Best of the Best from New York Fashion Week 2019

Best street style from the New York Fashion Week Spring 2019, which one is your favourite?

If you find yourself to be a true fashion maniac or if you are just seriously fond of the fashion – none of this does matter at all now, because people probably all over the world caught the information about the newest fashion week which was held in New York, USA. Except for the newest incredible and fantastic creations from the very talented designers all over the world, we could see the various styles and kinds of outfits to be worn on the visitors as well.

People who are attending the fashion weeks since ever are known for their own, unique and inimitable taste of fashion. Elegant, comfy, colourful, black, simple, extravagant, furry, sporty or casual .. We could see at least one of each, and even more, during this year´s Fashion Week 2019 which was held in New York.

In today´s article, we would like to show you the best outfits of the days from the New York Fashion Week 2019 which we found just stylish and fashionable. Let us know in the comment section what is your favourite one!

Best of the Best from New York Fashion Week 2019

Source: Elle

1. Torn Out

We could say that some people do not miss either a blink of braveness. Among all of the attendees, there were also the ones who brought fashion to another level. In this case, the outfit was dedicated to the shades of black and silver. The torn our crop-top made this outfit to stand out more.

Source: Elle

2. Shades of Autumn

The lady on the picture really knows how to match yourself with an upcoming season – autumn. We really like the way how she matched the different orange and yellow colours together with the checked pattern. And do not forget to look at those fashionable sunnies she is wearing! They are a serious must!

Source: Elle

3. True base of the Colour Block

The colour blocking trend has been there for a few seasons already and as you may see, it is still pretty accurate. In this picture, we can see a true, pure colour-blocking masterpiece! The completely diverse colours yet they seem to be matching together so well. The best way how to get used to colour blocking is to try matching your favourite clothing items in the various colours and to have fun! Maybe you will be an inspiration for your friends and family too. You never know!

Source: Elle

4. Different colour shoes

We already noticed that wearing shoes in various colours have become more and more popular in a few months. What is very important here is the fact, that the shoes should have been the same style. For example, the same style of the sneakers, but different colours. But well, we will not restrain you from trying to match various styles of the shoes either. Who knows, maybe this will be a trend of the newest season 😉

Source: Elle

5. Being Plastic is Fantastic

As we wrote so many times already, wearing the plastic pieces of clothing is still stylish! Plus, you can be sure that you will be one of the very few people who will wear something like this. By the way, a plastic raincoat is definitely a must-have piece for the autumn!

Source: Elle

6. Shades of Green

Here we have the matching outfits dedicated to another colour – calm yet elegant and sophisticated green. On the photo above you can see probably the couple wearing the matching outfits. What a lovely way to show off the mutual love, don´t you think?

Source: Elle

7. Immortal Trench Coat

Since the autumn is slowly knocking on our doors, you should start to think about upgrading your wardrobe with warmer pieces of clothing. The immortal trench coat is definitely the must-have piece that every woman, and even a man, should have in their closet. Easily matched with everything and even protecting you from a cold wind and rain. What else to wish?

Source: Elle

8. Delicate Transparent

Females in soft lace and delicate transparent look so feminine and innocent. It is a very pretty and elegant material to wear but it is surely not for everyone since the transparent materials may be a bit too revealing for some people. On the other hand, you can also wear a top or a T-shirt underneath if you do not feel very comfortable with wearing only a bra under.

Source: Elle

9. White and Silver Combo

Another trend of this season which we mentioned in one of our previous articles as well – cold and shiny silver. This metallic colour can be combined with a lot of different colours, but look with it being matched with the white. It looks so pure, clean and neat that we just can´t take off our eyes of that lady!

Source: Elle

10. All-Black Love

All over the world, there are so many people who dedicated their lives to the mysterious black colour. All-black outfits can be, among everything else, seriously convenient too. If you would like to look a bit slimmer, the black is definitely the colour to choose.

11. Being a Princess for a Day

And not only for a day. This outfit is definitely different than the other ones above. Just sweet, full of pink, like a delicious cotton candy. We have to say that the lady in the picture looks like she just jumped off of some romantic movie.

Except for all of these outfit creations we showed you in this article, there are many others which are worth mentioning. But if we would want to talk about every single one of them, writing a fashion bible would be probably easier and more convenient for us so we better stop this here.

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