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Hello everyone! It surely has been a long time since we posted the last article, hasn´t it? Today we are back with a fashion-related topic and since it is already November, it will also be a themed one. Black Friday is uncontrollably coming and you surely know what does it mean, right? Sale, sale and once more – a huge SALE. It means that clothing and accessories on our Stylewe e-shop will be cheaper, so you can enjoy more things for less money! Isn´t that just great?! There are many different kinds of styles so everyone will choose the right ones for them for sure. With today´s article, we will be sharing with you the all-black outfits as a celebration of an upcoming Black Friday on our e-shop. Some coupon codes are already active so you can enjoy discounts even now! Do not hesitate and browse the shop for fashionable and trendy clothing! But first of all, let´s talk about some advantages of wearing only black clothing pieces, shall we?

Get this look → Fanny.Wiz Black Work Corduroy Pants

Source: StyleWe

First of all, they are easily matched! Well, you can actually find out, that isn´t black than actually a black, BUT. In most cases, black shade is at least similar so you do not have to spend a lot of time deciding on what to actually wear. Be it to university, work or even for a date! Wearing only black outfits is sure a huge time-saver!

Get this look → Fanny.Wiz Black Solid Elegant Lace Skirt

Source: StyleWe

Second of all, you will look slimmer! YES! The black colour has a wonderful feature – among the other ones, it can also make you look slimmer and skinnier and can hugely transform your whole figure. If you combine it with high-waisted jeans and other clothing pieces that will help you to nicely cover the parts you are not so confident with, it will be a huge body-change! You can also say, that wearing black is almost like an instant losing weight of a few kilograms. Also, black high-waisted pants can make you look even taller in case you would like to add some optical centimeters in your height.

Get this look → At.$$ Black Casual Stand Collar Jacket

Source: StyleWe

Third of all, even if you would like to wear black pieces with the colourful one, it is just easy to make happen! Why you ask? Since black is a really neutral colour, it can be matched with any other too.

Get this look → At.$$ Black Polka Dots Work Blouse

Source: StyleWe

At forth, wearing black will make you feel more sophisticated and classy and it will also make you look more elegant. Imagine wearing only little black dress together with shiny rhinestone or silver jewellery. It is just like Audrey Hepburn outfit inspiration from the movie called Breakfast at Tiffany´s.

Get this look → Misslook Black Solid Eyelet Elegant Date Midi Dress

Source: StyleWe

A fifth reason is, that the all-black outfits are just trendy! When you are passing the people while walking down the city, do you notice, what other people are actually wearing? Try to focus on doing that and you will see, that there is actually a lot of people who are just fond of this colour. Wearing all-black outfits is also considered to be a kind of a statement.

Get this look → Misslook Black Casual Shift Daily Midi Dress

Source: StyleWe

Do not forget about the materials! Wearing only black outfits does not mean you should also wear only one or two kinds of different materials and styles! Try to be more creative even in this way and try to match together different shapes, materials, and even textures.

Get this look → SWChic Black Bodycon Party Elegant Solid Midi Dress

Source: StyleWe

You can also choose between the fitted style of clothes and oversized ones. Every single one of us has different tastes and likes something else. Some people do prefer baggy clothing over the tight one, some of them feel just the opposite. It is also about what you like and what do flatter you more. But, in the end, person should wear anything that makes him/her happy ♥

Get this look → Fantasyou Black Velvet Date Solid Work Midi Dress

Source: StyleWe

The thickness of the fabric is important as well! In autumn and winter, you will definitely prefer the thicker materials and layering the clothing pieces one over another. In spring and summer, just the opposite. You surely know that black is like a magnet to Sun and if you are wearing all-black outfits, you may feel hotter and sweat a bit more. Remember, that when it is warmer outside, try to look for the lighter materials and textures.

At.$$ Black V Neck Shift Daily Casual Top

Source: StyleWe

Black is a colour that flatters any skin colour! It does not matter if you do have paler or darker skin – black looks just perfect on any size, shape and colour of the body. What kind of outfits do you prefer and what is your opinion on the all-black outfits? Do you wear them all the time or at least occasionally? Or do you prefer wearing more extravagant and vivid colours? Share your opinion with us in the comment!

Since all-black outfits are also good for the autumn/fall OOTD inspiration, what kind of makeup can be the best match for them? Definitely, the autumn/fall themed makeup as well! If you are interested in our autumn makeup inspiration, read the Autumn/Fall 2019 Makeup Inspiration and do not hesitate to try them as well! It is a good way to practise your makeup skills too, isn´t it?

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