Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Buffalo chicken dip is one of the most nutritional dishes that are used mainly in parties. It can be simply made within a very short time. Or you can have it for your breakfast along with other 8 breakfast ideas to refresh your day. So, you can also try this recipe with limited ingredients for a quick rich meal in different occasions. Let’s have a look at the procedure:

Six ingredients are needed mainly to make Buffalo Chicken Dip. 

  1. Chicken (1 cup or more)
  2. Cream cheese
  3. Buffalo wing sauce (half cup)
  4. Butter (1 ts)
  5. Crumbles of cheese (half cup)
  6. Shredded cheese (one cup)
  7. How to make buffalo chicken dip recipe

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Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe Step 1:

To make this dish, you need the chicken to be well-cooked before you prepare other things. So, you must hit your oven up to three fifty degrees. To ensure, you get your oven completely heated and ready, it needs to be pre-heated. Also, don’t forget to make your cheese a little hot as you will be needing them for mixing with others as well.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Step 2:

Now, you need your butter in a mixing form (liquid form). So, you can keep them in the microwave for a very short time. You need to mix the sauce with that and don’t spend much time at this stage as you cannot cook them now. Keep in mind the time to melt the butter so you don’t destroy the whole thing.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Step 3:

You will be mixing the chicken with the sauce in order to create a coating of sauce on the chicken. In this case, you can overlook the amount if the coating remains extra. Because it will only make the coating more perfect with the chicken. It is recommended to mix warm chicken (not frozen) and you can use your oven once again in this purpose.


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Buffalo Chicken Dip Step 4:

It is a cheesy stage indeed while you need to mix all the cheese in a very good blending way. You must mix these cheese with the sauce so well that it can coat the chicken well. You can mix it layer by layer on the chicken. You have to separate the cheese into half as later on you need to make a top layer of cheese on chicken while keeping it into the microwave.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Step 5:

You have to keep the mixing with a well-spread layer of cheese mixture into the oven that is already pre-heated. Keep it for 15 minutes as all the things are warm and will not take that much time to be ready.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Step 6:

This is when you are ready with your dish and need some garnishing. Decorate it with salad or vegetables. Don’t forget to cool it to your tolerance level. Happy eating!


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You can make some changes in this recipe like the time of melting the chicken or the level of spice. You can increase or decrease by using a definite amount of spice. Make the coating more dense to cover the chicken well. Blending also matters a lot in this recipe. Once done, you can serve with DIY drinks like Mojito or Bloody Mary. Have fun!


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