Cate Blanchett: Enviable Actress

How come actresses never age? Cate Blanchett is surely a great example with the previous trait. She looks stunning and we know it. It is not that she looks artificial, she simply knows how to emphasize her features in a natural way, and that is probably how she ages so gracefully.
Catherine Elise Blanchett is one of the most famous actresses from Australia, and she is known for her delicate beauty. She has subtle face features, with her beautiful and unique blue eyes, blonde locks and alabaster pale skin (which is probably saved from sun damage with slathering SPF cream ritually). Nonetheless, it is known that actresses are known for their outstanding fashion sense, especially on the red carpet, where they resemble true fashion queens and princesses.

#1 Cate Blanchett’s Cocktail Look
Cate Blanchett's Cocktail Look

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Cate respects the quality and beauty of evergreen fashion statements, such as the black and white outfit. She opted for a more fluid and subtle approach, with the beautiful, medium décolleté blouse that is not body conscious, and it is gently flowing with the body. Plus, she chose the pretty peplum skirt to make it even classier. And what’s more, she made a perfect choice by adding a touch of glitter with an eye catching thin waist belt.

#2 Cate Blanchett’s Night Out Look
Cate Blanchett's Night Out Look

Source: shutterstock

All black outfits complement Cate’s pale skin so perfectly. Darker skinned ladies also go well with black, but the biggest contrast is made with pale skin. A mesh top is made to go with a good leather jacket on top, and Cate paired it with an interesting skirt to finish the look.

#3 Cate Blanchett’s Work Look
Cate Blanchett's Work Look

Source: shutterstock

Although this look was worn for a film presentation, the eye catching top is office appropriate too. It does not expose the cleavage, and although it has a graphic print, it is quite work appealing too. The silhouette of it is interesting too, with it being tight in the shoulders and widening down. Paired with black cigarette trousers, a minimalistic approach is given to the look.

#4 Cate Blanchett’s Red Carpet Look
Cate Blanchett's Red Carpet Look

Source: shutterstock

Cate truly looks like a Greek goddess here. The dress is so feminine that it is really Aphrodite worthy. The dress is in a bright blue color, which fantastically matches Cate’s charming eyes. And of course, Cate knew how to add a catchy accessory to the look, and in this case that was a pair of beautiful antique vintage hoop ornament earrings.

#5 Cate Blanchett’s Special Occasion Look
Cate Blanchett's Special Occasion Look

Source: shutterstock

Cate knows how to add sparkle to basic garments, such as the borrowed from the boys tuxedo and pants. Not only did she give a new texture and color to the classic black suit, but she also made it sexier than usual.

#6 Cate Blanchett’s Summer Evening Dress
Cate Blanchett's Summer Evening Dress

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Besides that this is greatly done as a red carpet look, we think a long blue white dress can be pulled off by more sophisticated ladies for a summer evening with your beloved.

#7 Cate Blanchett’s Meeting Look
Cate Blanchett's Meeting Look

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This could be pulled off perfectly for a formal meeting. This is another perfect black and white ensemble done by Cate, but this time it is emphasized with a statement necklace instead of a statement belt. We approve both ways!

#8 Cate Blanchett’s Evening Look
Cate Blanchett's Evening Look

Source: shutterstock

This is something that even older ladies would find interesting for evening if they want to stand out. This is a unique dress with an even more unique print to it.

#9 Cate Blanchett’s Day Look
Cate Blanchett's Day Look

Source: shutterstock

Now this is perfect for a day to day basis stroll, and you had enough of sneakers and leisure wear. The blazer is laid back, and it is paired with white trousers for a sophisticated touch.

If you want to achieve the overall Cate look, try to switch the skirts with trousers for a more laid back look, and to have long dresses of similar design shorter in order to make them wearable! Remember, style is all about the mind! Are you into fashion style for mature women? Check out Meeting Women Over 50 with Fabulous StyleElegant Fall Fashion for Women Over 50

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