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Hello everyone ~ October is gone and we have here another lovely month in a row – November. It is not only the month during which the autumn is in its fullest beauty, but it is also the time during which Black Friday and similar sales are held. It means that if you shop especially during November, you can save a lot of money and our e-shop – Stylewe – is not an exception! There are prices reduced up to 60% which mean a super huge sale! If you have wanted to buy anything from Stylewe yet you hadn´t been decided yet, now is the right time to do so.

In today´s article, we would like to present you the autumn must-have pieces a true fashion queen needs to have in her wardrobe so she can be stylish anytime she is about to go somewhere out. And if you do not want to buy anything just for yourself, you can take this article also as an early Christmas gift inspiration for your family and friends. It depends just on you ♥

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When it comes to must-have pieces, every single person has their own. But we have to also take into consideration different seasons and adjust our clothing to it. Especially when we live in a country where all four seasons are repeated. Colder weather means more layers and warmer pieces of clothing. Warm weather means wearing less and especially light breathable materials. Today, we will focus on autumn clothes and accessories.

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Another name for autumn/fall is also “sweater weather”, so we cannot omit such an essential piece in our selection. For this purpose, we did pick for example A-THENA Knitted Raglan Sleeve Turtleneck Casual Sweater Dress or A-THENA Knitted Casual Shift Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater.

In the first case, there is also an option to wear the sweater as a mini knitted dress which will keep you warm but make you feel sexy at the same time. The sweater dress is available in 4 different sizes and 5 different colours. The second option of ours is a casual knitted over-size sweater which will make you feel warm in any case. The casual knitted sweater is available in 4 different sizes and, as well, 5 different colour selections.

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Shearling Coats and autumn? Definitely! A shearling fur coat can not only make you feel elegant, but it can only enhance your sporty style if you prefer this one more. It is such a convenient item to have in your wardrobe because you can wear it together with jeans, skirts or even dresses!

There are many different kinds of style where this kind of coat can be incorporated. Do not feel ordinary! Don´t be a plain Jane! Be a true, original self and take a look at our A-THENA Lapel Shift Long Sleeve Fur And Shearling Coats that is available in 6 different sizes and white, black, camel brown and caramel orange colour.

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Zipper leg pants can freshen your casual outfit a lot. It does not matter if it is meant to be worn to university, work or even to gym. Zippers can enhance the visual look of the clothes immediately since they do catch attention a lot. For this purpose, we did pick ours A-THENA Black Sheath Casual Solid Zipper Leg Pants.

The pants are not only versatile but pretty comfortable to wear too. And since they are black, they can be combined with pretty much anything. These are available in 6 different sizes.

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Autumn without boots? Not happening. Boots – especially the ankle ones – are something like sweaters. We just can´t imagine autumn without wearing them or seeing them be worn by other people. It is just unimaginable. That is why we also pick a few of them for today´s article. First of them are Daily Chunky Heel Zipper Round Toe Boots which have a really low heel so you can walk with them around the whole day without feeling any pain or exhaustion.

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Another pair of them is Black Zipper Chunky Heel Boots which are a bit taller and look a bit more elegant since their point is sharp and not circular as in the first case. They also look more sophisticated and more feminine. Chunky Heel Boots are ideal to be combined with skinny jeans or long pencil skirts to enhance the feminine look.

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Autumn without a need of purchasing a trench coat? Nay nay! This type of coat is a wonderful piece and handy to have in types when you want to wear something light, but warmer at the same time. It will enhance your elegance level on a whim and makes you look stylish and feminine immediately! Just look at other people wearing it.

How do you feel about them? Only positive and luxurious vibes, right? Isn´t this just enough for you to get a trenchcoat for yourself too? If you still do not possess any of them, we do highly recommend you our FHQcollection Long Sleeve Hoodie Outerwear which looks similar.

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If you prefer to wear more casual stuff, the FHQcollection Khaki Shift Plain Long Sleeve Outerwear is the better choice for you then. It looks like a comfy yet warm hoodie and you will surely look adorable in it. Great to grab in any case of the sudden leave from home as well.

What do you think of our autumn/fall essentials? Is there anything you like? What is your most favourite autumn/fall item to wear during this beautiful and peaceful season? Let us know your opinion in the comments down below. We love reading them and getting in touch with you ~

In case you would like to read even more of our fashion-related article, we do have for your other 2 tips. The first one of them is definitely Six 2020 Essentials Every Minimalist Need and the second one is 8 Must-Have Items You Need Right Now. There are no limitations if one wants to make themselves feel happy, right? Have a nice day and see you in the next article, bye bye ~


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