Best Runway Appearances by Kaia Gerber, Daughter of Cindy Crawford

Best Runway Appearances by Kaia Gerber, Daughter of Cindy Crawford

Talking about different eras of fashion and modeling, 90’s was the period reigned by the supermodel Cindy Crawford. Who can forget that tall body, long legs, and wavy locks? After tying the knot with Rande Gerber, she chose to be a super mom. Her story didn’t end there. Cindy’s talented daughter Kaia Gerber has finally made her debut in the fashion industry. She was introduced at New York Fashion Week’s Calvin Klein Show this year. Kaia not just resembles her mother in looks but Kaia Gerber & Cindy Crawford share the same spark in terms of styling.

Influence of Cindy Crawford on Her Daughter

Posing for camera and catwalk were always a part of Kaia’s life, that is the reason why she entered the fashion world at an early stage (she modeled first at the age of 10). She has worked with all the big fashion houses including Miu Miu, Chanel, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and much more. Her mother is her biggest inspiration (that we can see in her style) and advises her all the good stuff that would ultimately lead her to the peak.

Besides teaching her daughter to behave graciously with all fellow workers, Mama Cindy has also shared with her some great tips to walk on the ramp. According to Cindy, she told her daughter, “When you’re walking down that runway, you should look like, ‘This is the best dress I’ve ever worn, I feel great in it and don’t you wish you had it,’ because, in the end, we are trying to sell dresses.”

This is not it, Kaia’s elder brother Presley has already been a part of the fashion industry and we have seen him modeling for all the big fashion houses. Here is what Kaia says about her brother, “I love being on set with Presley because it makes both of us feel more comfortable and we always have a lot of fun.”

Kaia Gerber’s Debut Look!

Kaia debuted as a cowgirl for Kalvin Klein’s Spring Summer 2018 Collection in New York Fashion Week. She wore black and white collared shirt with yellow trousers. To add a pretty pop of color, a blue polo neck was added in her outfit. For accessorizing, she opted for a red and black fringed bag and leather shoes.

To show her excitement, she posted the very first image on her Instagram with the caption saying, “There are no words to describe how I feel, “I love you endlessly Raf!”

super model

source: newsmax


Glimpses of Kaia Gerber 2017 Runway Appearances

At the young age of 16, she has become the fashion model of the moment. To know more about this rising star, have a look at some of the best looks done by her on different fashion runways. [Read here: Get the Best Style Tips by Olivia Palermo]

Look No.1: Looking glamorous in that off the shoulder black mini dress for Yves Saint Laurent.


Look No. 2: Seems flattering in that silver dress with sequins detailing.

source: instyle

Look No. 3: Check out her look at Fendi, both sleek and stylish.

source: style.nine

Look No. 4: A bright and bold look for Versace.

source: odyssey



Look No. 5: She is looking stylish in winter outfit for Burberry.


source: instyle

Look No. 6: A fashion-forward winter look pairing leather jacket with the sequined pencil skirt.


How to Make Legs Look Longer?

Watching Kaia Gerber doing so well on fashion runways, many of petite girls out there would be envying her height and long legs (I am also one of them). Just like her mom Cindy Crawford, Kaia’s long legs, and admirable height give her an edge in the fashion industry. Girls who want to have the same elongated look (in a fake manner), must follow the fashion tips given below.

Tip No. 1. Skin/Nude Toned Shoes

Create the illusion of longer legs by wearing shoes matching your natural skin tone. This trick would really help in giving a lengthening effect to your legs. To get the best out of it, make sure you are wearing shoes with pointy toe shape. Footwear with round or square toes is not recommended for petite girls.

Tip No. 2. Thigh-High Boots

Besides nude-toned shoes, girls with short height should try thigh high boots. Worn with different lengths, they promise to give the illusion of long and slim legs.

Tip No. 3. Prefer High-Waisted Outfits

Wearing skirts and trousers above your natural waistline helps in giving the illusion of elongated legs.

Tip No. 4. Monochromatic Look

Dressing up in a single-color tone from head to toe is yet another secret of getting slimmer and taller effect. This formula works best in darker shades especially black (try an all-black look).

Tip No. 5. Tuck in your Tops

Long tops are not for petite girls as they tend to give a shorter look to already short legs. Ensure tucking your tops in your trousers.

Tip No. 6. A-Line Dresses

Wearing A-line dresses and skirts helps in concealing your exact waistline and no one knows where the legs start.

Tip No. 7. Short Jackets

Cropped tops and short jackets that end right above your natural waistline give the illusion of high waistline and longer legs.

Tip No. 8. Simple and Fuss-free Bottoms

Make sure you are not wearing any outfit with fussy bottoms. Stuff like pleats, bulky pockets and cuffs are not suitable for petite girls. The simpler the bottom, the longer look you will get.

Tip No. 9. Wide-legged Trousers

Ready to wear wide-legged trousers are longer in length than normal sized pants. Wearing them helps in getting that long-legged effect. Make sure you are pairing it with high heels. For best results, put it on in a way that it hides the top part of your heels.

Tip No. 10. Vertical Details

Bottoms with vertical stripes, creases, pleats or piping tend to give a lengthening effect.

Tip No. 11. No more Ankle Straps

It is time to bid adieu to the shoes with ankle straps. The straps on the ankles break the continuation of the legs which makes you look even shorter.

Conclusion: We hope you have liked all the runway appearances of Kaia Gerber shared above. She is a beautiful addition in the line of other supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendell Jenner. Kaia is too young but her confidence reflects her ambition to reach at the heights of fame in future. Will surely keep you updated about her future ventures. [Read here: How to Dress like Kendell Jenner]

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