Beauty Routine for Long Haul flight

Perfect Beauty Routine for Long Haul flight

Long-haul flights have always been a nightmare for me. No matter how much significant it is, I try my best, not to be airborne. But last year I had to be somewhere and that was not possible without being in an overseas flight. My friend’s remarks were scaring the hell outta me. She ensured me that after being onboard for about 14 hours, I would de-plane in my worst look ever. I couldn’t sleep whole night (literally speaking). The only thing that kept me awake was my zombie-like look, post-flight. But after consulting a few beauty experts, I was able to get my final in-flight beauty routine. And yes, everything went great. I was landed just like any other normal girl. This is a common problem of most of the women. So here I am sharing my beauty tips for surviving a 14-hour flight or even more.

  1. A Minimal Makeup Look

Prefer a no make look in the first place, if that is not possible (like most of the girls), opt for a minimal makeup look. Start it all with a moisturizer as the atmosphere up in the air tends to dry the skin quickly. Or simply apply a light layer of BB cream. Other than this if you want to use a mascara, make sure it is not waterproof. A waterproof mascara dries immediately and gives a very awkward feeling. Lip balm (lips get dried easily) and a concealer are good enough to give you a refreshing and soft look.

  1. Two Layers of Moisturizer

Source: Moisturizer

When you are in a plane, you don’t get any fresh air for so many hours. It tends to cause dehydration of skin. So, it is good to apply two layers of moisturizing lotion on your face and neck. And don’t forget to keep it in your handbag. Keep on applying it after every few hours. To maintain the balance of moisture in your skin, hydration sprays are yet another great way.

  1. Alcohol-free Cleanser

For a travel this long, you must have some dermatologically tested alcohol-free cleanser to wipe away all the dirt and impurities. [Read here: Top 20 Drugstore Beauty Buys of 2017 for Mature Skin.]

  1. SPF Lotion

The higher you fly, the closer you get to the harmful UV rays of sun. Don’t forget to apply an SPF cream or lotion. And as the journey is too long, you better keep on re-applying it after every couple of hours.

  1. Take Care of your Eyes
 eye cream

source: eye cream

Eyes are sensitive features and need extra care. In a dehydrating atmosphere, you need to keep your eyes moisturized to avoid any line settings around them. Pick some dot eye cream to deal with it.

  1. A Brow Pencil

A brow pencil and a small mirror are a must have in a long-haul flight. Many times, when you wake up from your sleep, you find your brows faded and de-shaped. When you have a brow pencil and mirror, you can easily adjust the brows while sitting in your place.

  1. What about hair?

Those extremely dehydrating and humid atmospheric conditions may prove harmful for your hair. Rather than applying some style products, we would recommend you to opt for light use of some hair oil or serums only in the roots of the hair.

  1. Comfy and Warming Cloths

You look good when you feel good. For a flight, as long as 14 hours, it is highly recommended to pull off some comfy and casual cloths. Denim with a Tee, a cozy and loosely-knitted thick cardigan are good enough. Make sure that you are not wearing a body hugging outfit. The fitter your cloths are, the bitter your journey would be. Tight clothing tends to affect your blood circulation. And that may affect your overall condition.

Note: Avoid using the fabrics like synthetic or other stretchy cloths. It may result in static electricity.

  1. Regular Intake of Water

Long-haul flights leave dehydrating effects on your body. Intaking lots of water during long flights is highly recommended. Water keeps you hydrated, lessens the effects of jet lagging and keeps your system purified by flushing out all the impurities.

  1. Other Drinks

Say goodbye to the drinks with alcohol, soft drinks or coffee (for 14 hours maximum), they all have a dehydrating element. Once you are de-planed, go grab your cup of coffee. That is the time when you need to have that caffeinated drink to revive your lost energy. Herbal tea or plain water should be preferred over them.

  1. It’s Good to Move

Many times, I have seen people avoiding the intake of fluids when on board. Their sole purpose is to avoid too many visits to the toilet (they find it embarrassing). But it is actually good for you. keep sitting in your seat for so many hours may affect the proper blood circulation in the body. So, it’s good to walk and straighten your legs.

  1. Eat Carefully

Pay heed to what you are going to eat. Whatever the menu is, make sure to eat something light and digestible. Use of fresh fruits (juices) or vegetable is helpful in fighting dehydration. So, no matter how delicious food options you have, avoid stuffing your mouth or simply end up with a bloated stomach on board.

  1. Pack your Accessories for Zzzzz Time
eye mask

eye mask

Beauty sleep is a must-have, even when you are in a long-haul flight. If you don’t sleep, you’d end up with puffy eyes and dull-looking face. To get a sound sleep, pack an eye mask and headphones to cancel the noise around you. Have some time to do Zzzze off. It’s also helpful in avoiding a jet lag. Even if all these accessories are not enough to give you a beauty sleep, use some melatonin to get sleeping aid.

  1. Refresh your Look Before Landing

When your flight is about to land, be alert and get a refreshing look. Apply BB cream, set your brows up, use your finger to apply some blusher, apply gloss on your lips and brush up your hair. And last but not the least, don’t forget to apply some anti-fatigue eye serum to get rid of those puffy eyes you have got after sleep.

Conclusion: Passing a time of 14 hours on board is not easy. But when you are landed safely, what matters the most is to greet your receivers with a refreshing and lively face. And that is only possible when you follow all the suggestions given above. [Read here: The Ultimate Packing List for your Tokyo Trip.]

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