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Hello everyone and welcome back to the newest article that we prepared for you! Could you actually believe the fact, then it is already past August and there will be a new school year starting soon? It is totally unbelievable how fast everything flows. A person just can´t even notice it when do not pay attention. We really do hope that you have been enjoying the summer and that you also relaxed and calmed down a bit. And since the school is coming, slowly but yeah, it is, this time we prepared for you all, who will be starting your new school year in September, a back to school outfit inspiration. In today´s article, we will show you a few outfits of the day ideas you can wear to school and university, but also even during the normal day off 😊

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For those who feel just enchanted when dressing in vintage-like clothing

For the females who just love wearing vintage and retro-looking clothes, we do have the first piece of what to wear to school opening ceremony this year. It is the Green Plaid Printed A-Line Date Casual Paneled Midi Dress made by a brand called Misslook. It really does look like the dresses worn in the early 30s and 40s of the past century. Lovely and joyful combination of the green colour and slightly yellow one will brighten your day immediately since the morning. And you can even wear it during the normal, casual, non-formal days or even to work!

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For those who will be having a bit tough time with the already cold weather

In case of the fact that you live in a climate where it will be cold already at the beginning of September, we would like to recommend you the Blue Pockets Crew Neck Casual Coat which will not only look very fashionable and trendy on you, but which will also keep you warm during the cold and windy day. Since it is a really long kind of coat we do highly recommend it to wear by the people who are a bit taller than usual since it can deform your body figure if you are small. And you also do not want to pull it behind and dirty it while walking, right? This kind of silverish snowy blue colour is really pretty and it does give off the old vintage vibes as well.

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For those who would like to brighten up their day since the early morning

If you have been studying something like a law or economy, you may want to wear during the opening ceremony something more sophisticated and something that will look more feminine and formal. In this care, we do recommend you to look at this Pleated Shirred Evening Elegant Maxi Dress in a bright and vivid yellow colour which will surely transform your day into something pleasant and happy since the early morning. It does have a huge bow on the upper side what makes it look more fashionable and interesting.

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For those who just love wearing basics and have a full wardrobe of them at home

Is there anything more comfortable and easy to match than a white T-shirt or any other white top together with any kind of jeans? We do not really think so. The white top and blue washed-out jeans seem to be the great combo for those who like to wear simple basic clothing and still want to look delicate, fashionable and feminine. For this purpose, we do recommend any type of jeans matched together with this Elegant Striped One Shoulder Frill Sleeve Ruffled Party Asymmetric T-Shirt which is available in white, pink, light blue and navy blue colour. You can pink any colour you want and what is the best is the fact, that this combination can be worn even to some awesome and cool parties!

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For the jeans lovers who would like to wear them anytime and anywhere possible

Since we already spoke something about the jeans in the paragraph above, let´s pick some good and trendy women jeans to wear this autumn, shall we? We do bet that even our readers have a lot of them in their wardrobes but .. there is never enough of jeans, right? So many different kinds, colours, patterns, lengths of them and even more! There are so many styles and motive to pick from! If you are currently looking for some fashionable autumn women jeans for the affordable pricing, we do recommend you to take a lot at these → Navy Blue Floral-Embroidered Beaded Sheath Jeans by Fanny.Wiz. They are available in the dark navy blue colour which makes them be really easy to match with most of the clothing.

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For those who just love to feel like wearing nothing and still feel delicate

The last tip of what to wear to school for the opening ceremony this year is the V Neck Apricot Folds Business Work Midi Dress available in a lovely apricot colour which does give off very delicate, almost angelic-like vibes. In this dress, you will truly feel like wearing almost nothing since it is made from the very light material. You can also match them with some kind of sandals or flats. Everything will work with this dress since its colour is very neutral and easy to match.

For this article, this will be enough. What do you think of our picks of back to school 2019 outfit ideas? What are you going to wear yourself? Is it anything similar to what we mentioned in today´s article or is it completely different? Do you like reading the back to school kind of articles?

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