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Bow Down to Style: 13 Outfits That Perfectly Tie Together the Bow Trend


One ultra-feminine style is a standout among the many trends that have emerged this year. According to the red-carpet looks, and 2024 runway trends, bow outfits ranging from delicate ribbon stacks to single bold bows will dominate this year’s trend cycle. We’re all ecstatic to finally be able to wear our boots and other clothes.

You can embrace the trend even if you don’t have any ribbons in your wardrobe. Just make sure to keep your style in mind. Bow outfits can be over the top or subtle. Designers like Sandy Liang and Simone Rocha can be creative because bows are easy to tie and pull.

We’ve put together 13 bow outfits to capture the romanticism and dreaminess of this adornment. These include beribboned mini-dresses and stunning separates.

Embrace Asymmetry

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Asymmetry is a great way to add a little edge to this trend if you find the perfectly symmetrical outfits a bit much. For a more elevated and slightly off-kilter vibe, look for bow accents at the hip or shoulders.

The more sleek the bow is, the more subtle the effect. Soft colors and gauzy fabric have a more romantic and over-the-top impact.

Slip into Sheer

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Bows are a great way to play up sheers. They go well with chiffon, tulle, and other gauzy fabrics. You may have shied away because you didn’t want to be covered, but a relaxed-fit sheer top or dress with strategically placed bows could be the right choice for you.

Make it Easy and Elevated

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We recommend that if you love elevated separates you stick to the pieces you love, neutral colors, and easy fabrics like linen and cotton. Even a top with an 80% bow, when worn with refined trousers, can look understated. If you’re wearing bow slacks, jeans, or other clothing with bows, placing smaller bows along seams and hemlines can add sophistication without straying from the current trend.

Bow Big or Bow Home

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It doesn’t get any easier to create a statement-making outfit with bows than a top or blouse that features a large bow in the center. Add a bow top to a wardrobe that features signature fabrics like metallics, sheers, or lace.

Bow Shoes: Step into them

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Add a pair or heels with bows to your favorite outfit and you’ll have a bow-themed outfit. Metallic bow shoes will add a contemporary edge to any outfit, while black or cream boots and heels give a throwback vintage vibe.

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Begin your bow look by wearing a pair or bow tights. Stockings and tights are a great way to get the most out of your bow outfit without breaking your budget.

Try a mini dress with mini bows

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Pastel colors and delicate bows are a great combination. A mini dress with a little more structure and less flounce, decorated with some delicate bows, is one of the understated bow ensembles featured in this roundup. It feels romantic but not too sweet.

Throw it Back

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The bow is a great design element from all angles, but the most dramatic way to reveal it is by placing it on the back. A cape gown adds an impactful formalwear twist to the trend. Meanwhile, a pencil skirt with a bow-embellished peplum gives it a subtle romantic touch.

Consider a skirt

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If you want to create a unique bow outfit, start from your waist. No matter the length of a bow skirt, you can easily incorporate this trend into your preferred aesthetic. The ultra-feminine look is amplified by a floral blouse, colorful heels, and streetwear staples such as a faux fur coat or loafers.

Add an outer layer

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Add a jacket, sweater or blazer with a bow to your outfit to try out the trend without committing. Bows or ribbons are a great way to elevate your look, while playful bows and mixed fabrics add an eclectic touch.

Try a Necktie that Framing Your Face

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A bow-framed top or dress that frames the face is a great way to add vintage flair to an outfit. Black and white can evoke formal wear, or you can keep it retro with a whimsical print.

Consider a matching set

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You can maximize this trend if you love bows and live them. Wear an identical set with bows on the top as well as the bottom. You can choose to go subtle or go all out with the bows.

Break out a Bow Belt

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Bow belts can be a great alternative for those who are unsure about whether or not to invest in clothing with bows. Try a waist-cinching Basque belt for a more elevated look. A soft, silky belt can be worn casually.

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