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Bucket list: 50 Ideas For Happiness In 2017

Another year passes by, and there are a lot of things you are yet to do. Why not make the coming year, 2017, the best of your life. Lose all your inhibitions and do things you have always wanted to do, but you never have. So here are some ideas for you to check and try out this year and see how wonderfully some of the little changes in your life bring happiness and creativity to you.

  • Get fit – Make a workout routine and stick to it. Check outĀ Easy Workout and Healthy Diet Plan for Busy Moms.
  • Get up early, meditate and jog every day – cause a fit body and mind leads to a happy life.
  • Take part in a marathon to test your limits.
  • Take up drawing lessons and get to know how you fair at that part. Who knows, you might do brilliantly.
  • Pick up an instrument you have always wanted to learn.
  • Take the leap of faith and fall in love with someone – help yourself go through the wonderful feeling of being in love.
  • Do something you have never done before, such as do a stand-up or karaoke. Make a fool out of yourself.
  • Go to a random stranger and ask them out on a date – lose your inhibitions. The worst thing that could happen is for you to get rejected.
  • Get rejected – Because failure is the stepping stone towards success.
  • Spend a night out in the wilderness (do take all the precautionary measures).
50 Ideas For Happiness

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  • Travel to someplace you have always wanted to with your loved ones – Plan a fun trip with your significant other. Pamper the other person with all the goodness of your favorite place.
  • Go bungy jumping and skydiving – indulge yourself in extreme sports.
50 Ideas For Happiness

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  • Eat your favorite food without feeling guilty – give yourself a break. You deserve some delicious food.
  • Start a blog of your own – make sure to give a funky name.
  • Write about things that you have in your mind, anything from day to day life, food, relationships, travelling or your current mood.
  • Call up a friend you have not been in touch for a long time – rekindle the relationship. It is always a great thing to catch up.
  • Call up someone who you have not been in good terms and mend the relationship and realize it was all for some very silly matter you both ended up severing the relationship.
  • Say sorry when you mess things up – do not hesitate for the mistakes you have made. There is no harm in it.
50 Ideas For Happiness

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  • Read one book every week – Well, it helps improve your vocabulary and knowledge.
  • Plan a week-long road trip with your best friends – Cause what is life without them? It is definitely going to be fun.
  • Take your family out on a picnic to one of your favorite spots – it will help strengthen the family bonding which is constantly dampened by technology.
  • Go for a music festival and rock your evening – let’s face it, life without music is bland.
50 Ideas For Happiness

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  • Attend an entrepreneur’s conference (TEDx) – be a genius yourself for one evening.
  • Get inspired by the little things that happen in life – catch the signs thrown at you by life and make full use of it.
  • Go to a place which is close to nature and get rid of all the technology for a week
  • Go to an animal shelter and pamper the animals with all the love you can give

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  • Adopt the puppy or kitten you love the most because they deserve a home
  • Pay for someone else’s meal – they might be in need for it.
  • Give away your old clothes to the homeless as they definitely need it.
  • Give up speaking for a day or two because it will help clear up your mind.
  • Organize a school or college reunion and soak yourself in nostalgia
  • Make plans without planning – book a ticket to a foreign country for the evening and leave without any plans for the trip.
  • See one of the Seven Wonders of the World just for the reason that it will be wonderful.
  • Learn a different language as it is always going to help you at some point in your life.
  • Take cooking lessons and cook a nice meal for your partner.
50 Ideas For Happiness

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  • Leave your job and find a way to do what you really want to – take the risk and see if you have what it takes to do what you want to. It is going to be an adventure.
  • Get as drunk as you can and wake up the next day without any regrets (Caution: do not make it a habit).
  • Attend the local sports event/local music show – support the local scene.
  • Stop caring about what others think about you – because it does not matter.
  • Fill your room with posters of things you like – let there be positivity everywhere.
50 Ideas For Happiness

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  • Buy that one expensive thing you have always had your eyes on – bust your wallet.
  • Put on some music and randomly dance in the middle of a crowded mall and see how many were craving for some fun.
  • Write a letter to your older self, explaining where you are in life and how happy you are.
  • Write a letter to your younger self, explaining how you have scaled through the way to achieve your goals and dreams.
50 Ideas For Happiness

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  • Strike up a conversation with one random stranger every week
  • Take yourself on a date, pamper yourself with your favorite treats. Cause you are the best, and you deserve it all.
  • Remove everything that brings negativity to your life as it will always bring you down.
50 Ideas For Happiness

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  • Stay positive and make someone smile every day
  • If something makes you feel like crying, cry. Do not hold back your emotions.
  • Write a short book on your experience doing all the things from the bucket list and publish it online.
  • Let the book be something that inspires everyone around you. Inspire yourself to be an inspiration to others.
  • Do things that will bring happiness to you and those who surrounds you.

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