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Hello everyone! We hope that you have been having a fruitful and calm week up until now! We are already in half of it, so only a few more days until Friday and, finally, a weekend! Since it has been already summer and we do have a lot of new opportunities to spend days outsides, we do not have to worry about making the plans. But this time we will be talking about the week actually. In today´s article, we will be presenting a few outfits which are related to every day of the week each of them. You can take it as an inspirational guide in case you do not know what to wear to work, to university or to the city while meeting with your colleagues or your friends. In case you already run out of the possible ideas and options, do not worry. You have us and we will not let you drown! If you are interested in what we prepared for you to be inspired by this time, continue the article. Let´s get into it!

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Start the week as a goddess

The beginning of the week is crucial and we do realize that Monday might be the least favourite day of most of you. Well, the working week starts and it means everyday duties not only at work but at home too. But do not be sad! Take it as a challenge and let´s get through it! For the goddess-like support, we did choose the White Sheath Date See-Through Look Fringed Maxi Dress made by SWChic. If you are working in a company where is not a strict dress code, be sure to shine and glow as much as you can. To be different means to be brave as well! This dress is available in a delicate white colour which is also good because it does not pull as much as of the sunlight as, for example, the black. Since it is also a see-through material somewhere, it is light and breathable, so you will not sweat that much too. With the fringes at the ends, it is also considered as one of the spring and summer 2019 trends, since the fringes have come back. And they will not go away that soon for sure. On the dress, you can notice a very soft and feminine floral pattern combined together with other interesting ornaments. In the end, it is not only brave but very interesting and unique dress too.

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Business Tuesday

In case you work in the company with a strick business-like dress code which is composed of the elegant and feminine pieces of clothing, for this purpose we picked the Stand Collar Sleeveless Printed Work Top With Skirt Two-Piece Set made by Fanny. Wiz. It is a two-piece set which means you can wear it together but separately as well. It gives you many more options to play with the other outfits. We have always been stating, that the two-piece outfits are the best and very inconvenient too! A unique contrast is represented in the items of the vivid pastel purple colour of the top and of the slightly light brown pencil midi skirt with the stripes. The interesting thing about this outfit is the big bow on the blouse around the collar and its unusual pattern.

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Casual Wednesday

Casual Wednesday is, for us, represented by something not only fashionable but very comfortable as well. For this purpose, we do recommend the Solid Half Sleeve One-Pieces made also by the brand called Fanny. Wiz and available in two different shades – beige and black one. Ideal for those who do not like to waste time by thinking about the matching two and more different pieces of clothing together. One-pieces like this one are truly not only the time but lifesavers too!

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In case you prefer shorter rompers and jumpsuits, we do have another tip for you – the Blue Statement Sheath Leaf Printed Holiday One-Piece Romper in a lovely royal-aquatic blue colour. It just looks like made for the purpose of the summer, do not you think? Also, this would be a great fashion piece to pack for the vacation and holiday with yourself! There is also a tropical leaf and plants pattern which just boosts the summer vacation feeling. The 3/4 sleeves have slight flounces at their ends. The 3/4 length of them will protect your arms from getting sunburn and they will also keep you a bit cooler. Another piece of clothing made by the brand Fanny. Wig.

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Almost at the end!

Well, Thursday is uncontrollably coming! This means only one day until Friday and – the weekend! Hurray! To celebrate almost the end of the week, we did choose the V Neck Casual White Shift Beach Midi Dress With Belt by Misslook. Light, long, breathable, easy to match, pure and innocent-looking. If you are ready to end the working week with all your might, there is nothing else to stop you! Just remember your goal – to finally rest and relax after a hard week of the tasks and duties. And do not forget to treat yourself with something too!

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Start like a goddess, end like the goddess!

Friday – the end of the all weekly stress and time to regenerate! Start the week as a goddess and end it like this as well. And even better. With all that grace and pride! You deserve it! For this purpose, we do recommend the Stand Collar Long Sleeve Solid Shift Paneled Buttoned Work Top which can be easily matched with any kind and style of the bottom. As pictured above, we really do love the combination of the velvet ruffled skirt together with this vivid purple blouse.

If the dose of this summer 2019 trendy clothing was not enough for you, we do recommend you to continue with the reading the article of the Summer 2019 Swimwear and Bikini Trends. In case of you looking for the trendy summer 2019 sandals or flats, we do recommend you to look at the article about the Summer Sandals Trends of 2019 where you can find many different and fashionable styles of them for any summer-related occasion! With all of this said, see you next time! ~

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