a color that doesn’t suit you then you have come to the right place because this is a perfect guide to finding a color that is most likely to suit you. Continue reading

15 Summer Hairstyles You Should Try 2017

Summer is just around the corner and we are pretty sure you are already thinking of gearing up for your next beach getaway! Well, apart from your sexy swimwear and fancy summer destination, there’s one more thing you definitely want to prepare for – your hairstyle! Enough of the usual high-up ponytail and let’s do something more exciting for this year’s summer season. These gorgeous celebrities have been flaunting theirs and you wouldn’t want to miss out on their gorgeous hairdos. If you want to stay trendy, then here are some celebrity-inspired summer hairstyles you may want to try for yourself. Enjoy our list! Continue reading

Why Balayage Hair is the New Hair Trend

Looking for a new and catchy hair transformation? Well, it’s time to try the trendiest hair coloring method in town— balayage. Balayage is a French word that means sweeping or painting. And in the hair salon industry, balayage is a hair coloring technique that features soft, smooth, and natural looking highlights through the use of the hands.

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