Best Foundation for Mature Skin and Reviews

Best Foundation for Mature Skin and Reviews

Aging is inevitable as well as the changes that come along with it. However, aging should not be defined as a scary period and the end of your beautiful looks. It should not be known as a phase for your face to look dull and haggard. In the world of beauty, there is nothing scary about aging and having a mature skin. There are even 10 Easiest Ways to Prevent Aging that you can apply to keep your mature skin youthful.


And in the world of makeup, foundations are one of the most popular products applied to the face to achieve a flawless and gorgeous look. There are lots of foundations in the market, but as you grow older, your beauty needs change and the usual foundation brand that you use may no longer be the best for your mature skin.

As you grow older, your skin’s metabolism deteriorates. Its collagen-producing ability is hampered and this is the reason why mature skin tend to be dry and loose. What you need at this point is a product that can give your skin the specific care it needs and that means products that can boost skin metabolism and initiate repairs. This is why, you may need a specific foundation for mature skin already.

How to choose the best foundation for mature skin?

How to choose the best foundation for mature skin

Source: Adore Beauty

When choosing the best foundation fit for your mature skin, you may need to consider several things such as:

  • Light and Dewy Texture. Choose this type instead of foundations that are too matte because they do not make your skin look dry. Instead, they make your skin look hydrated and radiant.
  • Moisture-rich. Moisturizing foundations can help bring moisture to your skin, keeping it from getting dry. Just make sure it won’t make your face look and feel greasy.
  • Fit for all skin types. Matte foundations may make the skin dry, but moisturizing ones may not be good for those with oily skin. Foundations fit for all skin types may be the best option as it addresses all skin type concerns.
  • Repair Properties and Sun Protection. The sun is very damaging to mature skin, but since you cannot avoid sun exposure completely, it is best if your foundation has sun protection property as well as repair properties. This way, all the signs of aging cannot only be prevented but also fixed.


Best foundation for aging skin reviews

Among the many brands of foundations out there, here are two of the most popular brands you can trust for your aging skin and why they are the right choice.

  1. Lancome Foundation(Renergie Lift Makeup Foundation)
Lancome Foundation

Source: Lancome

This brand is considered the best long lasting foundation to combat aging because it comes with several features that are truly friendly and targeted for the aging skin. These features are the Micro-Lift Technology, Pure Vitamin E, Micro Bubbles, Energizing Botanicals, and Micro Pearls. This product is also fragrance-free and dermatologically tested safe and good for aging skin.

What can Lancome foundation do for the aging skin?

  • Clears away fine lines and wrinkles. This is due to the Micro Lift Technology, making the foundation well dispersed onto the skin and making elements like fine lines and wrinkles invisible.
  • Makes your Skin Breathe. Unlike other foundations that are too heavy and burden the skin, the micro bubble feature of this product allows air to penetrate onto the skin, making it breathe.
  • Makes Skin Smooth and Firmer. This is due to the micro pearls responsible for giving your skin a radiant glow.
  • Makes your skin younger-looking and more energized. Mature skin looks older and haggard because of fatigue but this product has caffeine, corn and ivy extracts that erase signs of fatigue and remove toxins that makes the skin look unhealthy.
  • Protects your skin. Lancome foundation is packed not only with pure vitamin E but also with SPF 20 sunscreen so you are guaranteed that your skin is not only protected from the harmful rays of the sun but also from other environmental factors that cause stress to your skin.


  1. Clinique Foundation(Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer)

This is considered as the best makeup foundation because of its 2-in-1 property. It is a foundation and a concealer in one lightweight bottle. It comes with a variety of shades that it is impossible for you not to find the one that suits your skin tone.

What are the product’s best features and benefits?

  • Oil-Free. This foundation is best for oily skin types. It is oil-free and has the ability to control oil production on your face.
  • Full Matte but Moisturizing. This is a full matte foundation, but it doesn’t make your skin look dry as it has moisturizing abilities even if it is oil free. This makes this product good for all aging skin types.
  • Long lasting but no clogging. Other products cannot stay on your face for too long or else it will clog your skin. The best thing about this product is its effect last up to 12 hours, yet it doesn’t clog up your pores and cause skin damage.
  • Does not Fade Easily. You’ll never know when you’ll be exposed to sweat and other elements and before you know it, you’ll look haggard again. The long-lasting effect of this foundation is activated even with exposure to too much sweat.
  • Magic Wand Applicator. You can apply the foundation using a stick, whether you use it for the whole face or just to correct a spot.
  • Slow-drying. Other products dry quickly and this makes it challenging to disperse or spread the foundation to the whole face. This product, however, dries slowly, giving you time to disperse it well.
  • Light on the Face. With its full-matte property, it does not burden your skin, but feels lighter on the face.


As your skin matures, it really pays when you are using the right products for your face as you are ensured that your skin is getting the specific care that it needs. Therefore, choosing the best foundation for your aging skin can help you age naturally and beautifully.

But aside from foundations, you can also check out the Top 20 Drugstore Beauty Buys of 2017 for Mature Skin here.

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